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The Raiu Raiu no Mi (Thunderstorm Thunderstorm Fruit) is a Logia Type that allows it's user, Joruto Izan, to create, manipulate, and become the Element of Thunderstorm. This fruit is similar to two fruits, the first being the Gura Gura no Mi. They are similar because they can both cause disasters, but the Raiu Raiu no Mi can just control thunderstorms. It is also similar to the Goro Goro no Mi, except the Raiu Raiu no Mi has to produce thunderclouds to release electricity and the Goro Goro no Mi can't do all the stuff that the Raiu Raiu no Mi can with the thunderclouds. With these thunderclouds, Joruto can become intangible or even control the thunderclouds density, being able to make them tangible. The user can also target the lightning on multiple targets or a single target.


Raiun No Shiage (English: Thundercloud Finish and Viz: Storm Punch)

Joruto surrounds his fist in a tangible thundercloud for a nice strike.

Denki Ame (English: Electro Rain)

Joruto flies up and above and rains lightning on his enemies.

Arashi Shuhen (English: Storm Surrounding)

Joruto surrounds himself in thunderclouds that can shoot lightning that homes in on enemies. This is his signature attack.

Boruto Bimu (English: Bolt Beam)

Joruto creates a beam that is very hot.

Zappu! (English: Zap!)

Joruto creates a lightning barrier from his thunderclouds.

Supaku No Te (English: Hand of Spark and Viz: Storm Shock)

Joruto creates a small beam of lightning from a thundercloud on his hand.

Kyodaina Kaminari (English: Gigantic Thunder)

Joruto's strongest attack, where he creates a huge thundercloud to shoot a huge bolt of lightning that could break an island.


In terms of design, it is yellow with a brown stem.

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