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The San San no Mi is a Logia-class Devil Fruit that allows the user to transform into and become acid making them an Acid Human. The user is also able to create many different forms of acid and is immune to them. This fruit isn't to be confused with the Doku Doku no Mi with similar properties as the Doku Doku no Mi has more versatile poisons and some corrisons and the San San no Mi has a lot of acidic attacks and one unique type of poison that can burn even through poison. It was eaten by Z. Spark.

Strengths and Weaknesses


One of this fruits major strengths is the complete control over an acidic body as well being able to control many different types of acids. Z. Spark can also control how corrosive the acid usually the form the weaker but still deadly green form to the highly dangerous crimson form. This even includes being able to produce a type of acid called "aqua regia" that can eat through even metal. And, by mixing several properties acids, he can also create deadly explosions.

One very unique properties of this devil fruit as since acid can exist as a liquid and a gas, the user can also assume a gaseous form that is very deadly especially to inhale. Z. Spark often uses this form to make up for the slower speed of the liquid form.

Z. Spark has also shown other forms of versatility with this fruit mainly the fact he can shapeshift into acid forms of larger animals. He can shapeshift into a large skunk to release a blast of acid mist that or even a large dragon capable of acid breath.

The user also has completely immunity to every type of acid and almost every type of poisons.


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