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The Rimo Rimo no Mi is a paramecia type fruit that is also known as the Remote Remote Fruit; rimo is short for rimokon which roughly means remote.


Similar to the Mato Mato no Mi, this fruit's power is activated by touching another person with one of the users hands. The user then has remote control over that person with that hand, which can be used to either help or hinder the controlled person. Their are several unique powers that can be used in addition to manipulating the target's actions:

  • Rewind - the target can be taken back to almost any point up to when the user took control. It can undo some injuries and give second chances.
  • Fast forward - gives the target super speed.
  • Slow motion - Everything looks better in slow motion, increases the target's strength and impact but makes them easier to predict and attack.
  • Change channel - Grants a random status effect on the target, good or bad; or may even transform them. Effects last until control is broken or channel is flipped back.


Since people generally only have two hands they can only control at most two people at a time, and only for a range of 100 meters. Control can be broken when either the user or the controlled target are incapacitated. The targets can still think and speak for themselves. Standard devil fruit weaknesses apply.

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