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Ryuka Hanichi

Ryuka Hanichi

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Ryuka Hanichi is the son of Kaien Hanichi and Kallen Hanichi one of the youngest members of the Imperial Dragon Pirates to join after the death of his mother. After his father established an empire out of several islands Ryuka would take the title as the Dragon Emperor one day in the future. His bounty isBsymbol212,000,000 after his heritage was public.



Ryuka shows a kindhearted personality and a strong will of a warrior after the death of his mother, he would not attack anyone who are weak and defenceless but will protect them if they are in danger. Promising his father and to himself that he would not let anyone feel the same pain as he had as a child. In action he would act very serious when facing opponents who are strong and not waste his strenght on weaker foes.

Abilities and Powers



Ōkina Washi no tsume (Great Eagle's talons

Ōkina Washi no tsume

Ryuka is a skilled samurai warrior and uses two katana swords, mostly uses two if the fight gets more serious or interesting.

Ōkina Washi no tsume

The Ōkina Washi no tsume is a nodachi sword that is his secondary weapon and used for powerful attacks.




Imperial Dragon Pirates


Wraith Pirates

World Government

Showing no love to the World Government of how they rule over many countries through corruption and fear on others, using the so-called 'Justice' as a justification and even allow slavery to continue after what happened to his mother.


Early life

Ryuka was born after his father, Kaien went out on his journey and raised by his mother, Kallen for seven years after his birth, he was excited to meet his father for the first time after hearing stories about him but suddenly the ship he and his mother were on were attacked by raiders, sparing him by of capture before she was takened away. Grabbing a debris from the half sunken ship he was found by the Imperial Dragon and explained what happened, beggint he captain to save his mother. When asked of his name Ryuka learned that the captain who saved him was his father that he long waited.

Joining the Imperial Dragons

After waiting for their return for many days, Ryuka finally saw their ship and ran straight towards his father and horrified to discover that his mother had passed on. On the bring of tears he was told by his father that Kallen wanted him to be strong as his father and cared by him to make up the times he missed, accepted and wanted to be a strong swordsman and pirate like Ryuka to begin his goal stopping the curroption that spreads accross the world.

Few years afterwords Ryuka joined the crew and already reached the high ranks from the serious training of many top crew members.

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