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Role-Play Name: Red Moon and Blue Sun

Date Started: July 4th,
Date Completed: Ongoing
Previous Role-Play: N/A
Users Involved: User:Felosr231
Setting: Water Seven
Characters Involved:

Other: Tesla, Takeko Nakano

Red Moon

The night was clear and open as the light of the full moon covering the entirety of Water Seven. People we having a nice sleep and resting at home, but not everyone is a fan of this.

"Phew!" a drunk man walked his way out of a pub and walked down an alley. "Another beer and I woul-wouldn't m-make it home." He stumbled almost as much as he spoke. "then ag-again another beer don't sound too bad."

A shadow made its way across the rooftops in that moment.

"h-huh? The fu-fuck was that?" the man stumbled trying to take a step back.

"...Drop your money and jewelry and run..." a wandering voice commanded from a distance. "So die..."

"Bring it on ya li-little shit!" The drunk stood his ground and broke his beer bottle and held it like a knife. "I'll fucking cut ya!"

"..." there was no verbal response as the shadowy footsteps only sound closer and closer. Then what followed was the cold sound of a sword being drawn from its scabbard and the appearance or a pair of scarlet eyes in the dark alley.

A sudden silence overwhelmed the drunk as he felt his wrist shake and he began to sweat profusely. Until the crimson eyes closed in.

"Stay back...Stay back...STAY BACK!!!"

(four hours later)

'At the crack of dawn as the towns people of water seven began to kick off their day. The streets became full as the newest victim of a new villainous duo, The Red Moon and The Blue Sun, was found in a pool of his own blood and hanging on the edge of his life.'

'This was the twentieth victim that's been found in the streets. This warranted enough attention for the World Government to send in some help. Unfortunately, they aren't the only ones who were on their way to the island...'

The Arrival of Two Hopes

"Ahhhhhh..." The young chestnut brown color haired young man let out a long and drawn out yawn as he rested on the top deck. "Hey Mari when's lunch?" He asked to the emerald colored haired girl who was resting on a beach chair.

She ignored him and remained soaking up the sun.

"Mari," He called out again, "Mari. Mari. Mari." And he continued on and on, like a record stuck in repeat until...

"Will you stop!" Mari yelled as she threw a large cup of ice water over Leo's face and chest. "I swear Leo you're just a child sometimes. Joël hasn't announced lunch yet."

Leo struggled to his feet as he cleaned himself off with a towel, "What was that for?" he exclaimed.

"Because you wouldn't shut up!"

"Well you wouldn't answer!" Leo responded with his only yelling.

"Well maybe if you went to go ask the cook instead of acting like a pestering child and asking me, I wouldn't have to throw water on you! Idiot Child Captain!"

"Calm down you prissy green stuck up!"

The two slammed foreheads against one another and continued to call one another names repeatedly.

"Can the both of you two stop and just get a room already?" Merlin asked as he approached the two squabbling crew mates. "Also, are we going the right way Leo? It's been a few hours since you got to steering."

"AAHHH" The two didn't pull away from one another, continuing to lock eyes and yell angrily.

"I said stop!" Merlin talked down to the two bickering crew mates before slamming a pair of swift blows to their heads! "Seriously sometimes i wonder why you two are always fighting! At this point you might as well date to make sense of i-"

Both Leo and Mari responded by returning the favor as they both slam a right hook in his face! "What was that for you blue eyed jerk!" they yell in sync as their strike connected.

"That's it! Killing you both!"

Merlin drew hi sword from his scabbard, Mari grabbed her twin knives from their holsters, and Leo set his fists and forehead on fire, shooting daggers at each others in the eyes.

Joël then kicked the door that leads to the lower decks, "Lunch is read- Will you three stop almost killing each other when you get hungry!" he yelled with a tray full of sandwiches and lemonade.

After a while and enough time to cool down, the entire crew was sitting on the floor enjoying their lunch under the sun.

"Mmm! You out did yourself this time on the lunch Joël!" Leo cheered as he was double fisting the sandwiches! "So good!"

"Can you not speak with a full mouth Leo?" Mari asked as she pinched his cheek.

"Ow! ow! ow! okay I get it!" Leo cried as he pulled her hand off his cheek. He then pulled out a Log Poe from his pocket. "We're going in the right direction. From what i saw on the map earlier, we should be arriving later today."

"So what's so important about this island anyway Leo?" Merlin asked.

"Well i read a book about it before. it's supposed to be world renown for Shipwrights and seeing as he struggle to keep this ship okay, we could need one soon. That's why it was on my list to steal when we had the trouble."

"Woah." the three others looked at Leo rather shocked, "since when did he think like that?"

Leo then shoved both sandwiches into his mouth, "What..are you guys...looking at?" he asked with his mouth full.

"Just when I thought you were growing up and you do that! Idiot!" Mari screeched as she pinched Leo's cheeks.

Both Joël and Merlin clinked their glasses together as they enjoyed watching those two bicker. Merlin then looked forward and saw an island far off in the distance.

"Leo, would that be the island?" Merlin tossed over a scope to Leo.

"Ha Ha! Yeah there it is! Water Seven! Here we come!" Leo cheered before taking another bite of a sandwich.

A large, clean and blue Marine ship was seen cutting through the waves!a seagull flew by the ship and just barely avoided a Marine in the Crow's nest.

"Commander! Commander!" A fresh new marine ran up the large deck of the ship, called out, "Commander!"

A red haired individual looked back at the calling Marine. His long red hair was waving with the brisk sea air. "What is it?" He asked with a look of concern.

"It appears we should be arriving to Water Seven later today. But also...also...also..."

"What is it? Just spit it out!" The Marine Commander demanded.

"Commander Salvatore...Another body was found this morning on the streets." The Marine forced the news out of himself, chocking on his own words.

The Marine Commander's eyes got serious and did his best to keep his composure, "It appears it would be best for us to get there as fast as possible. Do me a favor and tell them to start the propeller, I want to get to the island as soon as possible."

"Yes Sir Commander Salvatore!" The Marine ran off, headed towards the helmsman of the ship to notify them.

A large marine ship, poorly painted red and black approaches the massive ship building island, Water Seven.

"Whoa!!" Leo and Merlin both were in awe as hey observed the giant, GIANT water fountain at the very top of the island which connects to the rest of the island. "SO COOL!" They both then turned around to look at Mari with their eyes super wide and filled with excitement.

"No." Mari declared like an older sister she looked down on the other two. "We need to find a shipwright that'll work on our ship before anything else." She then pointed at the two with her head held high and she began to wag her finger, "So no sight seeing or food until we get that done with. I swear if you two even thing about it, I...will...beat...you...down." she gave off a demonic green like aura.

The ship then arrives to Dock One of the island. Many ships were being worked on and being built. The entire Inferno Pirates crew were blown away as they observed all the work being done.

"Mari can I-" Leo is then quickly cut off.

"No!" Mari barked, "I'll negotiate with them when we dock. Because knowing you, we'll either end up overpaying or will end up having to fight our way out of here. If we leave this island worse than when we got here i swear to god."

"Shh..." Leo shoved the last sandwich into Mari's mouth. "You're still hungry."

Mari is stupefied when she realizes the food and instantly slaps Leo across the deck. She then turns away from him and gently eats the sandwich. The ship is then anchored at the dock.

"Joël, stay here until the shipwright arrives. Last thing we need is to have something stolen." Leo ordered as he and the rest were heading off the ship.

"Yes sir. I'll get started on dinner anyway." Joël replied as he picked up the empty tray and glasses and heading towards the lower deck.

The other three made their way down passed all the shipwrights moving from left and right. Mari walked with Leo on her left and Merlin on her right.

"So I'll perform the negotiations, the two of you will be the muscle to show we shouldn't be messed with." Mari confidently stated. "Shall we gentlemen?"

"Can we go take a look at the giant water fountain afterward?" Leo asked as he observed a ship being dismantled.

"Are you really asking like a child would?" Mari asked and she then directed her gaze at Merlin. "What about you Merlin?"

"..." Merlin just looked away from Mari to hide his face of embarrassment.

"You may act like an old brother but the both of you are hopeless at sightseeing." Mari says following with a sigh. "I swear, sometimes these two idiots are just so childish. I wonder what it would've been like if I never came." She then looks at Leo's smile as he looked around and observed everything around.

"We'll begin the search immediately and make our presence known." the red haired commander ordered as the ship docks at dock four, being on the other side of the island. "I want to flush out whoever has been causing all this trouble on the island. Making ourselves known will put pressure and frustrate them."

"Yes sir!" The Marine grunts yelled together and quickly marched off the ship and on to the island.

Vladimir then takes in a deep breath and released it with a smile on his face. "I was told if I continued getting results I'll be promoted again. I'm almost there and am so close. I will be an admiral, I will bring down a Yonko!" He thought to himself in his moment of peace.

"Sir we received word that a pirate ship was seen making their way towards the island earlier." A grunt relayed, "No word on which dock they stopped at."

"I see. Where did word of this come from?"

"A soldier near dock three saw it earlier today! It appears he was running late to report back and only saw it to the corner of his eye."

"Alright." Vladimir responded as he walked towards the edge of the ship. "I'll be doing my own recon for this." He then stretches his arms a little, kicked the tips of his boots, staring straight across before leaping off the ship and lands on the roof of a building.

"He...he does know we can't even hope to keep up with him right?" a grunt asked another.

"Yeah, let's just try to fan out and spread all over. He'd always like this. Though i guess that's why they call him, 'Shining Star' Vlad."

"I'll keep myself above for the most part and examine what I can. Get a birds eye view in case I see anyone or anything suspicious." He thought as he made his way through the city. "The Vice Admiral said that these 'skills' would help me climb the rank even fast! Let's give this a try..." He then closed his eyes as he leaped off a massive building before opening them up and the glowed red. "No real ill will, I don't detect any evil nearby."

"So what you're telling me is not only are you three pirates that have been gaining the Marines attention but are also in possession of a stolen Marine Ship." A man behind a desk asks as he sits across Mari. Leo and Merlin stood by the door.

"Well there's actually four of us. The other is just back on the ship." Mari replied.

"Right, right. Four of you." He then sits the papers down and looks at Mari with a straight face. "I'll be sending one of our shipwrights over to take a look and let him grab his team. We get to work on the ship, is there anything you want us to do outside of general repairs?"

"Nothing that comes to mind. Actually do you think you could paint over it properly?" Mari got up to her feet and walked towards Leo and Merlin, "We'll be spending the next few days somewhere on the island." The three then walked out of the office.

Fear of Justice

It was late that same day amd the Inferno pirates had found a hotel that took em in.

"We'll be staying here for the next few days." Mari dictates to the old lady in the check in desk of the hotel. "So we're going to need two rooms. She then glared at the three boys of the crew, "These three can share a room, i'll take my own."

"Mari come on that's no fair!" Leo whined. "Can't we all just get our won rooms?"

"We don't have enough money to be spent wildly since we're still going to need to pay for the repairs." Mari replies as she grabs the two keys and tosses one to Merlin. "Let's get to our rooms and then we can grab some food afterward."

"Sounds good to me." Merlin answers as he catches the key. "What about you Leo?...Leo?"

"He left didn't he?" Mari asks without looking back.

"Almost immediately" Joël jumps into the conversation. "He left right after he asked his question."

"And you didn't bother asking him to stay? Or to give us the heads up?" Mari turned back disappointed a the ships cook.

"I'm a chef not a babysitter."

Both Mari and Merlin looked at Joël, "Yeah you dumb blonde, you need to be both when dealing with this idiot."

Already a good distance away from the hotel Leo was jumping from rooftop to rooftop and using his devil fruit for short bursts of propulsion to get to taller buildings! Leo was just looking around and absorbing the the views as he climbed headed towards the giant sized water fountain.

"Hahaha! I should've brought Merlin along with me! This thing is so awesome!" He chuckled with a childlike charm to it.

The sun had set at this point and the moon began to rise. Leo was still excited as he was headed up higher.Then he took a moment and paused as he overlooked the moons reflection on the crisp blue sea.

"No matter what this is still one of my favorite views ever." Leo thought as he put his hands behind the back of his head and took is a deep breath through his nose. "The moon is beautiful tonight." He then turns around and walks into an alley. "Let's try to find some grub, I guess I shouldn't have left before dinner was ready."

A shadow suddenly flew, and landed across from Leo.

"Handover your money and jewelry. You'll get to leave unharmed." A voice rang and echoed through the alley.

"Hmm? Sorry to bum ya out but I kinda don't have any. Hehehe." Leo replies as he scratches his head nervously. "I was going to actually go and try to find some free grub somewhere."

"..." No voice responded but two sharp crimson red eyes opened and leered directly at Leonardo.

"...cool!" Leo whispered as he couldn't help but admire the red eyes.

The shadow then rushed in at a tremendous speed, with a shimmering moonlight reflecting off a drawn sword! Leo responded by raising his right arm and released a burst of flames! Quickly filling in the alley.

"Red Moon Sword Style: Single Crescent Swipe." A weak and silent voice was whispered as a single swipe up by the sword sliced the incoming flames in half using tremendous air pressure. as the fire separates it lit up the alley revealing a short, petite, raven colored hair girl stood across Leo, with a piercing look on her eyes.

Leo couldn't look away from he hauntingly beautiful young lady wielding her sword with a killer's look on her face. This look is causing his blood to rush with in and his eyes widened.

"Bring it." Leo called out to taunt the swordswoman.

She then quickly charged in! She almost instantly appeared in front of him and drew her blade at an incredible speed. Instead of Leo letting his body turn into flames he countered her strike with his metal clad gloves causing sparks to fly when they clashed.

"Damn she's fast! Honestly even Merlin would struggle with this kind of-" Leo was cut off mid thought as the mystery girl pulled her sword back and thrusts forward! Leo through pure instincts alone turned his ody into flames to let it pas through him. "Yay for life hack!"

The mystery girl hen re sheathed her sword and took a crouching position. She then dashes forward, drawing her sword and slashes at Leo with incredible speed. The speed was so overwhelming that Leo didn't even have a chance to properly react to the attack. Though her blade is stopped and clashed with another sword. Sparks and cherry blossom petals were scattered around when the blades met.

"Why is it every time we get lost it doesn't take you long to get into trouble!?" Merlin asked as he was the one on the end of the other sword.

"Heh I guess I just have a knack for-" Leo is then cut off by...

"Idiot!" a swift and stringing chop was smacked down on his head as the green Mari appeared behind Leo. "Every, time! Seriously! We can't keep our eyes off of you!"

"Mari! you guys found me!" Leo yells as he rubs his head were Mari struck him, before his stomach growles. "At the risk of sounding like a child...did you bring anything to eat?"

"No she did not!" an angry Joël appeared and leaped above the two, "No one has had dinner yet because we needed to come find you! Now if you don't mind!" He them claps his hands together and separates them causing a pink bubble to form between his arms, "Pluie de Bulles!" the bubble then popped and a flurry of smaller bubbles were shot aiming at the mystery girl!

A storm of bullets were shot from across the alley effectively popping all the bubbles a good distance away from the girl.

"Tsk-tsk!" A more masculine voice rang, the same to match the one that threatened Leo earlier. "See I figued we could just try and drown this fire guy because of his devil fruit. Then blondie number one, some moss looking girl and blondie number two needed to ruin. So I guess I gotta handle some heavy lifting too." A shaggy red headed boy in a black suit stepped forward, his finger tips popped off with smoke escaping them.

"Oiii!" From above the alley stood a proud and young crimson red headed Marine. "So you're the pirates I heard entered the island earlier today." He states pointing at Leo, "'Walking Inferno' Leonardo Elio, Captain of the Inferno Pirates, bounty of 60,000,000!" He then points at the jet black haired girl, "By the look on your red eyes, you should be the infamous thug of the island, "Red Moon."

"So you really couldn't have just stayed at the hotel?" Merlin asked looking at Leo. "I wanted to go see the fountain too. Idiot."

"...Soru" The young Marine whispered as he disappeared and reappeared landing a direct blow on Leo's face! He then moved across and did the same to the 'Red Moon'! So quickly no one could properly respond. "I'll be taking you both in tonight.

"The hell you will!" Leo yelled as he got back to his feet, releasing a huge blast of fire! Merlin and the rest jumped up and avoided attack! As the flames dissipated there was no sign of the Marine. Not until he suddenly submerged from the floor with a cocky smile. "I am Salvatore Vladimir, Marine Commander and the consumer of the Ishi Ishi no Mi, making me a stone human."

First of Many

Leo stood across from the Marine. Their eyes locked as the both couldn't help but give off a murderous and violent aura to them.Suddenly flames began to surround Leo which then shaped themselves into arrows. Leo then snaps his fingers as the arrows shot out and attacked Vlad. To which the stone below him quickly turned liquid like and surrounded Vlad, hardening to protect himself from the arrows.

The arrows the erupted destroying the wall that was used to protect Vlad. Something broke from the smoke and Vladimir appeared in front of Leo and landed a heavy right blow! Actually making direct contact with Leo and sending him flying against a wall. He knocked the air out of Leo.

"This is haki..." Leo thought to himself as his was not the first time he was met with this ability. "Being intangible isn't something to depend on." He then picked himself up and and caught his breath, "That all you got ?" He openly asked.

"Heh! Tough talk coming from the guy that just got slammed into a wall!" Vlad retorted as he began to sink into the stone floor.

"Alright," Leo's forehead ignited with a flame as he suddenly got serious, "Let's do this."

On the rooftop to the left a dance of swords and sparks raged as Merlin and 'Red Moon' continued their sword fight! Each strike was countered, with each counter the sound of metal against metal screeched. Merlin's strikes displayed more power by far but his opponent had more than enough speed to counter it.

"You're pretty tough!" Merlin exclaimed as he intercepted Moon's attack! "But you won't be the reason why we need to end our journey so early." He then pulls away from her and attempts his own counter attack.

"..." The girl didn't respond as she dodged Merlin's attack.

"Long Sword Style: Grève Gainée: Décuplée!" Merlin's speed dramatically increased as he thrusts his sword forward ten times! Each attack sent more petals flying directly at her.

"..." Still no verbal response as she successfully defended against each thrust, but the petals would quickly leave cuts over her arms.

"Red Moon Sword Style: Single Crescent Swipe." A weak and silent voice was whispered as a single swipe up by the sword sent out a slice of tremendous air pressure. As Merlin defended against it, the pressure was too much and pushed him back and close to falling off the roof.

"Tch! Stubborn little girl aren't you?" Merlin asked as he regained his footing. "Looks like I found something more entertaining that the fountain." He then begins a charge at Moon. "Show me what else you got or else I'll have to just end this!"

"I need to end this quick to help out Leo!" Merlin though to himself, "He's not used to people with haki yet, being hit again is something he needs to process. But this girl isn't making that any easier!"

Mari and Joël stood across on roof across the alley, staring at the young man with the black suit. Mari had already drawn her twin knives and bubbles began to gather on Joël's hands while the young man simply smiled as his eyes began to glow blue.

"You two just going to stare at me? Or you trying to pick a fight with a bad ass cyborg? Ehh?" He asked with a confident grin and chuckle.

"Mari, I'll take the lead while you rush in after I get his attention, okay?" Joël asked.

"...Joël that won't work." Mari whispered weakly, "something about him tells me we need to give him our all from the start. If I had to scale him among the crew, I'd say he's near your level of strength." She then began to charge right in. "So at the same time!"

The young man's finger tips popped off and began to release a barrage of bullets! Mari quickly dropped herself in her charge to slide on the floor! By doing so she manged to dodge he bullets, targeting his shoulder Mari threw one of her knives! It stabs in but just barely.

"You little bitch!" he yelled but surprisingly with anger and not in pain, "This is my favorite suit!"

"Don't talk to our caretaker that way!" Joël yelled as a flurry of bubbles were charging at the young man! "Crazy girl! Leo sure as hell does know how to pick his crew members!"

"Gizmo! Now!" The young man called out as a little white monkey appeared from under his hat and opened it's mouth, a literal mini, mini fun came out of his mouth and shot at, popping all the coming bubbles. "Thanks little dude!"

"Was...was that a monkey?" Mari asked loudly as she was stunned, "With a mini gun in his mouth?"

"I believe so, now I guess we have two foes! If you count the monkey of course!"

Mari reached with the young man and quickly got to her feet, trying to tackle him down! To which he responds by letting her grab his waist and he brings a swift chop down on her neck! Effectively knocking Mari out.

"Mari!" Joël as he saw Mari go down to the ground.

Leo and Vlad were trading blows! Vlad kept on using his haki to land direct shots into Leo's ribs and chest, each time knocking more air out of him. Leo managing to land a blow or two but was also being overwhelmed by the stones protecting Vlad from any fire attacks.

"Here I saw thingking you'd be some tough challenge!" Vlad taunted as he quickly appeared in front of Leo before kicking him in the face forcing him into another wall! "Stone Strike!" Vlad declared his attack as he slammed his fist into the stone floor and a large fist made of stone appeared and uppercut Leo! It then was coated black and pinned Leo the floor!

The stoned fist continued to put more pressure down against Leo's chest, preventing him from catching any air. "Did you know it takes around 400 psi to effectively break and cause a human chest to cave in?" Vlad asks as he gradually places more pressure down onto Leo.

"Mari!" the name rang through the hallway as Joël yelled. A a remark, Leo simply couldn't ignore.

"...Get up..." Leo heard a voice within his head, "Get up..." it continued getting louder, "Get up! Now!"

A suddenly release of fire was shot out! In all directions Leo forced his body to shoot out a combustion of flames. Effectively destroying the stone floor and fist. He quickly slammed both hands to the floor to propel himself up to the roof he heard Joël .

"Ignore me? Stubborn Pirate!" Vlad roared as he kicked himself from wall to wall as he chase after Leo.

"Leave my Captain alone!" Merlin yelled the second Vlad was in the air between the two roofs. He quickly drew his sword and brought it with a downward slash!

"hmm?" Vlad wondered as he already took note of Merlin, "Geppo." he called for his technique as he kicked himself off the air to doge Merlin's attack.

Leo charged in and slammed a heavy right hook on to the cyborg and sent him through the roof and into the story below! He then accumulated a large ball of fire into his hands. and pointed it at the hole the young man fell through.

A quick punch from the right is slammed into Leo's face, though this time he's not pushed back and instead he responds with a punch much faster and stronger than from earlier.

"You see what I'm seeing?" A dark figure asks another.

"Yeah. Someone who shares qualities with the captain." The other figure responds. "What should we do?"

"He's too rare of an occurrence to let die or be captured by a Marine." The moonlight then just barely hits the figure who's talking's mouth, revealing a sinister grin.

"The hell? I hit him with the same kinda force as before and those were knocking him off his feet. He couldn't hit me earlier and he knocked me away..." Vlad had difficulty processing what had happened. "This doesn't make sense...unless he's just been holding back."

"Joël..." Leo began, "I don't have much in me. I need you to get Mari somewhere safe. Go and run without looking back. Merlin won't be far behind." Leo's voice cold and solemn with each word said.


"Just go," He then turned around and looked at his comrade, smiling. "Joël, I'm counting on you."

"Of course sir." He then scooped up Mari. "I apologize for not taking care of her better."

"Ha! It's not like you could have stopped her." Leo then saw the young man from earlier jump out of the hole in the roof

"Take this!" he then tossed over a ball that erupted with foam quickly covering Leo's entire body. "These guys can kill a roof sized fire in a moments notice." he then rushed in and slammed a right fist into Leo's chest! As he tried to pick up momentum. Leo grabbed his left arm and flipped the man over, surprisingly help him avoid an appearing Vlad!

"Probably should've hit me with this after we took care of this guy!" Leo scolded the young man as he raised his fists up to guard. "For now either help me or run away." He then clenched his fist tighter while starring at Vlad. "If you do choose to run, then get going and follow those my friends who just left. They're headed somewhere safe."

"Is this guy serious? We were just trying to kick his ass and rob him. Yet he wants to help me?" The young man thought to himself while looking at the last it of foam fall off of Leo.

"Soru" Vlad thought to himself as he seemingly dissapeared.

Leo couples his hands and fires blasts of fire fire using the even more concetrated flames to appear in front of Vlad! The two then slammed their fists against each others!

"Where do you think you're going?" Leo asked with a confident smile and a bead of sweat trails down the side of his head. "You're fight is with me not this kid, or that girl from earlier, You hear me?"

As Leo made this declaration, both Merlin and 'moon' appeared in the roof, overhearing and seeing Leo protect the man in the suit.

"I'm hitting my limit. I need to make sure everyone gets away. That means Merlin need to be with them. If I can weaken this guy enough... Then it'll be worth it."

"Hey, Merlin." Leo called out for his first mate. "Get going, Joël can't be that far."

Merlin began to walk towards Leo.

"This isn't up for debate, you hear me? Mari is out cold and Joël could always use the back up."

A sudden smack was delivered to the back of Leo's head as Merlin swatted hi with his scabbard.

"Who the hell do you think you are trying to talk so tough and try to be so cool!?" Merlin yelled before hiting him again! "We're doing this together Captain!"

Hearing his title of captain being said made Leo smile. "If we're being honest, I have just a little bit left in the tank. So this can go from 2 on 1 to 1 on 1, pretty quickly."

Both Leo and Merlin took off running towards Vladimir. Leo aimed his hands behind him and propelled himself forward and quickly he and Vlad clashed! Fist against fist, the wind around them blew upon impact. Merlin then jumped and aimed his sword downward! Vlad detected the attack and shifted himself to make Leo lose his footing, causing Merlin's attack to miss.

Vlad then forced his hands into the stone floor making a swarm of fists made of stone then attacked Merlin! Leo then appeared behind Merlin who intercepted Leo's kick with a headbutt! He coated his forehead with haki and actually caused pain to run up Leo's leg.

"Boom..." Leo whispered as his other leg turned to a mass of five and attacked Vlad.

Again Vladimir emerged from the ground, successfully avoiding Leo's attack. Then around ten arms and fists made of stone each coated with armament haki attacked Leo. The sound of ribs cracking and the loud thump of each strike were as clear as possible.

"This guy! He's out classing both me and Leo!" Merlin thought as he began to breathe loudly and blood coming down his forehead. "...Damn it..."

Leonardo's beaten body is dropped on the floor, a puddle of blood quick formed under and around his head as he bled profusely. "I won't...die..." Leo thought to himself as his vision got blurry, seeing the red haired Marine approaching him.

"I guess your little pirate career ends here. Pyro idiot." Vad states as dips his fist into the ground and pulls it back up as a large stoned covered one. "It was nice meeting you, may you find peace in the after li-" Vlad then pauses as he felt a strong, monstrous blood lust surrounds him. "the hell?" He then turns around to see a towering figure of black looking down on him.

"Sorry...but this boy must live on." The figure says as his eyes began to glow red. "Little Marine." As the moonlight breaks through a cloud, it illuminated to reveal a tall and imposing grey colored goat mink/ He was wearing some type of mask over his right eye.

"Yo-you're..." Vlad paused as he jumped back to get some distance between himself and the mink.

"You know me? So flattering. Such a young Marine knows an old man like myself? Woah." The goat Mink mocked, taunting Vlad. His hands were covered by leather gloves and blades at the finger tips. "What do ya think whippersnapper? You wanna fight?"

"What the hell are you doing in this half of the grandline? Yo-your captain is on the other side of...of...of..." Vladimir did his best to compose himself.

"Go ahead, say my name."

"You're one of the Angeli e Demoni, one of the most feared minks in the world, Lucio The Incubus of the Yonko crew, the Libertà Pirates!"

"Baaahahahaha! Yes! It is I! Lucio! So glad to know my reputation isn't lost behind my captain's grand shadow." The gray mink laughed and stomped his feet to the floor before posing rather flashy, with his finger pointed at Vlad. "Little Marine, that boy must live. I will not allow you to end his journey just yet."

Vlad coated his arms with black layer of haki and put them up to guard. "Tell me. This kid working for you? New recruit or something?"

"Maybe. Maybe I've never seen him until now and he just peaked my interest. Or maybe my captain sent me to personally recruit him as we see him becoming a grand pirate and powerful weapon to use against you Marines. I guess you'll never know." Lucio then stepped forward with a single step cracking the floor below him! "But I am more than happy to kill you to protect this boy. That you can know for sure."

"D-damn it. What do i do?" Vlad thought to himself as he looked at Mink. "F-fine..."

"Oi, oi." Merlin forced himself to his feet and did his best to raise his sword up, rather shakily. "I'll tell you the same thing i told that red haired fuck...my captain isn't up for grabs." He states looking directly at Lucio. "So b-back off."

"Baaahahahaha! Well! You sure do respect your captain don't you? You've recruited one hell of a swordsman, Kid. Such loyalty is very hard to come by. The shape you're in and the kind your captain is, most people would turn tail and run away." Lucio states as he looks over at Vlad. "Marine, you should decide already. Leave or face me in an attempt to bring this boy to justice."

Vlad couldn't take the taunting and charged right into the fight! "Don't you dare look down on me!" He yelled as he swung a right hook!

Lucio smiled as he raised a leg and slammed his hove foot and clashed with Vlad! A burst of electeo rushed down his leg and added to Lucio's kick! Sent Vlad flying back! there was no competition between the two!

"Rest assured kid, you and your captain are safe with me. Let's get you two the help you need." Lucio states as he walked over to Leo and scooped him up in his right arm. "You can trust me kid. As long as you're with me no Marine nearby will even think about looking for ya."

Vlad forced himself up, that single kick was just a fraction of Lucio's strength. Yet Vlad was unable to protect himself from a single kick. "I...I need to ..." Vlad muttered to himself as he reached his footing. "I'm out classed... I need to..." Vlad slowly sank into the stone floor, fleeing the battle.


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