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The Ryu Ryu no Mi, Model: Vietnamese Dragon is a Mythical Zoan-type Devil Fruit that allows the user to transform into a large vietnmaese dragon at will. After awakening these powers, the user will actually become a dragon. It was eaten by Thăng Long D. Yang when given to him at a young age by his father, Thăng Long D. Pangu, after being lucky enough to choose it.[1]


  • Ryu means "Dragon" in Japanese.
  • In English, this fruit is called the Dragon-Dragon Fruit, Model: Vietnamese Dragon.


The Ryu Ryu no Mi, Model: Vietnamese Dragon is a pear-shaped fruit that is mainly white in color with a green stem. It also has a "tail" resembling a dragon's.

Strength and Weaknesses


One of the biggest strengths of this fruit is that the user is allowed to transform into a massive dragon at will. The size doesn't seem to matter to how tall the regular user as is Yang, when young, was able to transform into a large dragon that towered above Chau. The user has increased strength and access to large fangs, long tail claws, and a fire breath. This is especially useful when the user shifts into the hybrid form where they will gain a massive amount of buffs to their fighting style. This form is strong enough to casually break through buildings and the fire breath is hot enough to evaporate a small lake.

Another advantage is the user gains access to flight. When with enough control, the user can fly even without needing to transform which was shown with Yang flying around in his normal form. When fully transformed, the user is large enough to carry many people and things on their back. The user is able to fly as high over the clouds and can maintain flight as long they are in control. This makes this fruit useful as the user can fly safely across the water.

Another unique function of this fruit is that the user summons a heavy rainfall upon their transformation into a full dragon. This was often used back in Chau where Yang will transform into a full dragon in order to bring rain fall shall Chau not experience any for awhile. The rain doesn't last too long as the longest it lasted was a whole day. After awakening his powers and training more with this fruit, the user can now summon powerful thunderstorms that can last for weeks.



Yang displays a lot physical usage with these powers. Yang often uses the flying side-effect of his powers in order to fly around in his regular Mink form and goes into his hybrid form to gain massive strength.


"I'll admit I was confused by the concept of "Awakening' at first but once I was able to do so, it's pretty amazing! My body feels fully adjusted to my dragon powers to the point I do feel like I am a dragon now. I can stay in my form whenever I want and I have better control on how I shift into my forms. And my fire breath is a lot stronger and I can even summon thunderstorms now! And I don't get as tired as easily so good luck trying to take me down now!"
—Yang explaining how he awakened his powers.


  • This Devil Fruit is considered "ironic" for Yang as he is a tiger that can transform into a dragon. In Chinese mythology, tigers and dragons are considered fierce rivals.
  • The fruit resembling a pear is a reference to the pears being one of the most prized fruits in China.


  1. The Tiger Dragon of Chau: Yang is given the fruit at a young age by Pangu.
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