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Santa Teresa

Santa Teresa

Santa Teresa referred commonly as Killer Mantis was once a feared marine at some point until he turned rogue and became a criminal, eventually joined Kahn Tibus' crew.


So far Teresa is the tallest member of the Wraith Pirates, beating Charlton's height by only a few centimeters. Despite his physical appearance as a very thin and lanky person, he shows incredible strength. Always shown smiling which reveal his upper teet. His black hair reaches down to his shoulders, concealing hte left side of his face with a white patch over his left eye.

Senta's new appearance

Originaly had two arms until at some point he lost them in a battle until giving a set of three pairs of artificial arms given by Joseph Franklin which seems to have little affect to his physical strength. Along with a new new eye-patch and a pair of crescent-shaped horns


Powers and abilities



At some point in the past Teresa enrolled to join the Marines at a young age. Reaching the high ranks over the years of his skills and strength. He had soon earned respect to some high-ranking officers and Vice-Admirals, some say he would become an Admiral if Teresa continues this far. However, reports on his activity of the battles revealed of his killing spree and turned on his fellow marines. Leaving a message through a den den mushi to say he is done taking orders from marines and find his own place among the changing world.

Joining the Wraith Pirates

It was not long when he became a wanted criminal as was hunted down pirates and marines alike for a fight, eventually learned the whereabouts of the famous Wraith Pirates whose captain was the former member of the Imperial Dragons that invaded Mariejois many years ago. Seeing them as a worthy fight and sought to collect their bounty. Encountered and faught both Frenzy and the Black Samurai Wang Zhi who he considered to be amazingly strong and powerful by the  skills and abilities they have, even earned the attention of their captain who admired his skill and talents that would make him member for his crew. Teresa was about to respond to his offer until they were ambushed by the marines and Admiral Akainu.

Santa Teresa's metachnical arms

Teresa's new arms

Barely escaped with his arms severely bruised and was taken aboard Oncoming StormBack to his near health butthe price of his arms removed, given the choice by the Ox Lord to join his crew and earn a new pair of arms by his science officer and earn the revenge on the marines who took away his arms. Eventually Teresa felt indebted to him not by saving his life but to give him a chance to becomeme stronger, he agreed but asked to have two more to test his limits.

Behind the Scenes

  • The images were taken from the Bleach character Nnoitira in both his original form and his resurrecion form.
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