The Ringo Ringo no Mi (Apple Apple Fruit) is a Paramecia Type that allows the user to turn any matter they come into contact with to be molded into highly advanced apples and apple pie weapons and armor. This effect is limitless, and the apples are stronger than steel. The only weaknesses are the standard Devil Fruit weaknesses and being eaten. The apples are edible. The Fruit is purple with a brown stem.

Named Techniques

Appuru Boru (English: Apple Ball)

Apple throws one of his apples.

Idaina Yoroi (English: Great Armor or Viz: Apple Armor)

Apple creates an apple armor to protect himself.

Shokuji no Fukusei (English: Meal Duplication, Viz: Fruit Copy, and Funimation: Apple Clone)

Apple creates a clone of himself made out of apples.

Appuru no Bakudan (English: Apple Bomb)

Apple's most powerful attack, where he summons a huge apple to fall down on his opponent.

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