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Rumlar Zelgius most commonly referred to by his epithet "Bloodbeard", and renowned as the "Strongest Man in the World", is the Captain of the Bloodbeard Pirates and one of the Yonko ruling over the New World.

Hailing from the Kalinago Tribe, a tribe renowned for its act of cannibalism, Zelgius quickly garnered the epithet as the "Corpse Eater" for his continued practice of the savage act years after leaving his tribe behind. He rules over Totto Land as its King.

Decades ago before the formation of his own crew, Bloodbeard served as an Apprentice for the Redbeard Pirates a notorious crew that challenged the Roger Pirates as one of its core members.




Growing up as a member of the Kalinago tribe and then joining the Thunder-Beast Pirates, Zelgius is ruthless by nature and nurture. He has little regard for human life, embodying the idea that if you're not the predator you are the prey. He has killed enemies, allies, and subordinates on a whim and feels no guilt afterward. Many have noted that he generally lacks the ability to empathize with others and thus, has been labeled as psychopathic.

Although Zelgius has been noted to be a savage and holds little regard for other's well being, Zelgius is both manipulative and strategic. His ruthless nature and lack of sympathy, allows him to conjure up diabolical schemes that most wouldn't consider as they at times put his own allies in jeopardy. Furthermore, his lack of empathy allows him to toy with people's emotions and desires and then exploit them. Zelgius has displayed an affinity for strategy since his youth- waiting for the right moment to ambush ships along with establishing decoys and distractions.

Upon joining the Thunder Beast Pirates, Zelgius has embraced and grown to love the idea of freedom. However, his sense of freedom goes beyond simply being a pirate and venturing out to sea. He has no attachments, abides by no rules, rarely acknowledge his responsibilities; he embodies the concept of freedom. For this reason, he believes he's the most real pirate in the world and refers to others who are attached to certain elements to be posers.


Powers & Abilities

Naturally, Zelgius is a freak of nature. Since his youth, he has displayed outstanding feats that aren't typically natural for an ordinary human. As he's honed his skill, he's broken away from the cloth, competing with the upper echelon of combatants across the globe. His natural capabilities, when utilized in unison with his fruit's powers, have allowed him to earn the worldwide epithet "Strongest Man in the World". A testament to his physical abilities, he has managed to go toe-to-toe with the "Strongest Creature in the World" and fellow Yonko, Donk E. Kong.

While Zelgius primarily relies on his devil fruit as his main form of combat, he has shown great mastery over various fighting styles. Most notably, He has been seen competing against the most skilled of swordsmen while also trading blows with skilled martial artists. His natural abilities, Haki and fruit have allowed him to generally excel in any method of combat he attempts and his naturally perceptive nature allows him to pick things up on the fly.

The myths surrounding him range in various ways, one being how he single-handed walked into a battle between to kingdoms at war and decimated both sides reducing the battlefield into nothing but a scarred wasteland before going on to subdue and takeover both kingdoms for himself, another speaks of him destroying a pirate fleet of nearly one hundred ships in the new world sinking all the with the exception of the main ship which he commandeered as his own personal vessel, to even tales of him walking into a Marine island stronghold that acted prison for various criminals pirates and bandits alike and massacring every marine official there and forcefully subduing the criminals under his banner to provoke the World Government.

Physical Prowess

Zelgius was granted the title of the "strongest man in the world" for his superior physical power, which is far superior to even a giant.

Fighting Style



Devil Fruit

Main article: Dara Dara no Mi

Zelgius consumed the Dara Dara no Mi a Special Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that grants him unprecedented control over blood. (Transform, manipulate and generate) Beyond simply manipulating his own blood to augment his own physical capabilities (strength, speed, recovery, durability, etc), he can generate constructs, harden his blood, manipulate its properties etc. Aching logia, Zelgius can transform into blood to avoid attacks - an ability that is more useful when used in conjunction with his Kenbushoku Haki. Finally, Zelgius has awakened his devil fruit which has allowed him to transform his surround into blood, furthering his abilities significantly.


Further information: Haki

Zelgius is one of the few people who possess the ability to use all three forms of Haki. Although he has a general mastery of all three Haki - capable of using advanced techniques of each of the variants, Bloodbeard is most skillful in his usage of Haoshoku. His mastery of his Haki as enabled him to perform various feats including: through a mere glance which is potent enough to render a large group of people completely unconscious as well as the ability to utilize it as a hypnotic effect forcing his will upon his target rendering them blind to the world which enables him to plant suggestions within their unconscious mind.

Busoshoku Haki

Zelgius is highly versatile in his mastery of his Busoshoku Haki typically keeping the vital sections of his body constantly coated with the near-impenetrable armor that is granted by Busoshoku which allows him to effectively bypass the powers of a Devil Fruit user and touching the "substantial body" beneath whatever protection the fruit provides When combined with his Devil Fruit ability Zelgius abilities with this form of Haki drastically increases with his Haki enhanced strikes becoming far more powerful and deadlier with his opponents now hold the strong possibility of becoming susceptible to his "Blood-Curse". His mastery of his Busoshoku is so grand that he is able to fully imbuing his entire body with it increasing his already immense physical offense and defense well beyond that of even the most superhuman capabilities.

Kenbunshoku Haki

Zelgius having spent most of his youth learning about and how to utilize all aspects of Haki masterfully has trained his Kenbunshoku Haki to near perfection. With Kenbunshoku he is capable of making educated predictions with near accuracy that a large majority of people who have seen him utilize it often perceive him as being clairvoyant. This however in reality this outcome of his haki aligning with his bodily argumentation, something that had previously dramatically enhanced his senses to a superhuman degree. He has trained to such a degree that he can see slightly ahead into the future. He is also able to utilize his Kenbunshoku along with his Devil Fruit to "See" the personal heat signature of a person which also grants him the added ability of "Sensing" others far better than what is typically able by Kenbunshoku Haki.

He is able to feel the presence of all things with his willpower, being capable of utilizing it to feel the world around him on a level most fail to understand to reach. Zelgius himself note's this as a unique form of enlightenment.

Haoshoku Haki

Zelgius is capable of utilizing Haoshoku Haki a vastly rare type of Haki that is possessed by only by one in a million people. He was first known to have utilized this form of haki during his youth where he managed to encounter one of the know controlled islands of the World Government, where he unleashed it upon the inhabitants of the city in retaliation after his cover was blown by one of the many marines stationed upon the island, which resulted in the entirety of the towns and the island feeling the effect further indicating his potent and deadly mastery of this branch of Haki.

It was noted by Zelgius himself that he first awakened this form of Haki at the age of 9, when he unknowingly unleashed it upon a group of pirates who were unfortunate enough to encounter his tribe and try to flee, rendering them as well as the other inhabitants of the area this being his own tribe members and the nearby animals unconscious. He would not utilize Haoshoku again until seven-years later where at the age of 13, he was almost captured by slavers to be sold to a high-status family of Nobel standing. It was while being physically, mentally, and emotionally tortured for the amusement of his would-be captures that he uncontrollably unleashed his Haoshoku Haki, this time in his desperate hunger for survival and freedom as he neared the slaver's ship after they managed to weaken him despite losing the majority of their group to his bizarre and savage strength. As he was to be shackled his will once again manifested outwards exploding and once again knocking all around unconscious where he would kill and consume them.

Following that incident and his recruitment in the Redbeard Pirates, he would travel the world in an attempt to learn about his ability seeking various renowned martial artist throughout the world in an effort to learn the exact name for the phenomenon while also attempting to gain control over this ability, he had never realized he possessed. Eventually, during his travel he would come to learn of Haki and come to the conclusion of himself possessing Haoshoku Haki. In the years following his discovery, Zelgius would learn how to control his Haki eventually mastering it at the age of twenty-eight.

His mastery of his Haki as enabled him to use Haoshoku in a various way such as the ability to direct his Haoshoku Haki, through a mere glance which is potent enough to render a large group of people completely unconscious as well as the ability to utilize it as a hypnotic effect forcing his will upon his target rendering them blind to the world which enables him to plan suggestions within their unconscious mind, this can be used to calm down people and creatures and even causing them to fight alongside him.


Zelgius hails from the Kalinago Tribe, a clan of humans who partake in the vulgar act of cannibalism. They primarily hunt pirates and marines that travel through their waters, ambushing them and then using their meat to feed. Born with unorthodox strength and instinct, Zelgius was a natural hunter and was regarded as the best from an early age. As the years, went on, however, fewer and fewer ships navigated through those seas which left the Kalinago starving during the cold winter. With a kill or be killed mentality, Zelgius feasted on his own tribesmen for survival.

The meat of his brethren only lasted him so long. Fortunately, a ship eventually chartered through his water in which he of course instinctually ambushed it. Little did his knowledge, he was attacking one of the most notorious pirate crews in the world, Thunder-Beast Pirates. Although considered a safety hazard, the crew's captain, Black Sliver, noticed the young man's potential (he's about 15 at this point) and welcomed him as a member of the crew~ stating that'd he'd never have to go hungry again. Being someone who knows true hunger, Zelgius naturally accepted the proposal.

Zelgius spent several years with the Thunder-Beast Pirates. During this time, he not only honed his skills as a combatant but also became notoriously known as the "Corpse Eater". Although the crew was often overshadowed by the Roger Pirates, they were a crew of undeniable strength. Unfortunately, Black Sliver was eventually defeated, leading to the crew's disbandment; in said battle, Zelgius received the scar along his face but outside of that, managed to avoid any grave injuries.

Enjoying the beauty of pirate life along with the accessibility to food, Zelgius inevitably started his own crew under his new alias, Bloodbeard. During this time period, vulgar pirates joined him under the banner of the "Bloodbeard Pirates" as they coasted through the Grandline. Consuming the powerful devil fruit the Dara Dara no Mi and honing his Haki skills, Bloodbeard terrorized nations. Naturally, Bloodbeard had an unspoken rivalry with his former crewmate, Donk E. Kong. While rarely ever dueling, their paralleled success made them victims of constant comparisons.

Eventually making his way to the New World, he colonized the 35 island archipelago of Totto Land. Naturally, the Bloodbeard Pirates made allies along with way, most notably the Pirate Empresses' Undead Pirates, in which he reaped the benefits of having Underworld Allies. Additionally, he managed to subdue some less prominent crews and forced them to serve as subordinates, expanding his military power. Remaining undefeated since his crew's initiation along with defeating and inevitably consuming his opponents, he earned the epithet "Strongest Man of the World".

With his own capabilities, his crew's growing strength, dozens of territories along with allies and subordinate crews, Bloodbeard would eventually become one of the four pirate emperors ~ the Yonko.



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