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Sanhoukou Yameru is one of the Three Major Antagonists of the Search for One Piece Arc, with the others being Jack Baro and Nolio Bartolomeo. Yameru is said to be the second strongest out of them. He ate the Taizai Taizai no Mi, which allows him to create and manipulate "Time Energy", which stops time for all atoms. He is said to be Yonko Level. He lives on Raftel, being the Sworn Protector of the One Piece. He also works as a bounty hunter.


Yameru is cocky and doesn't hold back.

Food Tastes

Yameru loves to eat clocks covered in ketchup, and hates anything ramen-based. Naruto Fans do not like him.

After Timeskip

After Straw Hats defeat Bartolomeo, they approach Raftel after Shanks leads them there, Yameru greats them by knocking Shanks and the Crew off the Sunny. Jinbe saves them all. And then they duel. Yameru realizes that Jinbe can save them all if their in water, so he quickly knocks him out. Joruto Izan duels him and it is a stunning victory for Yameru. After that, Yameru uses Time-Skip to put then in hand cuffs until Jinbe breaks them free and they fight again, but this time with the Grand Fleet. They manage to survive do to Bartolomeo's Bari Bari no Mi. After a few days still in the barrier, the Worst Generation come, Minus Blackbeard. They fight Yameru hard until he passes out. Then the Straw Hats find that the One Piece was stolen.

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