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Adult Ritoru.

Ritoru Chikara is the friend of Vice Admiral Raifu Rein. Ritoru does not have any Devil Fruit Abilities, but he is a master with Observation Haki and Conqueror's Haki. Ritoru's name means Visual Power because he has a mastery of Observation Haki. He has brown eyes, brown hair, and is 5'11 feet tall. Ritoru is 25 years old. He is good with a firearm. He is also is great with his self-made weapon - the Sodochen. The Sodochen has the sharp edge of a sword in the front, but that is attached to a long chain.


Sodochen 1 (English: Sword Chain One)

He can use it at long range and it is good at decapitating enemies.

Sodochen 2 (English: Sword Chain Two)

By using a small sample of DNA from Admiral Raifu Rein, he can increase the sword in front's size. Doing this makes it harder to carry.

Sodochen 3 (English: Sword Chain Three)

By using more of Admiral Rein's DNA's, he can increase the size even more. This technique has the same weaknesses as Sodochen 2, but to a greater scale.

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