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The Ryu Ryu no Mi, Model: Saxon Dragon is a Mythical Zoan-type Devil Fruit that allows the user to transform into a Saxon Dragon hybrid and a full Saxon Dragon at will. It was eaten by Esposito Giorno.


Strengths and Weaknesses

The mythical ability of this devil fruit is that it gives Giorno the geokinetic ability to manipulate earth and rock in all their various natural forms. The most standard use of this mythical ability is that it allows Gio to levitate earth from the ground of varying sizes. He can then send them flying to slam into foes. Though he can also use this to pull up earth to protect himself from oncoming attacks such as making a wall of earth or simply pulling nearby stones to block an attack.

A more advanced use of his mythical ability to compress large chunks of rock into smaller, denser chunks, or to compress several smaller chunks into one big piece of rock. Gio has been able to compress three large boulders into a Cannon ball sized clump and sends it through fifteen trees and five buildings. Even some giants that Gio has faced have struggled to stop this attack after it's gained momentum.

For a much stealthier form of travel, Gio can add a layer of earth under his feet to levitate off the ground to eliminate his footsteps and the sound they'd make by simply levitating just above the ground. Not just that but can manipulate rocks from a distance and have it make some sound to pull the target's attention and then ambush them. He also couples this along with a technique to cause a pit trap to form suddenly and sink a target in the ground leaving only their heads out.


Giorno is able to use this fruit to enhance his physical capabilities to a high level thanks to the qualities of the mythical beast, a dragon. He can easily use this fruit when in the line of combat in direct combat. His fruit in both it's hybrid and full beast form gives him incredibly tough scales which are excellent for an increase in his defense and endurance capabilities. They're so durable that staffs, axes and swords have broken or shattered all together when clashing against his scales.

While in his hybrid form his Sword Style is greatly enhanced as his sword swings alone gain a huge boost in physical strength. As a prodigy swordsman, he is able to fuse together his sword techniques into his wings and claws creating powerful attacks onto his enemies. He'd even created his own Swordstyle from what he's been taught by his father, naming it Tatsu Sword Style. He's been seen using his long claws, razor sharp wing, and even his long tail.

Giorno is very skilled with his fruit's ability as he can dismantle a wall and walk right through before putting it back together as though he never manipulated it. This makes him key in infiltration as so long as the earth is within his range he can bring down any earth based fortresses. This allows him to easily allow his forces to advance through countless walls meant to keep them out. In one on one combat, Giorno can alter the ground beneath others to move them out of their way or disrupt their footing and stance in order to throw them off in order to counter and manipulate his enemies. The sudden movement can be disorienting to the target which Giorno is more than able to capitalize on.



Being the youngest of the quadruplets, Giorno always felt left out seeing his older siblings having already obtained their Devil Fruits and from their toddler years and he hadn't. While he was highly skilled in swordsmanship, deep down he felt that it wasn’t enough to keep up to par with them. This was seen when Bella would receive training from her mother while his brothers were given special training by their father.

One day when he was five, out of anger and frustration, Gio ran away from their ship on an island they were docked on while everyone was asleep, only to find himself lost in the woods. As minutes went to hours, he started to become upset and hungry when he encountered a white looking fruit that captured his attention. Out of sheer curiosity, Gio picked up the fruit and despite the taste, he managed to eat the entire fruit. After consuming the fruit, he began to feel different before he started to grow wings and claws causing him to freak out. He would then be found by his mother Feuer and would discover that Gio ate a Devil Fruit much to her shock.

Soon after Feuer found him, Dante found and hugged Gio despite initially attacking him in his state of shock. Yet Dante refused to let his grip go and kept hugging his son. Soon after the natural aggression of his devil fruit synergized with his feelings of frustration and caused him to turn into his full beast form and despite his short rampage and attacks at Dante, his father refused to leave his son's side and refused to harm the young one, which eventually caught Gio's attention. Seeing his father take the constant attacks, taking the pain, and still smiling with his arms out, causing him to shrink back to normal and fall into tears, realizing the destruction and pain he's caused, only to have Dante hug him again. Dante asked for forgiveness for his faults as a father and Gio asked for forgiveness for attacking his father.