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Richard X. O'Grady
birth day
march, 2nd
5'10 10/12
Japanese Name
English Name
Richard X. O'Grady
Straw Hat Pirates, SOLDER(Former)
hair color
eye color
weapon master, pirate, SOLDER(Former)

Richard X. O'Grady was a member of a group SOLDER on the the island of Ragdim. his in battle field code name was Shane Mason


Richard learned how to be a weapon master when 5 from his father telling his dad that he would be the best weapon master ever. when he was young his dad was killed by the Mataikowu and his mother was taken by pirates. so he rased his little brother (Kenny C. O'Grady) all by himself at the age of 10 . when he was 12 he Joined SOLDER to get money to help his brother get money for food and stuff like that.before he could join he had to take where he scored high in navigating, hand to hand, sword fighting, sniping, machine guns, on field thinking, parkour, and acrobatics.when he was part of SOLDER he had to go to alot of warfields and boats and saw all out of bad things for example when he was 14 he was put in charge of navigating a ship and he pick going straight in and attacking or comeing from the side he picked comeing from the side which was a smart choice but the Mataikowu saw it comeing and killed every one on the ship but him, because of the thing he has truble sleeping say himself that sometimes he doesnt sleep at all.when he was 16 he ranked up to first class and in that same year his brother cought a deadly illness and the docters said that he could have a few years or a few days but he could be saved but it was alot of money.Richard tryed his hardest to make money but he wasnt geting any where and at the age of 18 he made 1st class squad leader which meant more money and more hardship

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