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Sage Pirates were an infamous crew of pirates who sailed the seas more roughly 60 years before the current storyline.  They formed on Pirate Island, and were one of the three biggest pirate crews of that era, along with the Davey Jones Pirates and the Triple D Pirates.  They were led by Rocks D. Sage, the greatest martial artist in the world, known as the Great Sage Fist.  Many of his crew members would go on to become famous, powrful pirates in the later years, such as Charlotte Linlin, also known as Big Mom, Edward Newgate, also known as Whitebeard, Kaido, and Shiki, also known as The Golden Lion.  His first mate was Jeddidiah Kawakami, the greatest swordsman in the world at that time.  He had a daughter, known as Rocks D. Xebec, who would become his successor after his death and an incredibly famous pirate in her own right, possibly even more so; today, she's known simply as Shakki to remain under the Marines' radar.  

Jolly Roger

Crew Members

Inner Circle

12 Deadly Fists

10 Mythical Spellcasters

8 Celestial Blades

5 Terrifying Dragonriders

4 Demonic Beasts


Protected Territories

Crew Strength



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