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The Rain Pirates are a notorious pirate crew feared among the New World along with their captain Lovecraft D. Ame.

Jolly Roger

The Jolly Roger of the Rain Pirates is a skull with cerulean blue hair, a cloud and rain droplets above its head with two crossbones going through it.

Crew Members

Lovecraft D. Ame - Captain/Samurai - A pacifistic captain and samurai who is the daughter of Lovecraft D. Murdok. She also ate the Tatsu Tatsu No Mi, Model: Yinglong.

Yukine - Swordswoman - Ame's lifelong bestfriend and swordswoman of the crew. She is renowned for her swordsmanship and is one of the deadliest in the world.


Hana - Shipwright/Markswoman - An orphan who stowed away on the Rain Pirates' ship when she noticed the ship was damaged and fixed it. She consumed the Tori Tori No Mi, Model Harpy Eagle.


Kiko - Chef - A Fennec Fox humink who was born blind due to complications during childbirth but relies heavily on her sense of smell, hearing and touch to fight. She is highly skills in Electro and Sulong despite her blindness.


Bijou - Doctor - A Betta Mermaid who was from Fishman Island along with her older twin sister, Tamami. She relies on her fighting with the use of a trident. She is highly skilled in healing arts. A running gag in the crew is despite her and Tamami being twins, many people would mistaken Bijou as the oldest and not Tamami.


Tamami - Navigator - A Lionfish Mermaid who was from Fishman Island along with her younger twin sister, Bijou. She relies on her fighting skills using her spikes on her fins and back that are laced with poison.

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Runo - Archaeologist - A young woman who was left to die but was taken in by the Rain Pirates and helped them during their voyage with understanding the ancient language. She consumed the Ryu Ryu no Mi, Model: Dilophosaurus.


Ayane - Musician - A teenage girl who was found abandoned during their voyage in a forest who has an alluring singing voice. She ate the Human Human Fruit, Model: Leanan Sidhe.


Ayane, Leanan Sidhe.jpg

Quinn B. Misa - Scientist - A young woman who was once part of the Marines but abandoned them behind to join the Rain Pirates to assist them on their voyage. She has a habit of dominating men she has an interest in. She ate the Fero Fero no Mi.


Tsubaki - Martial Artist Specialist - The second youngest member in the crew who is a specialist in a rare secret martial art technique that was passed down her family through generations. Though she is young, she is highly agile and very skilled in hand to hand combat.



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