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Rokushiki is a special, superhuman martial arts style.


"We are far beyond ordinary humans!! Those of us in CP9 have been in training for as long as we can remember. We honed our skills to serve the government and overcome the limits of the human body. We gained six superhuman fighting skills through that training."
— Rob Lucci

Most of the users have their own variation of each technique, to increase their versatility and originality. Also, certain users tend to be more specialized in one technique. Some may focus more on Shigan, Soru, Tekkai, etc.

Rokushiki is the main style of combat for the World Government's secret CP9 agents,[4] but some Marines have also demonstrated its usage. It is unknown exactly how much Rokushiki is spread around the Marines and how widely known techniques are, but it seems the most commonly known technique is Soru.

Outside of the Marines, there are also others who learned the Rokushiki techniques or adapt their principles to create their own, similar techniques.

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