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Rozu Rozu no Mi
Japanese Name: Rozu Rozu no Mi
English Name: Rose Rose Fruit
First Appearance: ????
Type: Paramecia
Eaten by:

The Rozu Rozu no Mi is a Paramecia typ Devil Fruit that allows Luxia to grow rose tendrils on the ground in a certain area or on herself


The Devil Fruit looks like an oversized green rose hip and grew underneath an entanglement of sharp rose tendrils that hid its characteristic swirls.

Strengths & Weaknesses

The size and number of the tendrils can vary according to the situation. Furthermore Luxia can decide if they are thorned or not. If she uses the Devil Fruit abilities on natural ground, in a forest for example, she can more easily maintain control over a enormous number of tendrils since roses grow best on natural, rank ground. She can control each tendril individually and form different shaps with them and act with more accuracy. Her susceptibility to exposure to her plants is so extended that she manages to grap smallest items and do the most delicate tasks such as playing an instrument for example. Yet due to the fact that they are living plants they are influenced by their environment. If they are created in a polluted atmosphere they start to wither and lose strength. They are also destroyed by fire. Because Luxia becomes some kind of plant herself she has an incredible thirst after a fight. All known common Devil Fruit weaknesses apply to this Devil Fruit as well.

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