Sanpo Sanpo no Mi
Japanese Name: さんぽ さんぽ の み
English Name: Stroll Stroll Fruit
Meaning: Walking
First Appearance: Chapter 565; Episode 444
Type: Paramecia
Eaten by: Shinshi D. Katamukin

The Sanpo Sanpo no Mi, or the Stroll Stroll Fruit, is a Paramecia Type Devil Fruit that allows the user to walk on any surface, such as air, water, magma, and even other people. The user can walk in any direction, disregarding gravity. This fruit was eaten by Shinshi D. Katamukin. The soles of the user's feet do not feel the effects of the things they touch on, and they are immune to pain. So, by extension, the user can have their leg on fire and not feel the pain. Also, the user has extremely powerful legs. Their legs can move at 50 kph and can even break most metals and stone with their kicks. The user also has extremely powerful bouncing abilities, as shown when Katamukin bounced over 20 armed soldiers. While they jump far, they don't jump high, as their jumps only go 15 meters high at most. The final aspect of their legs is the ability to increase the weight of the things they touch with their legs, and this is how they can walk on air.

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