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The Ryu Ryu No Mi, Model: Isutandoragon is a Mythical Type Zoan Fruit that gives the user the ability to turn into Isutandoragon , A Eastern Blue Dragon that is known as the strongest Dragon it was eaten by Damon D. Crow. The Devil Fruit has many forms Lightning Dragon it's basic form , Lightning Dragon King it's second form , Emperor Lightning Dragon it's third form and it's final form The God Chrono.


Crow turns into a giant dragon whose body is invincible and sharp claws able to cut through Sea Stone and Fangs that can cut through a Diamond. Lightning courses his veins and gives him amazing speed despite his big body.

Abilities and Skills

The Main ability of this form is Lightning he can use the same power of the rumble rumble fruit but each attack has way more power. This dragon can control any type of lightning even thunder it has Limitless Lightning stored so he never runs out and it can transform into lightning just to avoid attacks. This dragon has control over any type of Lightning Holy Lightning , Black Lightning , Space Lightning and Many more. 

(Lightning Obliteration): Crow sends a blast of lightning from his mouth that destroys islands.

(Black Lightning): This move sends black lightning down from the heavens that creates a Explosion the size of a nuclear bomb.

(Baraq Saiqa): Lightning made in the shape of a sword that nearly killed an Entire Animal System

(Seven Lightning Dragons): A Move that sends out seven dragon each from a different color that can destroy a Marine HQ.

(The God Of Destruction): Crow can send out a storm of Lightning that increases each second it is created it could eventually destroyed the world if left out to long


  • (Lightning Dragon King): A Form that increases crow's strength and power by 5 times it even grants him a crown that was made of Dragon Bones.
  • (Emperor Lightning Dragon): A Form that changes Crow's Lightning Dragon King into something far greater it gives him  
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