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Rosa, more commonly referred to as Barahyō, is the Captain of the Marine Science Unit.



Abilities & Powers


Early Life


Two decades before the Great Pirate Era, Rosa was born on the a small island in the North Blue to a farm girl named Daniela and brilliant scientist of the Marine Science Unit, Frank N. Stein. Rosa's first few years were relatively peaceful; but after the sudden departure of her father during the young girl's formative years, she was left with his mother as her only family. The two lived rather peaceful lives in a small village along the coast. Much to her mother's joyful astonishment, Rosa seemed to inherit her father's intellect talent for innovation which led Rosa to want to follow in her father's footsteps and become a scientific pioneer. Although they were not wealthy in any way, this didn't prevent her from tinkering with anything she could find to construct her Muñecas, better described as gadgets.

However, five years following Rosa's birth, the village was invaded by some small group of pirates who raped and then killed Daniela. Mired in grief, Rosa developed an ungodly amount of hate for pirates and promised to avenge her mother. She spent the next few years living on her own in the family home, supported by those who survived the siege, and pursuing the scientific knowledge necessary to one day set sail. Rosa studied Although she had gained a great deal of information and comprehension regarding the extended basics of the field, before long it became apparent to the young prodigy that there was only so far she could go while being self-taught. In a stroke of good fortune, her father returned to the village and, after some persuasion, agreed to take her alongside in order to continue her studies.

Joining the Marine Science Unit

Taken to Marineford, Rosa was introduced to the many scientists her father collaborates with including some of the world's greatest and brightest. Over the course of several years, she was introduced to a plethora of knowledge and resources; technology that was, generally speaking, centuries away for most islands was abundantly present in the labs she studied. Although most scientist were initially against sharing the room with a mere child, her inquisitive nature and ability to comprehend information quickly made her an ideal student and collaborator. Her youth and fresh eyes provided different perspectives which were also considered invaluable.

Rosa working on her "muñecas".

Finally her willingness to help in any way possible such as completing the trivial assignments allowed her to serve as a lab assistant while she was broadening her understanding.

During this time, Rosa also pursued her own theories and experiments. Throughout the day, she'd accumulate vast knowledge and help the professionals with their theories, and then at night she'd hypothesize, design, test and record her own experiments which were generally geared towards weapons or items that could empower weapons. Devil Fruit research didn't interest her significantly although there was a fruit that caught her interest early on, the Buki Buki no Mi. In her eyes, the fruit would provide her with limitless testing opportunities, the ability to dive into her desired field, cybernetics, without having to abandon her humanity, and provided her with a route to carry out her promise to get revenge on pirates. Thus, over the years, she developed a plan to acquire the fruit.

Although the Marines value the finalized products, they take little interest in the development of them. Rarely do the scientist get live uncontrolled tests to see if their designs are viable in the field. Under this central concept, Rosa proposed the idea to the Head Scientist, she'd become their tester in the field if she'd be granted the fruit of her choosing. While her father was not a fan of the idea, Rosa had already cemented her independence to her father several year before. With the idea being sound, Rosa proving to incredibly smart and witty, and with her incurring all the risk, the Head Scientist had no choice but to agree to this idea. And thus, at the tender age of fifteen, Rosa consumed the Buki Buki no Mi and became the Marine Science Unit's first ever Captain.

Over the course of the next three years, Rosa would be provided controlled experiments to truly grasp her devil fruit. With her advanced knowledge in weapons, transforming into basic arms like guns, swords and cannons were trivial tasks. However, what she sought was to dive into cybernetics, which required a greater degree of control of her fruit. Fortunately, Rosa didn't have to discover and advance on her own. Whenever she was stuck or needed a new perspective to better formulate the image in her head, she'd approach one of her superiors. Although most of them would sounds quite condescending while aiding her, they were instructed to provide any support they could as she would be doing the same once her mastery is complete. Thus, any speed bump along the way would be mitigated by her self or co-workers which thus enabled her to make remarkable advances in nearly three years time.

Following her three year training and studying montage, Rosa mastered her fruit to a degree that approved her for field testing. Finally she was to act on her dream to avenge her mother. While searching for Daniela's killers was beyond reach, directing her vengeance towards other pirates sufficed. Rosa was deployed in any hotspot where pirates or revolutionaries were involved whether it be in the main four seas or the Grandline. She'd test weapons of various degrees, sometimes offense oriented, other times defensive and on rare occasion, supplementary enhancements to cybernetics. It was recorded that nearly forty percent of test would end in failure but with her devil fruit powers to self-detonate, rarely did it matter to her. She was still gifted with the ability to qualm her hatred even if the weapon failed.

During this period of continuous tests, Rosa also truly established herself among her peers as a revolutionary innovator. Often times, when weapons would fail horrendously, scientists would abandon their ideas. Being an optimist, Rosa would usually pick up their discarded ideas and perfect them, using her time in the field to run additional tests. This singular feat made other scientists jealous and hesitant to work with her. Secondarily, Rosa's side projects would begin to receive the recognition they deserved. Having developed efficient omni-directional movement, efficient energy supplies and advanced weapons, she was no longer the student any longer. Before her experience and lack of time prevented her from standing at equal footing with the rest of the scientists, now she was slowly drifting ahead as real-world applications were easier for her to develop as she possessed real world combat experience.

With success following her nearly everywhere she went, the other scientists grew weary of their arrangement and planned on using her position to their advantage. With the sky region finally cleared for excavation and research and rumors of the world strongest creature setting his sights on the land above, they were hopeful that an excavation assignment would keep her away for at least several years. Thus, many of the scientists approached their superior with the proposal which highlighted potential new resource and weapons and concepts that may be entirely foreign to them. While ambitious, the Head Scientist inevitably agreed to the proposal as he wished to direct his focus onto Seastone weapons, something she couldn't help with due to her devil fruit own weaknesses.

Sky Wars

Shipped off almost immediately following the plan's approval, her instructions were too record as much data as possible and retrieve any unique weapons or resources; a general excavation mission. But unlike previous missions, it didn't have an expected date of return. Additionally, she's usually debriefed before deployment. However, in this specific instance, she was barely made aware of any details regarding her mission. Little did she know the hell she was walking into. Insufficiently relayed to her, nearly forty percent of the White and White-White Sea was conquered by Wukong and turned into an anarchist state. Furthermore, the Marine base the instructions indicated to arrive to was completely annihilated, causing her to fend for herself.

Confident in her own abilities and infuriated by what the Wukong Pirates were doing to the sky inhabitants, as it resembled what happened to her not too long ago, she decided to address the issue head-on and attack the Wukong Pirates. After spending weeks hunting them down, Rosa inevitably found their ship. In a matter of second, it became abundantly clear that there was a vast gap between her and the top tiers. Unable to even land an attack on the World's Strongest Creature, she was nearly executed. Her body was literally torn to shreds; limbs severed, holes throughout her body, blood covering her every inch. Her fruit's abilities were the only thing to keep her alive.

Unbeknownst to Rosa her nearly lifeless body was discovered and retrieved by one of the Five Great Nations of the sky, the nation Zion. Fortunately for Rosa, Zion was the most technologically advanced of the sky islands, and thus could help her recover by officially converting her into a cyborg. However, whether she'd survive or not would be dependent on her will to live as the primary substance they'd use to patch her up is Kuronium; an alloy dependent on Haki to maximize usage. Once the surgery was complete, she'd remain docile for months as her mind struggled to accept what had occurred. After months in a coma, she mentally came to terms with a singular idea:

To endure becoming a monster you have to discard your humanity.

In response to mental acceptance, Rosa developed a dissociate personality disorder where she'd take on a pragmatic, cold, ruthless mentality with the singular objective of slaughtering pirates. The doctors and scientists who completed the surgery initially believed they stripped her of her free will as she resembled an android.

Note: The following twenty years will be significantly abridged as the author has yet to plot the entire arc as it involves numerous characters, storylines and historical points of reference to consider.

Over the course of the next twenty years, Rosa serves as the primary leader of the sky rebellion against the Wukong Pirates. Not retaining the memories of other persona, she act in line with her singular objective of slaughtering pirates. Following her surgery, she joins the Zion military where she is introduced to the new weapons like Dials and resources unique to the region. Her natural talents and abilities allowed her to quickly rise through the ranks and become military leader. However, her abilities were not enough to match the might of the infamous primate mink, and when the war inevitably came to Zion, survivors were forced to flee as the military could not hold them off. This failure kept her darker persona as the primary personality. She needed to improve and her darker persona provided her with an ambition and desire that couldn't be matched.

Rosa and her troops would battle Wukong and his own dozens of times during the two decades; with nearly every battle ending in defeat. Even when victory was achieved, the losses incurred would prevent their side from acknowledging it as a win. But every defeat taught Rosa something new, whether it be about her opponent, herself, the terrain or any other influencing factor. She was accumulating data and making adjustments to improve, pulling on some of her habits from her real personality.

In the end, the many sacrifices made that were made would attest to nothing. The Wukong Pirates would accumulate nearly ninety percent of the skies under the empire. Rosa herself was never able to improve enough to defeat the strongest creature; her might did however allow her to defeat one of the Si Xiang in combat, taking her eye in the process. Be that as it may, the military effort against Wukong had nearly faded into nothingness and the mountain seemed unclimbable. Similar to her childhood, in a stroke of good luck, the Marines were finally acknowledging the threat of Sky Empire and the territory and thus deployed the Marine Science Unit. It is here where she is greeted by a familiar face, her father. Upon seeing her father again, her persona shifted, allowing her to regain the memories of past self. Securing immediate retrieval, Rosa returned home to understand and potentially fix her psyche.

Unclear Justice

Given the amount of intel Rosa could possess on one of the Yonko, the World Government made it a priority to diagnose and heal Rosa. It's here where Rosa personality order is officially diagnosed and even if they stripped her of the trauma that caused the split, her two personalities would not disappear. Thus, it became apparent that Rosa would need to mentally accept her predicament in order to move forward. However, one mental roadblock prevented her from doing so. If her darker persona was supposed to embody her hatred of pirates, then how does she truly feel about them. Naturally, the inquisitive scientist would discover on her own that her negative feelings towards pirates was fundamentally incorrect. She was abundantly aware that being a pirate doesn't equate to being a bad person but her emotions clouded her judgement and caused her to develop raw hate for the idea.

Upon reaching the realization, Rosa came to terms with her psyche. Her time, memories, experiences and persona that she developed in the skies were apart of her now and she wouldn't abandon them. It is here she'd adopt the "Unclear Justice" (どっちつかずの正義 Dotchitsukazu no Seigi) motto as her decisions may vary depending on factors that may be inconsistent to the anyone else. Before returning the Marine Science Unit, Rosa debriefed some of the highest ranking officer in the Marines including Fleet Admiral Heiwa and Vice-Admiral Kiwashi on the intel she attained during her two decade mission. Such information was described as "invaluable" and offered unique perspective on the threat that the two would deem to be the most dangerous in the world in several years. Towards the tail end of their meeting, Heiwa asked if Rosa would fight if called upon, in which she humbly answered "You're damn right I will!".

Reuniting with the Marine Science Unit, Rosa held no grudges against those who sent her away those many years ago, though she would playfully mock them for doing so from time to time. She would introduce the scientist to the many piece of technology and resources she came across through the years. Conversely they'd do the same, having made nearly a century's worth of advancement in nearly two decades time. Rosa was immediately captivated by the Dyna Stones the Marines discovered along a select few islands. Such raw energy, it inspired her upgrade her new system completely, as if she were to fight the good fight, she'd need to better equip herself. Conjoining the information from both the skies and the sea, she'd developed her various Diosas de Destruction models.

During this period, she also worked closely with the Head of the Science Unit on a particular project that could revolutionize combat. Rosa theorized the project would turn the average combatant into a serious threat on any battlefield if the idea was fully realized. With their combined expertise, ample resources and her devil fruit's awakened ability, they made undeniable progress within two years time. The project is still being actively developed.

As foreseen by the Fleet Admiral, the Wukong Pirates would inevitably adopt the too big to fail mentality and declare war against the World Government. With a worldwide draft being held, Rosa knew this was what Heiwa was referring to when she posed the question two years ago and thus she'd stay true to her word and enlist.

Concept & Creation