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Resurrection of the Kijin
Date Started: October19th, 2021

Date Finished: December16th, 2021

Setting: Multiple Locations in the New World.

Characters Involved:

Synopsis: 14 long years ago, Shichiloh Dulari was close to achieving her goals and becoming an emperor of the sea. With the knowledge of this, the oni became drunk on her own power and transformed into an arrogant monster, doing whatever it took to grow stronger. Learning of the kingdom of Albion and the power that lived within it, she wanted to defeat the occupying forces and claim it for herself. Young Esposito Dante soon arrived after Dulari's rampage through the island, and a battle broke out between the two, lasting for 3 gruesome days. Dulari allowed her arrogance to take control of her and underestimated the younger Dante in which she paid for it with her left arm. She fled from the island with her reputation soiled, pride crushed and dreams shattered. Refusing to allow this to stop her from achieving her dreams, Dulari left her crew in the hands of the second-in command Lernaetheus, with instructions of what do and when to do it. For the next 14 years, Dulari walked through the entire world to train and grow stronger in the only way she knew how. Sometime in her journey, she met a fearsome and young opponent who reminded her to much of Dante for her to simply leave, so she requested that he join her in her campaign in which he joyfully accepted. Now 1 month after the death of Donk E. Kong, a former friend of Shichiloh Dulari, she has decided to finally set her plan into motion and is on her way to the rendezvous set with Lernaetheus, 14 years ago...
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Act 1

Chapter 1: Shichiloh Dulari Returns! Dulari vs Marines!

The caws of seagulls could be heard for thousands of nautical miles, only to be outmatched by the relentless and vast sea. The violet purple eyed Ashigezake, rested her forearms against the wooden railing, fascinated by the vast blue sea. This sea was far from ordinary, as Milan had found herself in the dangerous seas of the, New World, once more.

“Can you stop staring out at sea and release me from these cuffs?!” An agitated Ganshou snapped, as his lip curled.

“Silence.” Milan answered back, as her face further sunk into her palms. “Just enjoy the peace and quiet, at least whilst it last.” She continued, quickly dismissing any talk of his release.

“You’re stopping me from being an artist!” He complained, turning his face upside down.


“Why did I get stuck babysitting this volcanic idiot..” Milan mumbled to herself, before being approached by a junior officer.

“Vice-Admiral Milan! I have a report!” He spoke.

“We’ll don’t just stand there, on with it!” She groaned.

“Y-Yes! We are soon arriving to our destination, and your requested prospects are all ready to be assigned their task!” He continued, as the deck would be quickly filled with a dozen marines.

“And the paperwork?” Milan questioned, extending an open palm.

“Yes! It’s right here!” He continued, handing over a thick pamphlet.

“ROLL-CALL!” Milan yelled, as she opened the pamphlet to the first page. “Zasha, Louise Arthur, Salvatore Vladimir, Jakuchō, Andries Hars, Nasiblu, Julius D. Caesar and Crystal Hailee.”

"Here, Vice Admiral Milan" Julius says before using Soru to appear before the Vice Admiral. Before Milan was Julius, a muscular, lean young man with red hair in a curtain hairstyle that is parted over the left side of his right eye. He wore a very amicable smile and his signature striped business suit with a flowing red cape that incorporated the Marine insignia into its design.

A tall man can be seen walking up toward Milan as he wore mostly blue jacket on top of his white clothes as he had a spiky hairstyle with one strand going down his forehead. He also wore glasses and had thick, blue eyes as he is shown to adjust his glasses briefly. He then follows it with a salute. "Commodore Nasiblu, reporting." Nasiblu answered in a clam, but stoic demeaner.

A more than average height woman approached Milan with a scowl on her face, a twig in her mouth and rather than a standard Marine attire, her apparel looked more of a delinquent than a Marine. Jakuchō slightly tilted her head up lifting an eyebrow. "Rear Admiral Jakuchō, reportin'," Jakuchō answered in a manner that was stern but at the same time rather cold.

A woman taller than Jakucho was seen sitting on a seat not far from the group. She was wearing a custom marine outfit that honored her family heritage of being guardians of Impel Down. She had icy blue hair that went down to the floor, surrounding herself. She had her arms crossed in front of her blouse that showed her cleavage. She then speaks in a cold tone, "Rear Admiral Crystal Hailee, reporting."

As a rather young girl would make her entrance, the sound of her armor clanged as she walked towards the group, and the sun shined off her red eyes. "Marine Ensign Zasha, reporting for duty!" she would say, her voice was pure and sweet, fitting the young girls' appearance. She is a rather small individual, not only being the smallest of the bunch but also the youngest. At only 15 years of age, she was able to climb the ranks and earn herself the rank of ensign. A feat that caught the eye of Milan, who took the young girl under her wing and subsequently became the motherly figure for Zasha.

A white haired FLOCC agent Andries Hars was above in the lookout using his abilities to monitor all the goings on on the ship. He had been instructed to collect intel and only intervene if necessary so he kept to himself, The way he prefered it.

Two young men were seen out on a deck reading, ignoring the roll call all together. One with jet black hair that was smoking his cigarette while reading. The other was a read head that was actually sleeping with a book covering his face.

"Hm...I should wake him my job" Arthur thought as he got up looked up from his book and looked into the sky. "To think not too long ago we were in the middle of a bloody battle, bringing an end to a year long war. Here we are now, slacking off and in my case ignoring my commanding officer." He then let a puff of smoke leave his lips after taking a long drag. "Crazy how life works..."

Milan’s violet eyes flushed red, as she became seriously irritated by the two marines who yet to respond. ”Shave!” She mumbled, appearing before Arthur and Vladimr. “No smoking on my ship Robo-cop!” She snapped, snatching the cigarette from his mouth and tossing it into the sea behind her.

"I'm surrounded by idiots...." Milan said to herself, face palming.

"MA-GU-GU-GUUUU!" Ganshou laughed outrageously, as the sound of his laughter and seastone handcuffs filled the relatively quiet ship with obnoxious noise.

"SHUT YOUR MOUTH!" Milan exploded before punching Ganshou in the back of his head,causing it to crash through the deck. "Now then, young marines! Today you will me monitoring this Magma bastard here. He is extremely dangerous, so you will all be coated by my force fields as we work. His job to create the new G-4 base, and before you ask, yes the one that destroyed years ago by the now dead Shichiloh Dulari and Admiral Shishio." She continued, taking a breath before she looked into all the faces of the odd group of marines before her.

"Does anyone have any questions? Oh and yes, the new marine base G-4 will led by yours truly." Milan questioned, then answered her junior officers.

"How did you hire this...pirate anyway?" Hailee asks looking at the crazed Ganshou it seems, "I'd want him begging at my knees while I kick him into shape, and he'll probably enjoy it."

"Well, we didn't exactly hire him. We borrowed him from former Warlord, Shinzui." Milan explained, as she turned her head so her eyes rested on the blue haired Hailee. "With the resignation of Shinzui, the Navy decided to keep him as a parting gift. I'm honestly expecting to be attacked by Shinzui at any moment." She continued, trying to nerve all of her young junior officers. "You all are talented, but still so far from where you could be. I would hate for your chance to develop into respectable members of the Navy, to be ripped away from you so please pay attention to your surroundings, stay on guard and lastly..DON'T DO ANYTHING STUPID!!!" She yelled, startling her audience.

30 minutes away on Mt. Vulcan

"YYYAAAWWWNNN!!!" Dulari roared, stretching her arms high enough to fondle the clouds. Concluding her stretch, she used both of her large hands to wipe the tears collected in the crust of her eyes. "Oi, Mina-kun." She said, trying to get her apprentice's attention. "Are you ready to continue your training, and split that volcano in half?" She questioned, turning her large body to face the much smaller Minamoto.

"Yeah," the young pale Minamoto replied as he sat with his legs crossed. His breathing was eerily calm, slow, in complete control. He could feel the breeze against the rest of his body. He then rose to his feet, grabbing his sword scabbards off the ground and walked over to the massive Kijin. "Let's just get to work, shall we?" He asked with an air of confidence.

Using the closet trees she could grab, Dulari used them like crutch to lift herself onto her feet. The imbedded roots would be revealed as she steadied her balance, and the odor of raw soil started to fill the air. “Hopefully this is your last attempt, Ha-da-da-daa..” She teased, leaning down to grab her club. Grasping her hand around it, Dulari pulled the giant weapon from the ground and onto her shoulders. “At this rate, I’ll win the bet! HA-DA-DA-DAAA!” She continued to laugh, as the island began to tremor.

"Yeah, yeah. Let's give this a try again." He replied, channeling a thick layer of deep midnight black haki all over his katana, releasing and air if intensity and power. He adjusted his stance, tightening the grip he had over his hilt, focusing only on the target ahead of him. "Black Swordstyle, Hidden technique: Nirvana!” He called for his attack as he completes an intense horizontal slash!

Mt. Vulcan’s Shore

Finally the small fleet of 4 ships had arrived at the shore of Mt. Vulcan, the island designated to become the new Marine Grandline Fourth Branch base. Each ships anchor would set in an almost robotic like fashion, causing the tide to flood the dry sand above it.

click, click

click, click

click, click

The sound of Milan's long heeled boots would radiate from the wooden gangplank. Each step she took would soften, until only the crunch of sand could be detected. "Welcome Marines, to Mt. Vulcan." Milan spoke, explaining the name of their current location. "This island is the one of the largest, if not the largest Volcanoes in the entire world." She continued.

"So will the base be powered by magma?" Damocles asked, as she stepped onto the sandy shore.

"Yes, it will be powered by geothermal energy harnessed from the Volcanoes' magma." She elaborated upon receiving Damocles' question.

"What if I decide to kill you all rather than reactive this Volcano and extend this land?" Ganshou questioned, reaching the shore as his escorts snapped the chains. "Hey Hey, that hurts you marine bastards!"

"I've been ordered to kill you with a seastone bullet to the temple." Milan answered, before reaching into her coat pocket. As she removed her hand, a single bullet made from seastone would rest in her palm.

"I thought you were all, humane justice! This is cruel and unusual punishment!" Ganshou cried, as he became restless.

"Even I believe in a little fun, every once and while." Milan emphasized with a macabre like tone.

"SHE'S GONNA KILL ME!!! HELP!!!! SHE'S INSANEE!!!" Ganshou cried out.

"Teehee." Milan giggled, returning the bullet to her coat pocket.

"I swear these missions can be so annoying at times." Arthur said as he detect what was going on with the prisoner and vice admiral. "Say what you will about me and Shishio, at least with us you get what you see. No need to hide who or what we are."

"Yeah, but at the same time people just how they are." Vladimir replies with his hands behind his head. "So long as we get our jobs done, so long as we can protect who we can and make the world a better place, who cares what our commanding officer does or says."

"End of day" Arthur chimes in before the two sync together.

"We do what the hell we want!" They said confidently and proudly.

"This is where we're going to build our base?" Julius says before looking around the area. "Personally I wouldn't have chosen this location but whatever" Julius sarcastically said.

Trying her best to ignore the smug remarks coming from her junior officers, Milan closed her eyes and exhaled deeply. “Arthur, Vladimir and Julios.” She called, turning to face the trio. “Since you three have so much to say and are obviously eager to work, you’ll be taking first watch.” Milan explained, before tossing a key towards Damocles.

Catching the key, the Rear-Admiral would inspect it. “Why are you giving his key to me?” Damocles questioned.

“Take off his cuffs.” Milan ordered.

“My strengthhh” He acted, slowly falling to the ground. “Here take it.” He coughed, tossing the key in the air.

Nasiblu swiftly catches the key between his fingers. "Not sure if he is being real, or putting on a show." Nasiblu remarked with an adjust of his glasses.

“Good catch. Now open Ganshou’s handcuffs.” Milan ordered, as she dragged the long haired artist. “Here.” She said stopping infront of Nasiblu.

“You open these and I swear I’ll melt you first!” Ganshou snarled at Nasiblu.

“Hush.” Milan said, as she started to reach inside her coat again.

“Okay, okay I was just playing..” Ganshou whimpered.

"Be careful Nasiblu" Julius says. "I don't want to see you be turned into a burnt pile of flesh" Julius says while preparing his Buso Haki.

"Ehhhh, I can't wait till we can kill this idiot." Hailee scoffs about Ganshou as she yawned in boredom, "Ain't that right Jakie?" She turns over to her friend Jakucho.

"Long as this whole thing doesn't bore me to sleep and won't waste any of my time, I'm cool with it," Jakuchō shrugged showing an expression that she wasn't interested but still was paying attention.

Continuing to ignore the comments made her junior officers, Milan focused her attention back on Nasiblu and Ganshou. "Proceed with the removal of his cuffs."

Ganshou lifted his arms in preparation to have his cuffs removed.


An almost harmonic sound wave passed through the ears of every marine on the beach. It was as if something had been cut cleanly in half.

"W-What the hell?"' Milan thought to herself, as she partially turned her head to face the cleanly severed volcano. Her heart began to beat rapidly, synching with the tremors of the soil underneath her. Soon the entire shore would be shrouded in the shadow of the falling Volcano.

"Wow, you actually cut it in half cleanly! Color me impressed!" Dulari praised Minamoto, as she inspected the entire structure. The throat of the volcano was clearly visible, as magma began to discharge from the remaining stump. "I've never seen the inside of a volcano's truly fascinating." She continued, absolutely mesmerized by the events occurring before her eyes.

Letting out a loud gasp of air Minamoto panted to catch his breath. From both th strain of performing such an attack and the intense heat coming off the magma was choking him slightly. "Jesus that took a lot out of me." He said as he stretched his arms and back. "Glad you find this all so entertaining captain."

"HA-DA-DA-DAAAA!" She laughed.

"Marines! Evacuate the area immediately!" Milan snapped out of it, putting her focus on the lives on her soldiers.

"Well damn. My carbon powers could only help so much, but if this is the tactic we must undergo, then so be it." Nasiblu said as he quickly used Geppo to propel himself into the sky.

"!!!!" Milan's face grew red with irritation. "You know what..I honestly did it to myself recruiting all these idiots!" She complained, shaking her head. "Psy-Dome!" Roared Ashigezake. A translucent sphere of tremendous size steadily started to encase the marine fleet.

"W-We're going to die!"

"I have kids! I can't die here!"

"A-A-Ashigezake! Save us!"

"Get a grip! You'll be fine as long as your within my dome." Said Milan, in an attempt to ease the nerves of her soldiers.

"Arthur!" Vladimir called out for his jet black accomplice's support.

"Yeah, yeah!" Arthur replied as he soun around leading a leg out.

Vladimir hoped up and once they aligned Arthur slammed a heavy kick onto Vladimir's connecting feet, firing him off into the air like a bullet! The young marine sprang up and used Geppo to go further, using the added momentum to surpass Damocles. He quickly touched the giant hunk of volcano, fusing himself with it and reshaping it. Using his devil fruit the giant hunk of volcano was reshaped into Vladimir's body and trapped Amy magma that was spilling, he then used Geppo to propel his giant body away toward the sea before quickly abandoning it and letting it crash into the ocean.

"Shit..." Vladimir groaned as he grabbed his stomach. " reshaping that big piece of stone along with keeping the magma inside took a lot more than I thought." he thought to himself before landing back down with the rest. "Damn it that burnt me up bit in the inside." He panted, bullets of sweat falling from his face. It was certain a level of exhaustion was taking him over.

"Don't die now." Arthur said as he grabbed Vladimir's collar and pulled him up. "You're just a little drained, shut up, stop being so dramatic."

"Okay, that could have ended badly" Julius says. "If it wasn't for those two, we would have alot more stuff on our hands" Julius said pointing to Vladimir and Arthur.

As the dome finished closing, Milan activated her own geppo. Phasing through her psionic dome, she retrieved her whip from her waste. In one swift motion, Milan snapped her whip to cut through the large wave created from Vladimir carelessly dropping his former body into the ocean. "How can you be so sure? That was too risky." She scolded, pointing towards a large cloud of water vapor. "You must think not only what you'll do, but how it will affect those around you." She continued, landing back onto the sand. The mist would soon fade, revealing every marine ship in tact. "If I hadn't protected those ships with my shields, you would have destroyed an entire fleet."

"Good work nonetheless." She complimented. "Now rest while you can, as it's evident we're not alone on this island." Milan ordered, dissolving each of her constructs.

"PFFFFFFFTTTTTT!!!!!!'" Spit began to fly from the mouth of Dulari, who was unable to hide her laughter.

"Hm, there appears to be some competent Marines down there. I guess we'll use the chance to get a good work out in." Minamoto said as he examined the Marine fleet. "Hm...there's a fairly competent Swordsman down there. If you see him, don't kill him. I want to do it myself."

"Boring. If it isn't an Admiral, I'm not interested." Dulari sighed, falling onto her back. "You go handle it and consider that the end of your training."

Suddenly a massive newspaper would land on the nose of Dulari.

"Coo Coo"

"Coo Coo"

Minamoto looked up, "looks like the news is here." he said as he started to stretch his arms. Lemme get a quick read before I go killing."

Chapter 2: Minamoto's Challenge! Marines Vs The Silent Sword

“Prepare yourselves Marines!” Milan roared, gaining the attention of soldiers. “Our adversaries approach!”

“Standby for battle!” A marine soldier yelled.

“Prepare the cannons!” Another yelled.

“YEAHHHHHH!! LET’S KICK SOME ASS!!” One more chimed in.





Arthur cracked his neck in excitement, his eyes began to glow a slight purple light as it was fixated on the island. "One of those new top pirates is on the island huh?" He said as the clown avatar appeared behind. "go to sleep, now!" Arthur internally as he forced his avatar to return, quickly gaining composure over himself and stops smiling.

"Man I hate when that guy comes out." Arthur said as he sparked up a cigarette. "But we may have a problem ahead. She's supposed to be a monster that surpasses all the ones I've faced myself." He then let a puff of smoke out. He then looks over to Vladimir, "how do you feel about this?"

Vladimir smiled nervously, "I'd be lying if I said I wasn't nervous. But I mean this Vice Admiral is supposed to be as strong as Mr.Prospero, so that's reassuring."

Arthur then looked over at Milan, his eyes analyzing her. "Hm...we'll see about that I guess."

"I thought she was dead..." A marine soldier mumbled.

"Yeah I heard Dante took care of her...Did he fail??" Another officer spoke.

"I heard she holds power on qualms with Shishio.." Another cried.

"TENNNN-" Dulari started.

"EVERYONE! BRACE YOURSELVES! SHE'S ABOUT TO ATTACK!" Milan yelled, as she her psionic energy started to form around her hands.

"{{”RAIIIIIII UUUCCCHHHIIIWWWAAAA!!!!!” (天来団扇 Tenrai Uchiwa?, literally meaning "Heavenly Fan") Dulari roared, whilst she cocked back her massive club. "UUUUUURRRROOOWWWW!!!" She screamed, thrusting the club forward with an unearthly velocity. A horizontal fan shaped stream of pressurized air, began to race towards the grouped marines. As it grew closer, it only gained more and more pressure. The environment stood no chance, as trees were obliterated and rocks destroyed. The very earth was stripped of it's skin, as a patchless crevice followed the rolling land.

"D-Damn! That is quite the intense attack! Subarashī no Kaboon!" Nasiblu shouted as, in an instant, he surrounded himself in a thick wall of carbon that would surround himself and some of the Marines that was still on shore. Nasiblu himself was still in the air as he used the attack as he hope to cushion some of the blow. "Not sure if this will hold, but it is better than nothing."

Without speaking both Arthur and Vladimir quickly acted. Arthur Staples his lightning shirt sword through the sand, followed by Vladimir's reaching down touching the earth below the sand, fusing into it. He then instantly created a dome around the Marines and pulled them below the earth. Despite his speed it is unsure if he managed to save everyone around him.

Trying to stop the attack, Julius sends a large amount of fire at both the attack with fiery intent. "I hope this works!" Julius says while launching another fire attack at Dulari.

"Tsura Tsura: Krystall Igloo" She says as she stomps her boot as thick Icicles grew as they formed in her perimeter, making a barrier for the marines in her area. "Someone has to protect some of you boys." Hailee smirks as she tips her cap, some minor nosebleeds from a male marine or two were a few reactions.

"Ugh typical men these days, Stomp Fissure!" Jakuchō shouted as she stomped on the ground causing the ground to split apart separating the Marines from the attack, "it ain't much but at least it would protect some of us here."

The wave of pressurized air wasn't limited to ground that it destroyed beneath it, soaring over the fissure created by Jakuchō. As the flames created by Julius approached the air, it would prove to be more detrimental than hopeful. The air did nothing but fuel the fire and changed its direction. "Well then. HA-DA-DA-DAAA!" Dulari laughed, as their counterattacks proved futile so far. A tsunami of flames was the product of the several attacks that had been cultivated by the marines, and was now turned against them.

"HA-DA-DA-DAA!!" Dulari shouted, as the flames charged into the icicle wall created by Hailee. The ice began to melt, soaking into the sand underneath. Dulari's first attack had finally met its match, as the flames and ice cancelled each other out becoming nothing but warm and wet sand. "That was anticlimactic.." She giggled, before raising her club.

"I won't let you do as you please!" Milan shouted, as she placed her right hand over her left. Slowly splitting her hands from each other, Milan formed a small force field in her palms. Progressively, the force shield became larger in size and power.

"Oh?? Isn't that an interesting ability?" Dulari chuckled, seemingly invested in her next opponent.

The size of her force field reached an incredible proportion, nearly as big as Dulari. "Giant Psy-Shock!" She chanted, as she launched the force field towards Dulari with phenomenal speed. The speed at which the force field was shot, led to the formation of a massive shock wave.

"Oi Oi, that doesn't look good!" Dulari, as she began to twirl her club. Thrusting it forwards, it would come into direct contact with Milan's shockwave. It wasn't easy to say the least, as Dulari only had a single right arm to block the attack with the her club. "RRRRRR!!!" She growled, finally able to overpower the attack. Hadan!!! (破断 Hadan?, literally meaning "Fracture") She bellowed, as cracks in the air began to appear. The shockwave seemed to be split into multiple fragments, but in reality it was simply repulsed into multiple directions. Milans shockwave had been turned against her, and it was now flowing in every other direction.

Using his fire Julius managed to blow the repulsed shockwave away from the other Marines, though it did take some care as he did not want to hinder any of his other comrades. "This is getting bad" Julius says before diving straight for Dulari while also surrounding Dulari with fire. "Let's see if you have handle this!" Julius shouts before transforming into his full Zoan form, casually dwarfing the Oni. "Sun-Disk" Julius yelled while sending a giant disk shaped mass of pure flames at the Oni. "That should do at least some damage" He says before transforming back to his original human form.

"Tch! Pests." Minamoto complained as he leapt off the floor and with a Swift downward sword swipe he slashed through the flames, extinguishing the attack. The kick back from the slash extinguished the flames that were being used to keep them trapped. "Looks like they didn't want to water any time either." As he landed his eyes darted over to the Oni, "oi, from here on, I'll take them. There's no reason to waste your time or energy with them."

“B-but..Fine, you’re right.” Said Dulari. While hesitant, she gave in to her protégés words. Twirling her club, Dulari would plant the head of it into the ground. “I was getting sleepy anyways..” She yawned, plopping down onto the ground, where she would cross both legs. Now in a lotus position, Dulari lifted her hands from her club, and spectate the eminent battle with her chin in her left palm.

"Alright," Minamoto replied as he walked forward and kept an eye on the Zoan marine in the sky. "Let's see just what these Marines are capable of."

Swiftly Minamoto pulled his arm back and was already stepping forward toward the Marine. With intense speed he followed it up with an frightening quick punch. His eyes being blank and his movements so Swift and precise all factoring into Minamoto's moves being hard to read and predict.

Minamoto without showing any facial or verbal response he had coates his katana with a deep layer of haki and attacked! His blade move in a hauntingly beautiful movement, releasing dozens of powerful black and purple sowed slahses. "Black Sword Style: Silent Waltz"

A series of lasers appeared silently from a far away mountain as each of the slashes were shot out of the sky. Andries had been watching the battle from miles away using his training and devil fruit to remain undetected "No wonder someone as amateurish as Shiny managed to do so well if this is how marines conduct themselves" He said to himself. he said as he changed positions.

Hailee looks at the battle going on and watches the swordsman fight with an elegance and form that attracted Hailee. A swordswoman herself, she unsheathes her rapier, Dominere. She stares at her blade and allows the sun to glint the shiny blade, hopefully to have the swordsman's attention.

Minamoto took a step back and adjusted his stance, his eyes darting around as he analyze, taking in all of his surroundings. "There's a sniper from a distance, at his current position he most likely moved as to limit the chances of being made." His eyes then turned to Hailee, "One swordsman,based on the shape of her sword and the way she holds it is going to be a Swift style. Could be wrong though." He then brought his attention slightly upward, "lastly there's that crow with fire powers. " He spoke to himself internally as he analyzed his foes.

Before he could continue with his internal monologue a massive roar of earth suddenly appeared behind Minamoto's captain! Before the giant palm could and a powerful slash of compressed air was shot out and sliced through the arm!

"There's m-" his thoughts were cut short as he had to block a sudden barrage of rock fists being shot at him from all over! "What the hell?" He groaned before suddenly slamming his sword to the floor and sent a slash through the earth, ripping the floor apart!

Then from the floor below both Arthur and Vladimir rushed into the fray but were blocked by Minamoto's sword! The single pirate shoved the two prominent Marines aside!

"Looks like the rats keep on coming huh?" Minamoto asked as he leered over, locking eyes with Arthur. He then thought to himself, "one of them has the ability to manipulate the earth. They'll be a problem."

”Does she use the strongest paramecia in the world? Milan thought, as she witnessed the cracks traveling through her shockwave. "Dulari! Answer a question!" Milan called out to the Kijin, landing just a few meters in front of the beast.

"Oi Oi, Mina you let this one get pretty close!" Dulari teased, as her body began to vibrate from her inner laughter. "What question do you have marine?" She replied, quite curious on what was about to be asked of her.

"I recommend you take a few steps back." Minamoto said already behind Milan with his sword pointed at the back of her nape. "Sorry to tell you this but if you want to reach her, no matter how many of you annoying shits are, my captain is not to be touched."

Arthur and Vladimir's eyes widened as their eyes couldn't register Minamoto's movements.

"Was he just playing us?" Arthur thought to himself with widened eyes. "That speed is ridiculous. I couldn't keep up with that speed, he's quick and if he's been hiding his speed then what else is he hiding?" Arthur said as he threw away his cigarette. "Holding back isn't an option."

“Arthur are you surprised?” Damocles asked, landing a few inches beside him. “He’s quick yes, but that is nothing parallel to Vice-Admiral Milan.” He explained, pointing his cross to where Minamoto’s blade rested. “Look closer and you can see she placed a protective force field around the back side of her body.”

“You lot handle this arrogant brat. I have business to attend to.” Milan ordered subtlety. She spoke with an almost robotic like tone. It was almost as if her emotions had been drained from her body.

Dulari’s eyes opened, impressed by the blonde marines abilities. “Minamoto, leave this one to me. She can see into the future, something you have not yet obtained.” She demanded.

"Tch!" Minamoto responded while thinking, "Who decided that I didn't have it?" he thought to himself as he lowered his sword and looked over to the rest of the Marines. "So what do the lot of you want to do? Wanna take this else where? Or do you think you can take me here and now?"

From above Julius called out to Minamoto. "I can take you on right here, right now" He says before returning to his human form.

"Do not overlook me as well. I can provide any assistance if necessary." Nasiblu said as he came walking up to the two as he was already starting to shift into his carbon form.

"My personal interest has increased knowing there's a swordsman involved." Hailee says as she then makes a pose with her rapier, "He's cute, but that'll change after this mess." She gives an icy smirk along with the pose.

"Hmph. You are quite the chilling individual and I do not mean that as a pun. I believe it is time for less talk, and more Justice. Carbon Field!" Nasiblu stated he slammed the ground and a wave of carbon stuck up from it as it was making their way toward Minamoto.

"Usually I'm not into the arrogant bastard type of men but then again," Jakuchō sneered, cracking her neck as she punched her fist into her palm, "this is really getting my attention, so best be lucky you're about to get something outta me!"

"Annoying," Minamoto replied to so many threats being flung at him by so many Marines. "Your threats are nothing more but children throwing tantrums." He then swept the floor with a sharp sword slash, sending a powerful pressurized blade of air out! Once it collided the two attacks canceled one another out, sending a back draft at both parties. "Now you should all get serious, before the rest get here."

"Hey Slient Sword! Take this" Julius yells before launching a Haki covered kick towards the swordsman's chest area., at blinding speed.

"Seriously?" Minamoto asked himself as he stepped to his right side and coated his free arm with haki. "I can read his intentions like a book." he thought to himself as his observation haki read both his intentions and flaring emotions clearly. By side stepping and costing his extended free arm with haki he aimed a lariat at his foe's throat, using their own speed and momentum against them.

Thinking on his feet, Julius partially transform into his Zoan form using his wings to at least try and stop his momentum, however because of the speed, he launched himself at Julius continue to speed towards Minamoto, though not as 'graceful' as before. "This is going to end badly" Julius says.

Keeping his feet firmly planted, he swung his extended arm, slamming with great power a lariat directly against his foe's throat. A combination of Minamoto's physical strength, haki and his foes own great speed against him would accumulates to an incredible rough impact. "Next." He said calmly as his foe was launched away from himself.

Back towards the jungle line, Dulari sat calmly. She was curious as to what Milan had to ask of her, and started to becoming rather impatient. “What the hell do you want to ask me Marine?!?!” She demanded.

“Where the hell did you disappear for 13 years? Not only that your crew hasn’t been spotted anywhere? We’re you all just hiding and being dormant for 14 years?” Milan questioned, as stepped closer to the beast.

“You want answers? Fine, I’ll give them to you.” Dulari answered, looking down into the smaller being.

As the rest of the Marines observed, both Arthur and Vladimir walked forward, the duo cracking their knuckles. Arthur's eyes were releasing an intimidating purple light from them meanwhile Vladimir was stretching his legs.

"So my guess was right..." Arthur thought as he kept his eyes locked on Minamoto. "He's confident in his abilities, to the point that he's allowing us to stretch and prepare ourselves. It's not from a "warrior code" either. He's mocking us. As I speak to myself he's letting me stand here and simply think."

"Hey Arthur, think you can give me a cover?" Vladimir asked.

Arthur claps his hands together and a purple energy begins to form around them, "Yeah I figured that was the plan," a large sadistic grin grew on Arthur's face as a clown like figure manifested behimd him with glowing yellow eyes. "Just wait for the moment," Arthur ordered then as he pulled his hands apart a large number of playing cards made form the energy.

Arthur then threw out two of his playing cards directly at Minamoto! The swordsman responded by swiftly dodging the attack, though as he did he saw the cards slice their way through two small boulders. As he dodged he was quickly met with Arthur swinging his scythe at the swordsman.

"He's fast," Minamoto thought before slamming a kick on Arthur's chest sending him back a few steps. The two would continue to swing their blades at one another. Minamoto coated his blade with a deep layer of haki, releasing intense slashes at each other.

"It's like fighting a it's like fighting a stronger version of myself!" Arthur thought as he tried to dodge an attack but was grazed across the chest! "He's maximizing his speed, he's great at hiding his intentions, hell his eyes barely reveal anything."

Though this was what Vladimir was hoping for as he sank and merged into the ground. Large spikes began to rapidly shoot from the ground, each aiming to stab Minamoto and avoiding Arthur.

"Tch! So it was the redhead afterall." Minamoto groaned as he defended and hacked at the spikes before just barely dodging Arthur's followingnit up by firing off the rest of his razor sharp playing cards. "So that's your plan?" Minamoto asked before rapidly swimming his blade to counter both the spikes and the playing cards, needing to use both his Busoshoku and Kenbunshoku haki at the same time to do so.

A tendril made of earth emerged from the floor near each of the surrounding Marines, Vlaidmir spoke from them, "I recommend you all to move carefully if you plan to step in."

"Geppo" Hailee would leap and step into the skies as she used her rokushiki experience into play. "Time to get up and close to you." She smiles as she used soru then and attempted to strike in a fast motion which her sword was held in the octave position as she dashed to hit the abdomen of the swordsman.

"Not bad," Minamoto murmured, planting his feet down firmly, bracing himself before suddenly feeling his legs caught as stone tendrils wrapped around his legs tightly. "Son of a," he cut himself off as he coated his entire body with and immense layer of haki. Raising his hand he caught massive blow from above feeling am immense weight pushing dowm, but her grit his teeth and forced his arm upward! Then raising his sword to block Arthur's attempt to slash his throat. His potent haki was capable of stopping the spikes form the floor, causing them to break upon impact. Meanwhile the attack against his abdomen was reduced as his haki cut the attack power dramatically only barely allowing it to break the skin.

"Tch! Damn it!" Minamoto complained before swinging his elevated arm into Hailee and Arthur sending them a few feet away. He cracked his neck and released his layer of haki. "Alright you shits from here on, I guess I should really want to kill you." He then smiled cheerfully and placed the back of his blade on his shoulder. "Oi, Captain you don't mind if I cut loose right?"

After calibrating from Minamoto's attack, Julius gets back up. "I'm going to kill that little shit" Julius says before rushing back to the battlefield.

"Tsura Tsura: Skadi Sverd (Sword of Skadi)" She says as she then magically lengthens her rapier as ice forms off of the edge of her rapier, forming into a sharp icicle blade that extended her blade by an extra ten feet. "Jotun Slash!" She says as she leaps within range of Minamoto so she could swing her blade. She then swings and slashes with an elegance like a ballerina as the slashes were coming from her swinging over her shoulders, down, and hoping to hit the right side of Minamoto.

Minamoto couldn't help but smirk at the oncoming attacks as he charged forward with a haki claded blade. The speed he demonstrated at this moment easily dwarving any feat he had previously shown. Dodging the skillful movements of the Marine before seemingly subconsciously he dropped his weight, bending backwards just enough to dodge the swinging cross. His eyes now glowing red with Kenbunshoku Haki were batting around all over, recognizing the movements of his foes with pure focus and intensity.

"They're talented there's no denying that." He mumbled to himself as he in a very fluid fashion was already back up and charged toward his enemies, "Black Sword Style: Calavera" he then swung downward on between the Marines and released a powerful wave of power into the ground causing the floor beneath then to cave in and quickly followed with an explosive force outward. "I wonder..." he thought to himself.

As the floor caved in a laser bolt went straight for Minamoto's head followed by several more in quick perfectly timed succession.

Chapter 3: Milan’s Questionnaire!

Standing before the squatting Dulari, Milan crossed her hands across her torso. The silence only intensified, as the sound of fighting in the background littered the air. Turning to face her adversary, Milan cleared her throat to speak.

“The world government thought you were dead.” She spoke, breaking the silence. “Where the hell did you disappear for 14 years?”

“After my defeat at the hands of Dante, I not only lost my left arm..but my reputation and honor as a warrior of the sea.” Dulari answered, exhaling before she continued. “I engaged in a 14 year long, self-actualization journey. I’ve made many new friends, one being that young swordsman Minamoto.”

“How the hell did you crew remain intact without your leadership?” Milan asked, slashing the Kijin with another sharp edged question.

Vipe Lernaetheus is my second-in command. I told her everything she needed to know, and as my First-Mate she’s been orchestrating the crew in my absence.”

“Who are these other friends?!?!” Milan snapped.

“Wouldn’t you love to know, HA-DA-DA-DAAA!” Dulari cackled, as she moved her Kanabø to block the incoming whip of Milan.

“You’re quick! I earnestly wasn’t able to keep up with your movements for a second!” Dulari complimented, as color of armament sparks began to shower the area.

“If you won’t answer any further questions, then there’s no need to keep you alive.” Milan decided rashly, putting away her usual nature. Deep inside Milan knew that this wasn’t the wisest decision, but her knowledge of what Dulari was capable of was put before anything else.

”Hadō Kempō: Funsaihokujo!” Dulari roared, as she pulled back her Kanabō club. Dulari tightened the muscles in her right arm, and began to produced vibrations through the usage of her Hadō Kempō practice. The entire island would soon feel the vibrations radiating from Dulari, as the sand and sea became agitated. Cocking back her massive club, Dulari howled the name of her legendary weapon. ”Sessho-Seki! Allow them to witness your power!” Thrusting forward her club, her arm released the collected vibrations into the club. Channeling through her club, the vibrations emitted in the direction of Milan.

This wasn’t the only thing the Vice-Admiral had to worry herself with, as cracks started to appear in the epicenter of the vibrations. A cataclysmic attack had been unfolded in front of her very eyes, as a combination of vibrations and fractures were projected in every medium. Trees began to fall, and the sand began to fly. Dulari had singled handedly create an earthquake of great magnitude. The island in its entirety had been fractured into pieces.

“What the hell?” Milan yelled, as she was propeled into the gound which started to fracture underneath her. Milan fell onto her side, and was now vicitim to the crumbling ground. The constant vibrations around her disturbed her concentration, leaving her unable to conjure any of her force fields. "Damn it, I can't think straight!" She panicked, using all of her strength to hold onto a nearby trees roots.

"Right!" She agreed, swinging herself and catching the hand of Damocles. He would then pull her up, wrapping his arm around his waist.

"I can focus now. Platform!" She chanted, as a circular platform of her psionic energy appeared undereath the duo. "I'll be fine from here on out! You go to help our subordinates!" Milan ordered, snapping her head into the game.

"Minamoto, I'd advise you hop onto my shoulders. We'll be taking our leave by air." Dulari said, ushering her protege to join her.

Giant Psy-Slash! Milan shouted, as she crossed her arms across her chest. Thrusting them downwards, she'd release two giant slashes of energy towards Minamoto in an effort to split the two further apart.

"Damn it you pest!" Dulari said, leaping into the air to escape from the crumbling ground.

"I must've dropped my whip when I fell, damn it!" Milan moaned, as she peered down at both of her empty hands. "Damn it, damn it!" Milan screamed, as she took off towards her men. "As much as I want to end Dulari here, I need to focus on the lives of the soldiers trusted under me." She thought, prioritizing the lives of her soliders over capturing Dulari and Minamoto.

Milan would soon arrive to solid ground, placing herself infront of the enclosing fractures. "Brace yourselves!"

"Disillusioned Wall!" The Vice-Admiral yelled, as she projected a massive wall infront of her fleet of soldiers. This wall was comrpised of her translucent energy and now the single thing protecting the marines from Dulari's attack.

Following the lead of Milan, Julius uses his devil fruit abilites to create and sustain a wall of fire around the Marines adding another layer of protection to the already powerful wall.

"Imperial Wall!" Nasiblu said as he was already trying to block the recoil of the attack but it wasn't in time for him to take some of the damage leaving some of his body and clothing scratched from the attack. Nasiblu manages to keep his focus despite the damages he has now taken. "The other's attacks sure did helped lessen the blow to some degree. I don't think any of us would've survived if we took that full force.."

"Tsura Tsura: Icicle Pillars!" Hailee helps out Milan, and Julius's wall as she summoned her icicles to the exteriors of the walls being created, that way they're target first before the wall. Now there was a thick line of walls with a thick line of icicles protecting the wall.

"Very wise of you Navy bastards to work together and create a structure that can asborb the damage, rather than risk the beach being destroyed!" Dulari yelled, as her prior fractures rolled through the terrain. Sounds of the ground breaking filled the ears of everyone present on Mt. Vulcan, only growing in size and strength. Once the fractures reached the large wall comprised of fire, ice, carbon and psionic energy, it would cause a massive mushroom cloud explosion.


A debris cloud of gargantuan porportions had consumed the entire island. Dulari was mere meters above the cloud, still floating. Gravity, ones greatest enemy would prove too strong as Dulari could no longer remain afloat in the skies. Her descent began, as she folded her left leg while straghtening the right. Squeezing the muscles in her leg, Dulari began to gather fracturing energy in her leg. She had already thought out her next offensive manuever. "I'll drown the Marines in the sea, and use the backside of the wave to surf away." She thought in her mind, as she countinued to descend upon the human realm. Her body began to collect speed and heat, she transformed into her own meteorite.

Breaking through the cloud, Dulari's velocity would cut through it like a knife and butter. "Ocean Fracture!" Dulari's voice resonated throughout the island, as the cloud was dispered. The collbaration wall from the Marines was destroyed, but it was successfull in stopping Dulari's first attack. She would take no risk and give the Marines no time to regroup, already enacting in her follow up. She'd plummit right infront of Milan, causing a large crator. Milan and Damocles would be knocked back several feet upon Dulari's landing. No fractures could be visablly seen as her attack was meant for the tectonic plates deep in the earth.

Unfolding her other leg, Dulari would raise it into the air. With a single stomp to meet place both her feet together, Dulari's attack was amplified as the entire island began to rumble once more, yet the beach was still intact. Her fractures were released into the soil, as they traveled through the crust of the earth and into the tectonic plates holding the island up. The rumbling ceased, and the tide declined.

A large shadow would soon enshrowd the southern shore of the island, as Dulari's attack had finally formulated. A disgustingly large tsunami was now set on the horizon. The giant wave would gradually grow in size, easily breaking 50 feet in the air. The wave carrased the clouds set above Mt. Vulcan, before they would be defeated by the relentless force known as gravity. The sheer weight of the Tsunami would cause it to roll over and curve towards the ground. It had become a true Tsunami now, as it was deluging towards the ongoing battle, ready to consume all of it's victim's with no remorse of humanlife.

"It's just one thing after another!" Milan cried out, as she pointed her hands upwards, unleashing a protectant force field around the Marines in her radius. "Damocles! Strengthen my force field! Hailee! create a perimeter of ice shards!" The Vice-Admiral ordered, implementing her quick analyize and action features.

"On it!" Hailee shouts, "Tsura Tsura: Haitenner (Shark Teeth)!!" She says as icicle shards blossomed around Hailee and the marines like a bud of flowers.

Arthur was already quick on the move, taking off toward the coast of the island, making a massive leap to land on the deck of a ship. "Shit, shit, shit." He said in an annoyed tone with a face to match. "You've got to be kidding me, just how annoying is this woman going to get?" He continued his charge taking quick and far leaps from one ship to another getting as close to the massive wave as possible.

"I can't use up 'that' one because Kami isn't with us so I can't get any free charges, I guess I'll have to use the ol green one." Arthur then drew his short sword, it began to release a green radioactive light. "Fire won't do much to the wave so all I can do is use more of the gamma blade."

Arthur finally reached the ship furthest from the coast and closest to the tsunami. "Alright, everyone! Get inside and pray to who or whatever you like. Do whatever you want. But don't stay out here and yes that is an order! Every other ship have the order to sail straight, but now this one." He gave his declaration as the men followed the orders and ran back inside the ship. "Can't let them be exposed to this radiation."

"Alright you oversized bastard, come out. Even if you're not giving out all your power, then I'll take all I can get." He said as the massive giant bound in chains appeared again overhead, letting out a loud roar. Arthur tucked his arms back with his eyes locked on the wave. "Wild Beast Style: Tiger Claw!" he swung his swords out releasing an intense wave of compressed air and gamma energy firing off as a sharp spear!

The attack collided against the tsunami! It's sheer power ripped a giant hole through the tsunami, one so large all the ships could easily sail through.

Dulari would rise onto both of her feet, as a wicked smile crawled onto her face. She couldn't be happier. The fruits of her hard labor could finally be beared. Her fracturing prowess has been refined over the years and she's reached a stage in which she has impressed even herself. "I impress myself more and more, each day." She thought to herself, as she lifted her chin and truly soaked in the size of the Tsunami. "Mina! I'd like you to cut a hole in the Tsunsmi so we can take our leave." Dulari ordered, as she glanced over at irritated and shaken up Minanoto.

"You look like shit." Dulari teased.

"YOU JUST CAUSED AN EARTHQUAKE AND TSUNAMI BACK TO BACK ON THIS SMALL ISLAND! WOULD DID YOU EXPECT ME TO BE SLEEPING?!?!?!" Minanoto snapped, as he pointed his sword towards his obivlious captain. "I swear, you will be the death of me. I MEAN WHO CAUSES A TSUNAMI WHEN THEY CAN'T EVEN SWIM?!?!?!"

"Why would I need to swim when you have a perfectly able back to carry me?" Dulari pondered.

"I'D RATHER DROWN!" He yelled again, before turning to face the Tsunami. "Fine, I'll make my way to the Tsunami." He complied, as he began to sprint past the Marines fortifications.

"HELLLLPPPPPPP MEEEE!!!!" Ganshou cried out, as he was tucked under sand and rock debris.

"Huh?" Dulari lowered her head, now glaring down at her feet. "How the hell did you get down there?" Dulari questioned, as she lifted the man from the debris. "How aren't you dead?"

"I'm asking myself the same question." A bloodied Ganshou replied, as he jump out of Dulari's hands and onto his feet.

"I'm not sure who you are or what you're doing here, but if you're kicking these marines asses then your an ally of mine." Ganshou chanted, as the sounds of his seastone cuffs resonated.

"Assuming the reason your in cuffs is because of a devil fruit, which fruit were you unlucky enough to consume." Dulari asked, engaging in a normal conversation whilst the Island was about to be submerged.

"I Ganshou of the Shadow Pirates, consumed the Magu Magu no Mi, making me a magma human." He replied, using theatrics to act out how he uses his powers. "I'm actually in the island building business!"

"Shadow Pirates...Shinzui's lackey?"

"Is that so? Well how would you like to do a job for me?" Dulari replied, with a job offer.

"I'd love to get out of these cuffs and create an island right now! I'm down!" Ganshou replied, eagerly to have his cuffs removed.

"Stay still." Dulari demanded, as she placed her large index and thumb fingers around Ganshou's cuffs. Dulari's body began to glow with a deep purple aura, as her haki began to radiate. She began to channel of her her Color of Armament into her hands, preparing to utilize a technique she's perfected, Interal Destruction. Color of Armament haki has always been Dulari's speciality, wether it be emission, hardening or internal destruction. As they call it in Wano, she was a proficient user of Ryuo, now infusing her Armament haki into Ganshou's handcuffs. Cracks would begin to appear in the cuffs as more of Dulari's haki flowed into them. Snatching the crippled cuffs from Ganshou's wrist. She tossed them upwards, as an explosion would soon follow, causing the beach to rumble once more.

"Wow that blonde bitch actually gave me exploding hand-cuffs???" Ganshou cried.

"Magma man, do me and favor handle that tsunami?" Dulari asked, before pointing towards the giant mass of water.

"With pleasure! Sea of Magma!" Ganshou chanted, as magma began to propel from his palms. The magma would collide with the tsunami, as toxic fumes began to fill the air. The fumes grew thick and large, forming a massive cloud. Dulari could no longer see even directly in front of her. "What a nuisance." She complained, before swiping the air in front of her with her Kanabō. The cloud soon dispersed, now revealing that the entire Tsunami has been harderened into molten rock. The Marine ships were entrapped now by the rock, giving them no room to move.

"Good work, I'm impressed with your skills." Dulari praised, giving Ganshou a thumbs up. "Let's proceed to the shore." Reaching into her kimono, Dulari removed a transponder snail.

puru puru

puru puru

puru puru


"I'm sure you know what needs to be done." Dulari said, speaking to Minanoto as he answered the transponder snail.

Minamoto griped his sword with both hands, raising the hold of the blade to almost his shoulder level before pointing forward, thrusting his sword! "One Hundred And Eight Prayers!" called for his techniques as a coat of haki absorbed his blade before it thrusted into the now stone tsunami. The sheer power of his strike send cracks through the body of the stone, before it suddenly crumbled and broke into countless falling debris.

"Splendid my young padawan." Dulari praised, as she lifted Ganshou up. "You will create a bridge for us to walk across the sea. Please get to work." Dulari ordered, setting him down in front of the sea shore.

"First, I'd like to trap those Marines in that bubble. Magma Geyser! Ganshou chanted, as punched his fist of magma into the ground. Ganshou propelled magma into the ground, manipulating it to curve upwards. Magma would break through the ground surrounding Milan's bubble in a sea of magma. "Cool!" He yelled once more as the Magma quickly cooled, forming a shell around the bunkered marines.

"Perfect." Dulari said, as Ganshou walked over to the sea and began firing magma, starting the bridge they would use to exit.


Buried by the disemembered tsunami turned rock, laid the Marines. Their trapped status would last no longer, as the debris began to rise. No longer capable of staying on top of the dome, formulated by Milan, the rocks were no longer an obstacle. Sunlight beamed onto the sphere, causing many marines to look away. Now freed from their volcanic prison, the marines began to flood from the remnant sand, and onto the cooled magma.

"They've escaped Vice-Admiral." Damocles pointed out, as his finger outlined the large hole formed in the massive wall of rock.

"Worry about them, we shall not. Our soldiers come first." Milan answered, as she began to call for medic squads. The air was tart, as remnants of the poisonous gas created from magma and water danced through their lungs.

"It appears our ships are still intact, but we won't be getting anywhere on them. The entire tsunami was cooled into volcanic rock, meaning Dulari freed Ganshou and took him with her." Milan investigated, placing her palm on her forehead.

"We've lost half of our forces, her attacks were not only massive in strength, but ripe in speed." Damocles said, turning back to face Milan.

"What about the soldiers that Vladimir took underground?" Milan asked, as she looked towards the large beach now comprised of volcanic rock.

A large palm made from bedrock appeared from under the sand and it began to swat away the rocks on the beach. Then as it was cleared the Marines under Vlaidmir's care were shot out only a few feet from the floor, landing safely on the beach.

Vladimir then was seemingly spat out, like a bullet leavening the chamber before suddenly being grabbed by Arthur's grip.

"May have over done it a bit Arthur." Vladimir began before stretching his arms. "Is everyone safe?" He asked rather concern.

"Yeah, yeah," Arthur then fling Vladimir over to the rest of the Marines of Milan's group. "You did good kid."

"Good grief." Milan sighed, as she turned to face all of the commotion made by the stone assimilation man. She became enshrouded in her thoughts, as the failure of her mission began to stain her mind. "I'm not going to live this down." Milan mumbled, as she facepalmed. No matter, Ashigezake knew she couldn't waste anymore of time just pondering on and sulking over the unchangable past. Reaching into her inner suit pocket, Milan removed her Den Den Mushi, ironically donning it's own grey suit and blonde hair. She began to dial a number into the snail, alerting several of the soldiers around her.

"HQ." Milan answered coldly.

"Absolutely!" Milan snapped, as she turned to face Damocles. Their eyes intertwined. Milan's eyes were filled an unorthodox amount of rage. "You know not of what we are truly dealing with! Shichiloh Dulari is not someone..only I-...we can take on. We need backup, regardless of what you think."

puru puru puru puru

puru puru puru puru

puru puru puru puru


At Marine HQ, Admiral Fermi can be seen doing is usual routine of walking around the base. His large cape with the words of "Justice" can be proudly seen. Fermi was happened to be around when the den den mushi was going off and, without hesistation, picks up the snail to answer it.

"This is Admiral Fermi answering from HQ. Who is speaking?" Fermi asked in his very stern and deep voice.

"Vice-Admiral Milan speaking." Milan answered, clearing her throat to begin her explanation.

Fermi listened through Milan's explaination of everything that had transpired during her mission. Fermi only gave a small sigh and shook his head as he then finally fixed his glasses upwards as he prepares to speak once more. "It seems like these pirates don't know when to keep silent. They always jump at the opportunity to make a name for themselves at the expense of others. A shame really. Dulari is just an annoyance. Someone that has been on this planet too long but not as long as another person I do plan on obliterating but that is for another day. Shinzui in particualr is someone that also needs to be dealt with and this is a good time to do it. I've developed some new techiques that can deal with those two and this will be a good time to put them to use. Consider this request for backup accepted, we will be coming there soon." Fermi answered.