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Rusca D. Aubree is an emperor (Not a Yonko Emperor) in the New World that owns several islands herself. She is an elf that lives in a kingdom of rare species. She is also the captain of the Mystic Pirates. She is also known for owning four islands that are mythical in the New World.

She is also a wife of a human king named Maldrid A. Scott, though she is known to bring people to bed besides her husband. She has also been known to bring Scott's older brother,Riven Stryker, who is great friends with Aubree,and is a member of her mystic pirates as a gunner.

Before she led her Mystic Pirates, she was a former member of the Jolly Pirates, who would help her with reuniting her island during a civil war that happened on her homeland.

She is mainly considered by Esposito Dante as one of his allied crews,granting Dante a lot of land and armies.



Aubree is 5' 11" tall, a taller size of a woman.

But she is known for her flowing long red hair. Her hair goes down all the way past her hips. Her hair also covers her elf ears. Which is intentional because she doesn't want to see her elf ears since few elves affected her parents lives negatively and doesn't want to be reminded of that.

She is also known for her great figure. Her well-shaped figure has been known to make men crazy, which she would take some to bed for them.

She has long legs that are usually covered by tannish tights or fishnets.

Her favorite outfit is usually her blue dress. It was a dress that was given to her by her mom, who wore it most of the time. She also loves wearing other blue outfits, like blue bikinis or other blue dresses.


Aubree is married to Maldrid A. Scott, one of the nine kings of Shire-raq. Even though she is an elf, she prefers men and loves men more than elves because of the elven kings in the past that hated on humans. In Shire-raq, she is the ruler of all the nine human kings,three elven kings, and the seven dwarf kings. So if they do something she doesn't like, she will most likely eliminate them and put a new king there.

As ruler of the islands,she is a kind, but fair ruler. She allows anyone to come to the island, as long as they don't come to do trouble. Sometimes,depending who the travellers are, she would request things from them.

As becoming ruler of islands,she wants to make sure the people of islands are not fighting each other. As her homeland has faced civil war,she doesn't want other islands to suffer the same fate of divided souls and destruction across islands. So if she sees an island suffering some sort of civil war,she will be in there to fix it.

Being a former member of the Jolly Pirates, she learned how to be a leader there from her captain and mentor,Roger E. Joel. She would also learn to be happy all the time, especially during tough circumstances. Whenever she fights, she fights with pure confidence and concentration. She also learned to be very strategic

As an elf, she has a love of music,arts,and crafts. She loves making things as a hobby. When she was young, she made a bow and arrows all by herself. She would learn how to play multiple instruments fluently by fellow Babbitts in the Babbit-Village that was nearby her residence. She would also learn to sing by her parents, and became a very good singer according to others. She also loved art, even though she wasn't good with a paint-brush, she loved looking at any pieces of art. That is why whenever she has time, she'll go see a concert or to an art museum. She is also wise like other elves, and it has been shown when she plays chess with her opponents.

Though she is a great person, she has been known to bring men to her bed besides her husband. If you ask her husband, he would say that sometimes there is more than one man in the bed. Most of the time, it is men that she brings to bed. The reason is because she claims that men aren't as wise as elves or dumb as elves. Which is another reason why she like men.

Abilities and Powers

Physical Abilities

As an elf,she can naturally sing well. Usually so well,that it can force a man into sleep. So Aubree can hypnotise someone through singing. She is also a skilled horse-rider,as she can ride with or without a saddle. She is also skilled at treating wounds. She was taught all of this by her mother.

Devil Fruit

As a devil fruit user,she has the Inu Inu no Mi, Model: Arctic Fox. Which gives her the ability to become an arctic fox,both hybridly and fully. The fruit gives her the ability to have an enhanced set of hearing and smell as well as having night vision. This also gives the ability to be even more durable,faster,and endurant. There is also the extra strength given from it,as well as being able to be more stealthy in certain situations. She also can be faster when needed,and have the stamina to keep at a constant rate of speed. She also can deliver a very powerful bite if she needs to. Thanks to her training,she has made it to the point where people can barely see her with her speed and stealth,and can take out opponents fast enough for people to not notice.


She is also known to use haki. She knows all three forms of haki, as she would learn how to use armament and observation haki by her mentor,Roger E. Joel. But while training, she'll find out she has conqueror's haki, which made her the only elf that has conqueror's haki, as haki was new to her homeland except to the wizards that were trained in haki.

As she learned to use haki,she learned to be willful,which is the source of haki,to use one's will as a weapon. So she learned to use her will as haki so she can use it as a weapon. With armament haki,she can protect her body with haki and use it for attacks. She can use observation haki to see her surroundings in battle or see one's strengths before battle. She can use conqueror's haki to make people less willful than her to faint.

All of her haki skills were shown in the battle against the winter witch she fought in Breara. Where she fought the Winter Witch there and killed her at the end of the battle. Aubree would use observation haki to know her opponent's strength,which was pretty high,as she was called a witch for her experience with haki was high. Aubree would armament haki to block off sword slashes from the witch fired from her staff,she would also use armament haki to attack the witch. And finally,she would use Conqueror's haki to make the Witch tired in battle at the end of the battle,where Aubree would kill her then.


Rusca is known to use a bow and arrows that she made herself when she was about eleven or twelve. She has since upgraded it to become even better. The bow is a longbow, and can be used for long ranged attacks. The bow has a recurve on it, and the string is made from elven hair from her mother (elven-hair is known to be the strongest hair known). Her archery skills are known to be some of the best Shire-raq has known, they say she is just as good as the legendary hunter that is in the stories.

She also is a skilled swordswoman. She has most of the elven swords that elves carry in battle. You wouldn't usually see her carrying her swords unless she is going to battle. The swords she would use usually depend on what she needs. If she wants something she can deal damage quickly, her elvish katana works. The elvish katana has a long,curved blade and a very long handle for double-handed use. She also has a double-bladed sword that she would use if combat is all over her and if she thinks the battle will get chaotic. She also when she earned the ruling of Shire-raq, she was given a steel sword that has elvish blue light that runs through the blade, this sword is usually given to elvish lords in the ancient days. She also has a pair of twin swords that she would use sometimes, though it is seldom that she uses it. Finally, she can use Swords that were made by wood-elves, this was given to her when she was in an elven forest that supported her, they also given her a shield that goes with it. The Wood-Elf sword and shield is the one you're most likely going to see her carry besides the elvish katana.



Aubree beginnings are of the interesting type. According to the elven books written in Shire-raq, her mother, an elven princess, was raped by a human prince. Her mother pregnant with a half-breed insulted many elves according to the elvish lords. And just before her birth,the humans would attack the city where the princess would come from and try to help the prince kidnap the princess. In retaliation, the elves would attack a human kingdom and take it over. All of this starting a war in Shire-raq between the elves and humans. They also say that the princess went missing with the child, might've been kidnapped by humans the elves said. And the prince was also missing or killed by elves.

But the elven books weren't accurate, even though they were right about this causing the war between elves and humans on the island. The birth of Aubree was the result of extreme love of a prince and princess. It was just that the elves there don't like to associate themselves with humans, the elves even like to think low of humans in the island.

The prince,Rusca Nikulas, met the elven princess,Rusca Estel, at a banquet that the elves were nice enough to invite the human kings. Nikulas would meet Estel would meet each other while dancing each other,under masks. They would fall in love immediately, they then decided to walk outside of the party and reveal each other from their masks. They would take off their masks, and we're surprised by each other. Estel thought Nikulas was an elf, and Nikulas thought Estel was one of the other human kings' daughters. But they realized that they didn't care what they were, they cared for who they were.

Nikulas and Estel would have a relationship for about a year till things went south. After a year, they decide to hold a secret marriage in the forests setted up by a friar in one of the human kingdoms. The marriage was viewed by no other humans nor elves except by their closest friends, the friar and an elven elder,Estel's maids, and Nikulas's best friend. It was also viewed by the Elms and nearby animals that lived in the forest. After the wedding, the elven elder would award Nikulas with long life so he can be with Estel for a long time. They would celebrate in an abandoned tower together that they thought no one would find out of their presence together there. They ended up taking each other to bed on that night after the wedding.

It turns out one of the Elms that were loyal to the elves would tell the Elven Lords about it. The elven lords were not happy to hear of the news. The elven lords decided to use this to try to eradicate or enslave the humans. So they planned a plot that would make the humans look bad and make the humans and the elves go to war.

About two days after the wedding, they both left to their kingdoms and to their usual lives. Nikulas would go back to being a prince in the human kingdom,Imador. And Estel would go back to the elven kingdom,Ymnas. When Estel came back, the maids and her would welcome her back from the forest. They did say that Estel's dad, an elven king, noticed she was not around for two days, an unusual thing for Estel to do according to her dad. Estel would say to her dad that she was out singing and dancing in the forests and slept in the flowers for the two days. Somehow, her father would believe this till the truth was told to him by the lords. Nikulas would give the excuse that he went hunting for foxes and deer for himself, as he did bring back a deer with him. His parents believed the half-lie. But it was only soon did he realised his kingdom was in danger.

When Estel's father find out the truth from the elven lords, he was really mad. He ordered her daughter and the maids to be imprisoned. Estel's dad tried to break Estel into telling him who she married, but she would never tell. Her dad would then sentence her to life in a dungeon alone. Her dad would think that Estel would be broken in the dungeon and would then tell eventually. She would never tell anyone that she married Nikulas while in the dungeon.

Nikulas would soon hear about Estel was in a dungeon because of their love. His parents would noticed he was troubled after a little while and would ask him what is on his mind. Nikulas would then reveal everything to them, about how he and Estel met and how they were secretly in a relationship and how they got married. Nikulas then tells his parents about Estel being in the dungeon then because of her.

Nikulas's dad decided to take action. He gave his son about 150 willing warriors to help release Estel from her dungeon. His dad said that this would help the humans earn their place with the elves, and help stop discrimination of humans in the island of Shire-raq. Nikulas would thank his dad and leave for the night raid that he planned with his warriors. It was also soon found out that Estel was pregnant in the dungeon according to elven doctors, which made her dad even more angry.

On that night, Nikulas would lead the army of 150 into the raid that would help release Estel. It was to be a stealth raid, but soon became an all out battle in the castle. It would be considered a success, that they came there to release Estel from the dungeon. But it was at the cost of over half of Nikulas's men would be killed in the battle.

After the raid, Nikulas would take Estel to his kingdom, where he deemed thought was safe. Turns out a few days after the raid, Elves would decide to invade the human kingdom of Imador, where Prince Nikulas rules with his dad. During the elven invasion, Estel and Nikulas would run away to the hidden tower that they were at previously during their honeymoon.

The two attacks on each other would start a long war that will happen for a long time. The invasion made by elves would end up nearly eliminating the kingdom itself, the king and queen were slain and was taken over by the elves.

When Estel gave birth, it was an elven daughter that both Nikulas and Estel were happy to have. They would name the baby Aubree, which is elvish for "ruler", which they hoped this baby would rule the island as a kind and non-discriminate ruler. They both would even change the family name to Rusca, which is elvish for "fox".


The hidden tower where they lived,was nearby a Babbitt village known as Babbitson. The Babbitts there wanted nothing to do with the war between elves and humans, so it was convenient that they wouldn't need to worry about a battle coming nearby. Everyday, they would go to the village to enjoy life with the Babbitts there. The Babbitts welcomed the presence of the couple and baby Aubree. Another human in the Babbitt village welcomed them to Babbitson. The human was one of the five wizards in the island of Shire-raq whose name was Sónwuolë. The five wizards that are on the island are humans that are experts in haki, and are the only humans that the elves acknowledge because of the power that these wizards have with haki, which no one else had on the island at the time. They were also given long lives from a spell from the elves.

Sónwuolë lives at the babbitt village of Babbitson and also studies the Babbitts there at the village of Babbitson. Sonwoule welcomed Nikulas and Estel and their baby Aubree to the village. He invited them to live in an empty Babbitt hole (a babbitt house underground that every babbitt has and even Sonwoule has one). The Babbitt hole that he showed to them would be next to Sonwoule, in case they need anything from him, and it was safer than the old tower they were living in.

Nikulas and Estel would say yes to Sónwuolë's offer and would live in the Babbitt hole for most of their lives.

Sónwuolë, as one of the five wizards, or they call The Five Blessings, was well known with the incident that caused Nikulas and Estel. He knew they were royal to-be monarch that are hiding from their fathers, as he was there when each of them were born, and all of the wizards know the royal families and the next of kin in the family. The reason Sónwuolë is helping these two is because he knows of the discrimination between elves and humans, and considers himself lucky to be a wizard who is acknowledge by the elves. And he wants to help end with the discrimination. He is also helping them because he gotten a vision of Aubree would help with the outcome of the civil war for the better.

Aubree's childhood from when she was born to when she was about 12 was her and her family living at Babbitson. It was pretty normal at the most part, with a few major events that would affect her life.

When she was a toddler, about a year old, she would eat the devil fruit that she has now, the inu inu no mi, model: Tenko. She was in one of Sónwuolë's labs in his hole. Nikulas was there having a normal conversation to Sónwuolë, asking about what did Sónwuolë learned about the Babbitts and how he got there. They kept talking and left Aubree in a crib that was there at the lab. When Nikulas and Sónwuolë left the room with Aubree alone, Aubree had gotten curious with some of the things around her in the lab while she was in the crib. She had grabbed this white orange that had blue spirals around it. Like a toddler,she thought of this fruit as something to eat, so she ate it, and she transformed into an anthropomorphic form of the arctic fox.

Sónwuolë and Nikulas would run back to the lab when they heard Aubree cry after she ate the fruit, which tasted very bad like every other devil fruit. They were surprised that they saw Aubree as an arctic fox. Sónwuolë noticed that the eaten devil fruit that was on the floor. Sónwuolë then realized and told Nikulas that she ate a devil fruit. Nikulas thought to himself that Estel would kill him when she finds out. But they both knew that Aubree's life was forever changed because of her eating this fruit.

Despite what Nikulas thought. Estel welcomed their baby that can turn into an arctic fox she said. And they both would forever love their daughter together. The Rusca family were happy together for the majority of their lives. And no other major events would happen until Aubree was about twelve years old.

But in between those times,Aubree was noticing the realities of her land. Sometimes,her parents would take her to merchant villages where they would sometimes grab stuff they need there or sometimes Sónwuolë would send them there on an errand. Sometimes,the family would pass by a battlefield that happened. There Aubree would see dead bodies of elves and humans alike lying on the now blood-stained grass field. She would also pass by houses that were destroyed by either elves or humans. She seen families crying over their loved ones that died in battle.

As every time she left Babitson and seen the destruction outside of her home,she became determined and wanted to fix the island of its problems. She would like to reunite her island in peace. She would always tell her parents about her goals of unifying Shire-raq. It was around the time she was eight when Aubree was told of her pre-birth days. How her father,Nikulas,would save her mother,Estel, and would ran away together,trying to avoid the war. The story only made Aubree more determined to unite the land. She wouldn't know how till someone entered her life years later.

Teenage Years

One day, when Aubree was twelve years old,she and her babbitt friend,Goodenough Theodwin, were running around in Babbitson. They unintentionally ran away from the Babbit village together and were having fun. They were all smiling until they saw a man heavily wounded walking towards them asking for help. The man would fall onto the ground unconscious then.

Aubree and Theo together would try to drag the body to the village of Babbitson. They would then alarm Sónwuolë of the wounded man there. Sónwuolë,Estel, and other babbitts would work together to help heal the wounded man.

Unfortunately, the man succumbed to his wounds and died. Sónwuolë and Estell and Babbitts were going to get ready to bury him when suddenly, he went back to life as a skeleton. The skeleton was then laughing with a smile and was saying thank you to Sónwuolë and Estel who tried to save him. Sónwuolë being a wizard,wanted to know how the skeleton came to life,so Sónwuolë asked some questions.

So the skeleton man would answer the questions. The skeleton man went by the name of Roger E. Joel, he was better known as the Jolly Roger, as he did most of his adventures with a jolly smile they said. Joel is known as an infamous pirate and full of success as a pirate. Lately, he was exploring around the New World until he was attacked by a more powerful group of pirates than his group was. He fell overboard mid-battle by an opponent who was wounding him very badly. It just so happened that he landed on Shire-raq. He was planning to walk to the nearest civilization to get healed until he fell and succumbed to his wounds. Joel explained to Sónwuolë that he ate a devil fruit called the Yomi Yomi no mi which he would be resurrected after his first death.

Sónwuolë would be surprised by this and asked Joel what he planned to do now that he was revived. Joel replied that he would have to wait to see if his Jolly Pirates were still alive and wait till they find him here on Shire-raq.

Joel then noticed Aubree there listening to them. Joel took a look at Aubree and noticed that she was in her anthropomorphic mode. Joel then asks Aubree if she eaten a devil fruit, which she said yes to and explained it to him by what her parents told her. Joel would then become interested in Aubree and her devil fruit, he would also ask her if she ever perfected the fruit, which Aubree would reply no. Joel would then offer Aubree to be trained by Joel for the time being until the Jolly Pirates would find him. Aubree would say yes when her parents would allow Aubree to do it.

Aubree would be trained by Joel to perfect her devil fruit,which took only took about a year. But what became major during her time training,was that she was a user of conqueror's haki. One day,while Joel was training Aubree in the woods. Some racist elves came by and asked why an elf was with a human. Joel said to them that he was training Aubree. They didn't know what Joel meant by that and decided to try to attack Joel. Joel was outnumbered by the elven group fifteen to one, and they were about to seriously kill his second life until Aubree unknowingly sended a wave of conqueror's haki at the elves. The elves fainted once she released it. Joel was in shock when he saw Aubree releasing that wave. She didn't know what that was,and Joel explained it to her while they went back home to Babitson.

When they came back,Joel would tell this to Sónwuolë. Sónwuolë would then decide to help train Aubree on haki, since he was knowledged in haki. Sónwuolë would then train Aubree on armament and observation haki as he is very skilled in. Sónwuolë and Joel would work together to teach Aubree on how to use haki with her devil fruit. When it came to conqueror's haki,it wouldn't be until Aubree was about 18 when she fully mastered conqueror's haki, when she found a user of it.

One day, Joel's ship would arrive on Shire-raq. So he would leave to be with his Jolly Pirates. As he was hopping on board that Aubree asked to join the Jolly Pirates, she would have so much inspiration from Joel that she wanted to travel around the world to learn about her conqueror's haki and her parents told her that she should become a difference to the island of Shire-raq, but she couldn't save her island at the state she was in, she needed to grow stronger,so she wanted to join.

Joel would accept her into the Jolly Pirates. He even said that once Aubree thinks she's ready to reunite her island,the Jolly Pirates would fight by her side. So Aubree would join the Jolly Pirates to become stronger and help others. She wouldn't be back on the island until two years later.

Formation of the Mystic Pirates

When Aubree was introduced into the jolly pirates,she had a choice of becoming a permanent member of creating a subordinate crew, which she chose to create her own crew. It was a long time when she made a formidable crew,which went mostly like:.

Her first member she recruited was a cowboy by the name of Riven Stryker.Stryker is a swordsman as well as a gunslinger, and has a girlfriend as a partner named Akane. Stryker was also a former member of the famous gunslinging group called the Magnificent Seven, as he resigned his position to join Aubree because Aubree saved Stryker's life when marines were about to hang him. Aubree was able to convince Stryker by showing off her abilities and proved as a powerful opponent. Aubree was 14 when she recruited Stryker and Akine,which Stryker was 19 at the time and Akine was 18.

Her next members would come from her first island conquering. She would conquer the island called Breara. The island was a spring island but was masked as a winter island by this winter witch. The winter witch was called that for her skill in haki,and her devil fruit,which gave her the ability to summon specifically winter weather wherever she wanted the weather at. So Aubree,Stryker,and Riven, as powerful as they were, were able to defend themselves and attack some in the beginning,but soon realized they are going to need more people.

As Aubree conquered the island, she gained most of her crew there,like a centaur named Inkheart. Inkheart was the daughter of a famous centaur general that was leading the rebellion against the winter witch. And with her dad's permission,she joined the Mystic Pirates as a cook as well as a swordswoman, as she was taught to cook and fight from her dad.

Aubree also gained twin minotaurs who became the shipwrights,Hela and Ivankia. They were prisoners of the winter witch,till a battle in the prison that was led by Aubree would soon free them. And they felt like they owed a debt for life, so they joined the Mystic Pirates.

After conquering the island of Breara, Aubree would recruit a giant mermaid named Aerwyna and a water nymph named Frozenswirl. They both were friends and wanted to help Aubree by giving her their knowledge of the oceans. So Aubree recruited Frozenswirl as a navigator and Aerwyna became first mate as she became great friends with Aubree.

Aubree would get her last main member back at her homeland because after taking over Breara, she thought it was time to take over and reunite her homeland,Shire-raq. She would recruit her great babbitt friend,Goodenough Theodwin, as a medic for the crew, as Theodwin had a knack for medical herbs and flowers and other medical related topics.

Rise To Power

Her first ever island she took over was the island of Breara, which is a mythological island,like the home she is from. She took over this island at the age of 16,while she started taking over the island at the age of 14. She took over the island of Breara because the people there were tired of the winter witch who was deemed as Queen Bertha, who was controlling them there. And with an army of rebels,she led the rebels to victory. She even met the leader of the rebels, which was a lion that the people of Breara worship as a god now. The lion was even a user of haoshoku haki, and his name was Leonidas. With the lion as a haoshoku haki user, he taught Aubree how to use haoshoku haki within her time there. And she was able to master haoshoku haki at the age of 15 through intense training brought by Leonidas and during the battle against the winter witch, which Aubree would slay the witch. After defeating the witch,Leonidas was expected to take control, but he gave control to Aubree seeing that Aubree would be more neutral in matters since he is from the island, but it didn't stop the people from considering him a god because of his power. Aubree then gave four humans, 2 men and 2 women, the title to rule the land, while she will be watching over the four, making sure that the people are happy with the kings and queens.

After taking over Breara, Aubree, and most of her crew that was created there, went back to her homeland,Shire-raq, to fix the civil war issue that has been going on since her birth. When she got back there, The Five Blessings would welcome her with all of the wizards there together. The Five Blessings would tell her the news of what she missed, as she was 16 at the time and about two or three years have passed since she left. She was happy to be told that an army of soldiers are there waiting for her to stop the war. The army was considered to be the most diverse army in Shire-raq, as dwarves,elves,humans, and other species alike were there that were tired of the war that the elves and the humans created.

For another 2 years, she would lead the army as a third party in the war that would slowly overcome the top forces of the elves and the humans. Then one day, the elves and humans would surrender to the likes of Aubree. The people were happy that finally the war was over that caused destruction for nearly 20 years.

After the elves and humans surrendering, Aubree established a plan,three elves,seven dwarves, and nine humans were given the position of king to watch over each of their respected districts on the island. And Aubree would be in charge of all of the kings, making sure that the kings are doing what the people want.

After fixing her civil war issue at the age of 18. She and her crew, the Mystic Pirates, left off on other journeys and have adventures. She also requested to leave the Jolly Pirates so she can have her own adventures,which Joel would allow.

Soon, at the age of 26, Aubree would take over the island called Condorar, an island filled with people that know how to use observation and armament haki. The people there call themselves wizards, and even teach the kids about haki. The island was being controlled by a skink-human hybrid. The skink-human hybrid was a human that had a snake-liked face. The hybrid's name was Shaitan, the name given to him for his monstrous and devil-like looks. Shaitan was going crazy and soon becoming insane and started to do mad experiments that the people didn't appreciate, and he soon became the leader of the island by killing the king in a battle and made everyone live in his fear.

Soon,Shaitan had to fall to the fear of Aubree as she stopped Shaitan and his gruesome rule of the island. She even showed the island the head of Shaitan as she cutted of his head during battle. Aubree rules this island at the age of 26.

After that, at the age of 32, she takes over the island called Qawhoize. Qawhoize is a group of seven islands that kept wanting to split from each other, and have been fighting each other for many years. Aubree noticed the damage of the war, and the people that were tired of the war. So she and her crew decided to take down all of the seven islands by themselves. Which they were able to do since of their further training and increased experience over time. They were able to wipe out the island leaders and their armies within 3 weeks. After taking them down,she made a new set of kings and queens for the islands. She reunited the island under her watch, with many people grateful for her stopping the war and even happier that she will watch them.

Lately,Aubree had taken over the island called Krusatha. The island was full of Werewolves and Vampires that were fighting each other for dominance on the island. The war between the two species had been going on for generations. Aubree would talk to some of the locals that watch the fight. Most of them were willing to have peace for their island. So Aubree forced the king of the werewolves and the king of the vampires to congregate with her after she setted an example of herself when attacking the two armies herself. After some discussion and a spanking and slapping from Aubree,Aubree declared herself the ruler of the island. Which people were happy she was able to fix generations of war and were happy she became ruler of the land.

Personal Life

After ending the civil war in her home Shire-raq, she married one of the kings that she selected named Maldrid A. Scott. Scott was one of the commanders of the army Aubree led. Aubree and Scott were deeply in love with each other during the war, but wouldn't admit it till after the war. And after the war, they would date each other and would soon get married three years later when Aubree was at the age of 21.


Shire-raq - her homeland which she would reunite after a civil war.

Condorar - an island full of wizards that she would take down when she heard about an evil wizard that needed taken down there.

Qawhoize - a nation that she reunited 7 islands after war from each other since the islands wouldn't agree to reunite themselves.

Breara - the biggest nation she rules, about 6 million people live in this mythical island, she conquered it after taking out an evil witch there and everyone giving her the throne.

Krusatha - an island of Werewolves and Vampires,Aubree conquers it after slapping the king of the werewolves and the king of the vampires. The two species were warring each other for years. So Aubree stops them and unites the island in peace.




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