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Rocks Pirates were an infamous crew of Pirates who, according to Monkey D. Garp, ruled the seas before Gol D. Roger rose to power.  It was comprised of members who, after they broke up, became the most famous pirates in the world.  While the crew was comrpised primarily of men, the Captain was a woman who, even by today's standards, is known by many who knew her, including Garp, who chased her, as the most terrifying woman who ever lived.  

Jolly Roger

Crew Members

Member Job on the Crew
Rocks Captain
Edward Newgate/Whitebeard First Mate
Dagu Dagarasu Daiichi Navigator
Kaoru Makoto Helmswoman
Alfhild Zachariah Shipwright
Itakura Sumi Interrogator
Bakkin Unknown
Charlotte Linlin/Big Mom Intelligence Officer
Kaido of the Beasts Lookout 1
"Golden Lion" Shiki Lookout 2
Zeff Chief
Gol D. Roger Cabin Boy

Protected Territories

  1. Fishman Island
  2. Syrup Village

Crew Strength

Relationships Amongst the Crew


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