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Salazar Poveglia also known as "Disease Queen", is the captain of the Piccolo Sepente and works between the Marines and the Guns n' Coffee group as their doctor.


Salazar Poveglia is a tall, slim, olive-skinned snake neck with dirty blonde hair. She is often a black long skirt suit that hugged her body nicely and black high heels. She had a dark purple sash on her waist holding a for keeping a rapier with a golden snake-themed hilt. On official Marine business, she capes a captain's coat over her shoulders. Is often seen wearing some form of large-brimmed hat


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La Dannazione (ダンナジオネ)- a long rapier sword with a snake-themed swept hilt. Poveglia licks the sword with a disease and nicks the victim



  • Salazar Poveglia's surname is a reference to Harry Potter
  • Poveglia is an island

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