"The Double Black"

Raven . G . Zen
Age 16
Birth name Raven . G . Zen
Also known as "Double Black " Zen, "The Threat from Above"
Birth Date July 14
Race Human
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Weight 135 Ilb
Height 5'9"
Origin North Blue
Gender Male
Occupation(s) Captain
Affiliation Night Raven Pirates
Bounty Bsymbol10 47,000,000 ( will be risen )
Love Sleep, his crew
Devil Fruit Not yet eaten
Abilities Rokushiki

Raven .G . Zen is a captain of Night Raven Pirates and entitled by Marine as "The Double Black".


He is about average height of a normal boys.He always saw wearing a round sunglasses almost every time. He has messy black spiky hair that grows to his shoulder.He normally seen wearing all black attire everyday and using a arm armors as his fighting gear.


He is basically air headed & one of the most laid back characters you can find on the sea.He always seen sleeping & has ability to sleep almost anywhere,anytime & took important thing lightly.However,when it about his crew mate,he'll become shockingly serious & very loyal to his crewmates and other friends, and can lose his temper quickly if they are harmed in anyway. is willing to do drastic things to avenge and defend those dear to him, even if it means breaking a promise to his friends.Aside from his own loyalty, Zen also believes that all people should be loyal to their nakama, and if Zen sees anyone betraying their own comrades, he would stand up for the victims (even if they are enemies).He also shows respect for things that a person is willing to die for, be it a treasure or a secret, to the point of even fighting to protect that which the person would throw their lives away over.



Because he is the captain and recruited all the crew mates, Zen cares tremendously for his crew. As far as captaincy to Zen is concerned, he sees his other crew mates as equals in contrast to other pirate captains, who mostly sees theirs as subordinate underlings (his crew mostly calls him by name, rather than with an honorific or "Captain"). Much like his idol, Steen, Zen is the kind of benevolent pirate captain who doesn't seek to actively harm others unless they give him and his crew (or anyone he cares about) a very good reason to. Zen also has the rare ability to cheer up just about anyone with his idiotic antics, even pulling a smile every now and then from the serious Bob and Mike. Nike and X, as the youngest of the crew, often join him in teasing and fooling around. Misha often scolds Zen's airheaded-ness, but he never gets angry at her, even when she manipulates him. Bob also sometimes gets impatient with Luffy, but respects him as his captain. Mike is especially grateful to him for taking him in despite the risks it involved . He adores Grey's cooking, dropping anything he's doing for a meal and liking it despite Grey's claim that he puts considerably less effort into all crew's food.