Rune Edda is a giant from Elbaf and the archeologist of the One-Eyed Pirates.


Edda is a curvaceous, yet muscular giantess. She has sharp, icy blue eyes framed by thick eyebrows and long blond hair, with one braid on each side of her face.

Outside of battle, she wears a dark brown, long-sleeved tunic and brown boots.

In battle, she wears a golden helmet with one white wing on each side. She also wears a blue cape over her regular outfit. Overall, her appearance resembles depictions of a valkyrie.


Like all Giants of Elbaf, she is an honorable warrior in battle.

She is much more serious and modest than Terina, often chastising the latter for her vices. She likes animals, but most of them are unfortunately scared away by her size, leaving her dejected. Owing to the advanced lifespan of her race, she and her lineage have had much opportunity to observe history. She takes a particular interest in weapons like the Meitou.

Abilities and Powers

Archeological Skills

As a giant with a long lifespan, Edda and her ancestry have compiled large amounts of history.

Physical Abilities

As a giant, Edda is extremely powerful.


Edda is a power-type swordswoman capable of destroying mountains with each swing of her sword.


Edda is proficient in Busoshoku and Kenbunshoku Haki.


Edda wields the largest Meitou in the world (name TBA) in her right hand. One of the Saijo O Wazamono, it is completely golden and about as large as her body. She also wears a shield on her left arm.


  • Edda are poems that are the main source of Norse Mythology.
  • Edda's birthday is the same day that Snorri Sturluson, the author of the Prose Edda, died.
  • Runes are letters of ancient Germanic languages.
  • Her epithet Senjou is homonymous to "battlefield" (戦場), but the kanji for "field" (場) is replaced with that of "maiden"(嬢).
  • During an argument between her and Terina, Desmond refused to disclose her measurements but hinted that Terina's were proportionately larger.