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The San San no Mi is a Logia-type Devil Fruit that allows the user to control, manipulate, and transform into acid making them an Acid Human. The user is also able to create and become many different forms of acid and is immune to all of them. This fruit's powers aren't to be confused with the Doku Doku no Mi with similar properties as the Doku Doku no Mi has more versatile poisons and some corrosions and the San San no Mi has numerous of acidic attacks and one unique type of poison that can burn even through poison. It was eaten by Z. Spark and debuted into the series in Daddy's Girl! [1]


  • "San" means "acid" in Japanese.
  • It is called the Acid-Acid Fruit in the Viz Manga and FUNimation dub.

Strengths and Weaknesses


The San San no Mi in action.

One of this fruits major strengths is the complete control over an acidic body as well being able to control many different types of acids. Z. Spark can also control how corrosive the acid usually the form the weaker but still deadly green form to the highly dangerous crimson form. This even includes being able to produce a type of acid called "aqua regia" that can eat through even metal by rusting it. And, by mixing several properties acids, he can also create powerful and deadly explosions.

One very unique properties of this devil fruit as since acid can exist as a liquid and a gas, the user can also assume a gaseous form that is very deadly especially to inhale. Z. Spark often uses this form to make up for the slower speed of the liquid form. This fruit is also useful in this regard as it can almost permeant change over the climate or condition of an entire area due to the nature of acid. It was also one of the main reasons why Spark became known as Wasteland.

Another big advantage for this fruit is that it is able to conduct electricity very easily. One of the reasons is that acid, for the most part, is a liquid which can already conduct electricity. However, acids undergo dissociation in aqueous solution to form H+ ions. When electricity is passed through an aqueous solution of an acid, the H+ ions reach the cathode and each H+ ion picks up one electron from the cathode to form H2 gas. Because of this reaction, an aqueous solution of acid conducts electricity. As such, this fruit can not only enhance Spark's usage of Electro, but it also allows him to enter the gaseous state of acid.

Z. Spark has also shown other forms of versatility with this fruit mainly the fact he can shapeshift into acid forms of larger animals. He can shapeshift into a large skunk to release a blast of acid mist that or even a large dragon capable of acid breath. In this state, he can even apply Haki to parts of his body increasing his range and power.[2]

The user also has completely immunity to every type of acid and almost every type of poisons. The user is also unaffected by any type of freezing or cold Devil Fruits thanks to the acidic heat the user constantly gives off.

Another big advantage of this fruit that makes it often stand out from the Doku Doku no Mi is that there aren't antidotes/immunities to the acids. As Spark stated, one can grow immune to poisons but since acid is acid and not really a poison, it often can't be cured. On the topic, this fruit also allows to the user to produce helpful types of acids including being able to produce more hyaluronic acid than usual. Hyaluronic acid is a type of acid that can already be found in the human or animal body that helps the user heal from injuries over time (such as a user receiving a large cut and the hyaluronic acid helping to eventually heal up the wound). Although the healing effects aren't instant, the user of this fruit will still have a faster healing rate compared to others and this power can also be used to help others.


One of the biggest weakness of this fruit is that, being a liquid-based Logia, isn't as fast to use as others. Although Spark himself said that years of training allowed him to use it to effective speed as other Logias. Also, being acid, this fruit can also harm allies as Spark himself says that this is a fruit that can be used to hurt friend-and-foe alike. Especially since Spark can release deadly acid into the air which often has the user forced to fight alone especially in a large group.

One weakness Spark himself stated that since this fruit also increases the acidic levels of his stomach acid, that means he would often need to each much more than other people since the food dissolves much quicker. This is because of the increase intake of amino acids the user takes in as this fruit has control over any acids of the sense. Although Spark says that drinking a lot of coffee helps regulate it.


Spark mainly uses these powers to corrupt the landscape around him by either making the area an acid field or polluting the clouds into making it rain acid. To make up for the slowness of the liquid form, Spark often uses his vapor form to fly around quicker and launch powerful and explosive attacks from afar. When he gets serious, Spark can switch to the stronger acids starting with Level 3 being weaker but still acidic, Level 2 being corrosive, Level 1 being hazardous/toxic, and Level 0 being extremely lethal. Spark rarely uses Level 0 but he will when he is pushed far enough to do so.


Regular Techniques

Arechi being used.

  • Arechi (荒れ地 Arechi, literally meaning Wasteland): Spark's signature move. Spark slams his hand on the ground and releases a wave of acid that is strong enough to melt through stone. The move travels in a wide area making it useful for dealing with large crowds opponents. This move can even cause a landscape to change into acid depending how much Spark produces making this move very useful in giving him a homefield advantage wherever he goes since, as Spark stated, the acid doesn't go away on it's own easily. This move is also where Spark earned his epithet, Wasteland.
    • Dingo Fensu (ディンゴフェンス Dingo Fensu, literally meaning Dingo Fence): After using Arechi, Spark forms a large and thick wall of acid that can be used to block attacks. This move is useful for blocking projectiles and even launching attacks from the wall itself using another technique. This move can also be used as protection for nearby allies. This move is named after the Dingo Fence of Australia where is used to mainly keep out dingos which is considered one of the most dangerous animals in all of Australia. This move is also referred to as Acid Wall or Wall of Acid.
    • Ūmera (ウーメラ Ūmera, literally meaning Woomera): After using Arechi, Spark forms the acid into sharp, spear-like shapes that can be fired from a distance at an opponent. The acid can be made strong and acidic enough that could pierce through bodies as if it was a real spear, except with a burning effect. Ūmera can be used alongside Dingo Fensu to make a large spike wall made of acid which makes for an effective offensive and defensive move. This move is named after the woomera which is a type of spear-throwing device that can be only found in Australia. This move is also called Acidic Spear.
  • Iō Buresu (硫黄ブレス Iō buresu, literally meaning Sulfuric Breath): Spark breaths out wave of sulfuric acid that is potent enough to burn through the skin and act as an effect deterrent for opponents. People who are hit by this move are said to experience a stinging pain as if they were being bitten by rattlesnakes. Spark can also transform his whole form into sulfuric acid as a means of quicker travel than his liquid form. When enhanced to level 2 and 1, this move becomes strong enough to eat through solid metal and at level 0 can completely vaporize someone if hit with enough of it.[3]

''Ensan Kumo''

  • Ensan Kumo (塩酸雲 Ensan Kumo, literally meaning Hydrochloric Cloud): Spark creates a large cloud of acid that is composed of hydrochloric acid. This cloud is a deep purple in color and can be used either by Spark blowing it out from his mouth or producing it from his arms. This attack can cause numerous of problems for it's opponent including making them hard to see or even death when exposed long enough. This attack also has a very wide range with Spark being able to even incorporate them into his clouds and Dials thanks to Kong. This move is also referred to as Acid Cloud.
  • Ousui (おうすい Ousui, literally meaning Aqua Regia): Spark generates a special, orange-like acid by mixing nitric acid and hydrochloric acid together that can rust and eat through solid metal. This technique can be very deadly as it can even work on humans and can rust the skin making opponents unable to move. Although Spark himself rarely uses this technique on people as he feels like his other attacks are much more effective.
  • Sanseiu (酸性雨 Sanseiu, literally meaning Acid Rain): Spark contaminates the sky above him using his acid particularly from Esan Kumo that can shape into a cloud and produce acid rain. The acid rain is strong enough to cause burning to opponents and even slowly melt away building structures and other things such as the plant-life. According to Spark, the rain can last an entire day to a week depending on how much acid he decides to produce in the clouds. This move is often used alongside Kong as well with the Yonko stating it was something even he hasn't seen before.[4]
  • Arehateta Tochi (荒れ果てた土地 Arehateta Tochi, literally meaning Desolate Land): Spark concentrates a high amount of acid into an area which cases things such as buildings and trees to melt and become acid in which Spark can then use to manipulate. This move has been often confused with certain forms of Paramecia awakening as this move can turn nearby objects into acid by melting them down into that state. However, Spark says that isn't the case as the natural form of awakening is much quicker and that this technique takes a lot more time and focus. However, this power is still very useful in the case that Spark can melt the ground around him and manipulate it to his will giving him an environmental advantage most times where he is at.


  • This Devil Fruit shares many properties and abilities to other fruits:
    • Sabi Sabi no Mi: Both fruits are able to rust metal and other metallic objects almost instantly.
    • Doku Doku no Mi: Both fruits allow the user to control a substance that is extremely corrosive and their most lethal forms can cause near instant death. The main difference is that the San San no Mi mainly melts down people while the Doku Doku no Mi doesn't but can inflict one person with different types of poisons.
    • Magu Magu no Mi: Both fruits allow the user to control a substance that can melt/burn through objects and even other people easily.
    • Gasu Gasu no Mi: Both fruits allow the user to transform and manipulate multiple variations of their powers with different effects as Gasu can generate different gases one allowing the removal of oxygen and San generating different acids and being able to generate an acid that can rust/melt through metal.
  • Most of this fruit's attacks is named after things relating to Australia. This is to fit in with Z. Spark's overall Australian theme.


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