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’’’Sōji’’’ (宗次 Sōji?, ’’lit. meaning “General administer”’’) is the first mate and cook of the Rōshigumi Pirates. He like his captain is a ronin from Wano and is known for the murder of his own master.



Sōji is a dark-haired boy with equally dark eyes. He is well-muscled, although very thin. He wears a black and maroon Samurai-esque garb with an orange cloth tied around his waist, black straw and wooden sandals all of which were given to him by his now deceased Master. He has fairly average human height standing just an inch or two shorter than his captain.

Most of his attire tends to follow this look, a very low maintenance and humble look. Though each of these outfits come with some type of accessory that allows him to hold his swords off of.


Abilities & Powers

Physical Prowess


Busoshoku Haki



Umi to chikyū no ken (海と地球の剣 Sea and Earth Sword?): A sword style developed around the two swords Sōji )and other practitioners) carry. It focuses around the user to hold steady with their defensive skills until their ground before delivering flurry of attacks and decimate an enemy. It gained its namesake for "The user must be solid and sturdy like the earth, then strike with speed like water crashing into land".

Soji's swordsmanship.gif


  • Squared light (二乗ライト Squared light?): After analyzing and blocking an opponents attack or simply finding an opening that the enemy left, by drawing his sword to the right. The first hit is a horizontal swing from right to left. The sword then bounces back, and after an instant of being held still at Sōji's left side, another horizontal swing from left to right is executed. The force of this blow sends his body spinning clockwise, with the sword ending up at Sōji's left flank and unleashing a third horizontal strike from left to right. It's finished with a forehand strike from the right. The four swings draws a square of light that expands outward after completion.


Early Life

Sōji was trained and raised by his nameless sensei who he only referred to as master (never knowing his real name) in a small rundown dojo in the coldest, most isolated part of the Ringo region of Wano. While growing up there he had an older childhood friend Kito whom he considered as an brother. The two were always together at the dojo, training, eating, doing chores. Sadly, at the age of ten Sōji found Kito was cut down and killed in cold blood, his body being found in a pool of blood. Sensei explained it was a Ronin (masterless samurai) that cut down Kito the night before.

The death of his older sibling figure was devastating and made Sōji much colder and reserved, making him dedicate every fiber in his being to grow in his sword skills, aiming to one day find the ronin that killed Kito and avenge him.

Cold Snow, Cold Blood

On the day of his sixteenth birthday, Sōji was approached by Sensei, who said Sōji was close to officially 'Graduating' his lessons as he had taught Sōji almost everything he had. He offered the young man a chance to serve the dimyo of Ringo, with Sōji declining the offer with ease as he only dreams of finding the murderer of his brother.

That same night Sōji exited his room to find a man dressed in black, wearing a large kasa hat swung their sword at the sleepy young man! Sōji managed to evade the man dressed in black, reaching his two swords do defend and fight the man. Qucikly though he realized the man somehow knew how to block and counter any attack Sōji threw at him. While shocking at first, Sōji grew frustrated because he slowly realized the man's attacks were becoming eerily familiar.

It was revealed that the man was in fact Sensei. He explained this was the 'graduation' of the sword style, it was to kill their master, with Sōji being the youngest ever candidate to graduate. This was what lead to Kiko's death. In a fit of rage Sōji put every fiber in his being in the fight against his master, with him relying on pure emotion and skill to win. with pure luck, he managed to kill his sensei, leaving him dying with a smile on his face, stating "You are now a ronin...you've graduated, my wasted pupil."

Ronin of Ringo

He realized why the dojo was set so far way and isolated. It was meant to prevent anyone from knowing of the constant crime of student killing master for the graduation ceremony. From there Sōji set the dojo on fire, leaving and not turning back from then on. He would wander all over the cold, snow covered region looking for some type of purpose or for someone to cut him down, allowing the swordstyle to die with him.

By the end of the year, he had gained the title of Ronin of Ringo (木の子 Masterless Samurai of Ringo?) for his wandering and leaving a trail of blood behind him. He failed to find anyone actually capable of cutting him dead.

Take My Hand!

On the day of his seventeenth birthday, Sōji was headed towards the borders of Ringo, was headed towards Kuri. When he finally reached the bridge which connects the two regions together, another swordsman (and Ronin). After the two exchanged words, they quickly resorted to having a duel! The crimson haired swordsman was more than able to keep up with Sōji despite his "lack of technique". At the climax of the battle Sōji slipped on spilled blood and out of fear and instinct stabbed his sword forward to prevent being attacked. Only to see the opposing Ronin extended his hand out being met with Sōji's sword in his abdomen.

The red haired Ronin said "You slipped, are you okay?" Showing how honorable he was, having no intention of striking an opponent down when they leave themselves so vulnerable. After that the ronin pulled the sword out of himself and asked if Sōji wished to continue the battle, with the two deciding to leave things as a draw. After talking and treating their own wounds the ronin disclosed his name, calling himself Musashi. After heaing the ideals and dreams Musashi had, Sōji realized that he wanted to follow the red haired ronin from then on, both now aiming to leave their homeland of Wano to become a pirate crew.

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