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The Reza Reza no Mi (Laser Laser Fruit) allows the user to shoot lasers, actually just concentrated heat, at a foe.

Reza Reza no Mi
Japanese Name:
English Name: Laser Laser Fruit
Meaning: the japanese pronounciation of "laser"
First Appearance:
Type: Logia
Eaten by:

Strengths and Weaknesses

Since it is only made of heat, it's weakness is anything cold, such as Aokiji's fruit, or a snowstorm tempo by Nami. And, the fruit has an unknown weakness to Freyja's attacks, possibly due to her Mirror Fruit, or some other technique.

Although it is weak against cold if being hit with it, the lasers can also penetrate cold. Let's just say Aokiji uses Ice Age. If it hits, Loki will be injured severly, but if it misses, Loki can fire heat into the ice and melt it. In a sense, he is Aokiji's weakness. Because of this, Aokiji tends to avoid the "Trickster God" if possible.


The user finds thousands of ingenious ways to use lasers. Or so he claims. Despite knowing that, the only ways shown as of now are combat uses.


  • Reza Ken (レーザー剣, Rēzā Ken, meaning Laser Saber) : Make a lightsaber with several kinds.
  • Konran Reza (バーストレーザー, Konran Rēzā, signifiant en anglais Laser Rafale) : The user draws lasers from his ten fingers.
  • Reza Kansen (レーザ感染, Rēzā Kansen, meaning Laser Infection): Control what is electronic.
  • Furaito Reza (フライトレーザ, Furaito Rēzā, meaning Laser Fly) : Fly with a jet pack underfoot.
  • Rejaju (レーザ銃, Rēzājū, signifiant en anglais Laser Gun) : Blaster with the index.
  • Subete Reza (すべてレーザ, Subete Rēzā, meaning Ever Laser) : Transform everything into laser.
  • Kabeza (壁レーザ, Kabezā, meaning Laser Wall) : Make a laser wall.
  • Reza Denki (レーザ電気, Rēzā Denki, meaning Electrolaser) : Electrocute with lasers.
  • Teikoku Reza (帝国レーザ, Teikoku Rēzā, meaning Imperial Laser): Burst laser blades.
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