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This article, Revolutionary Army, is non-canon and does not affect the storyline in anyway.

The Revolutionary Army is one of the main factions of the world alongside the World Government and Pirates they serve as an major factor inside the one piece world with their goal being to end the World Government in their entirety and liberate the citizens of the world from the chaos and the corruptness the World Government has caused. The Revolutionary Army is infamous for being the organization with the highest bounty in the world because of how much of a threat it is to the World Government. The Revolutionaries have been working in secret at their hideout in the land of samurai Wano Country gathering more allied forces and weapons to face off the World Government lead by their supreme commander Darros and their Chief of Staff Francesco Elio, The Revolutionary Army seems to be almost done with finding enough resources and members to destroy the World Government.



Relationships Among The Members

Base of Operations

The Revolutionaries' base is in the land of samurai Wano Country ,in the current timeline due to the events in the past in where the island of Baltigo was found out by the World Government and other organizations the revolutionaries have decided to switch their main base after Darros became the leader. The Revolutionaries decided to choose the land of Wano as the location of their main base due to it's national border protection and how hard it is for enemies to get into the country. The way the Revolutionary Army went to Wano and claimed it was

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