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Satanic Battle against Bones
Date Started: April 4th, 2022

Date Finished: th, 2022

Setting: Applenine Island

Characters Involved: Pirates



Bad Apples

Upon the harsh seas of the New World and not too far off from the kingdom of Dressrosa itself, a large old ship can be seen sailing across the seas heading in a specific direction. It was the massive battleship, the Grim Reaper, lead by Angrboda D. Seiryuu himself as he looking into a Den Den Mushi preparing to talk with his top commanders, Angrboda Maneki and Lord Styx (as Titan is currently busy with another mission). As the "Puras" went off and the lines were answered, the talk between the three begins.

"So, you are heading for Appletine Island hm? It's not too far off from Dressrosa." Styx said in a low, creepy voice.

"I still can't believe someone fought Tatsuya Ryushiki to near death. That's not an easy feat I'll admit." Maneki said.

"Indeed apparently some tyke got to her and that is disgraceful! Ryushiki, I love ya, but you shouldn't be getting trounce by brats! FUKA-HAHAHAHA!!!" Seiryuu laughed before he stopped suddenly and looked serious. Me, Ryushiki, and Vipe Lycodia are amongst the strongest of that idiot Rooke's crew. It's frankly an insult she needs to stop lazying around and get her ass in gear! She'll be killed by damn pirate rookies at this rate! But that is besides the point. If someone is capable of killing Ryushiki, I MUST see this for myself. I heard this "Feuer" has been heading toward Applenine Island and that is where I am going! Looks like Satan herself is about to get a visit from The Reaper! How fun! FU-HAHAHAHA!!!"

Meanwhile on the island of Applenine, the Lucifer Pirates were relaxing from their time on Dressrosa since their recent altercation with Ryushiki. Most of the crew members were out gathering resources and items needed before heading out while others were exploring the island much to their curiosity. There, the pulchritudinous Satanic Temptress herself Luc E. Feuer was relaxing on the island wearing a more revealing out much to the embarrassment to her first mate Lilith. She was sitting on one of the mountain tops looking on ahead with Lilith sitting next to her letting the soft cold breeze flow through her luxurious crimson red hair.

"Seeing we're here, what's our next phase of action," Lilith asked.

"Who knows, but I wouldn't be surprised of what's to come here while everyone else gather resources," Feuer replied.

"We got visuals on her! She is there relaxing with her crew as we speak!" Maneki says as she was looking through a telescope from her end of the ship.

"Good! I already have a chump on that island to act as a special waiter. Once he gives them the "special order", I will give this "Satantic Empress" the main course! FUKA-HAHAHAHA!!! Seiryuu laughed as a scene transitions over to a robed man walking over to Feuer's crew wearing a large black robe. It appeared to be obscuring his face and most of his body as he walks up ot the crew looking rather onimous for being a supposed waiter.

"Hellllooooooooo....I am the "Special Waiterrrrrrrr....." Can I trrrrrrrobule this crewwwwwwwwwwwww for a "speciallllllll menu?" the clothed figure asked.

"You speak weird, I don't know you, fuck off, no," Feuer replied bluntly as her tail appeared slamming the clothed figured onto the ground!

"Could've been a bit more polite," Lilith spoke showing a bit of concern in her tone.

"Eh, didn't want to," Feuer shrugged.

"Me feeeeeeel no pain....But I doooooooo feeel furrrrrrry!!!" said the figure as it suddenly rose up as a Skeleton! Soon, a bunch of Skeletons rose from the ground all armed with swords preparing to attack the crew!

"NOW GIVE THEM HELL MY SKELETONS!!! Let's see how they, or rather, she fairs against the army of skeletons! FU-KAKAKAKAKA!" Seiryuu laughed as he was closing in on the island from afar.

"Someone's causing this," Feuer spoke as she got up as her luminous cyan eyes turned a demonic blood red summoning a large orbs of hell flames from her hands then tosses them at the skeletons! "Hell Fire Burst!"

"Hell Lightning!" Lilith shouted as she summoned lightning from the ground electrocuting the skeletons in the area! "What the hell is all this?!"

Though the skeletons break apart, more soon rise in their place as they started to charge their swords with cold energy and started to swing them at the crew!"

"Looks like they're stronger than we thought!" Maneki says with a smirk.

"Good! If you are able to give Ryushiki and her crew a run for their money, you better be strong! Let us finally take a look!" Seiryuu shouts as he quickly leaps off of his ship and lands on the coast of Applenine Island and starts to walk slowly toward the source. "If I kill Satan, does that mean I rule over Hell? I already do but doesn't help to rule another! FUKA-HAHAHAHA!!!"

"More of them?!" Lilith exclaimed in shocked with wide eyes as she transformed into her hybrid form, "where are the others?"

"Not far hopefully," Feuer replied firing around round of hell fire orbs at the skeleton army!

"Blimey where are all these skeleton freaks coming from?!" Wolfe shouted as he fought off a couple of them.

"I don't know but I don't wanna spend another second here!!!" Kier cried hysterically while comedically waving a white flag.

Seiryuu can be seen happily walking toward the chaos has his appearance was covered by his trademark cloak, making him the image of the Grim Reaper himself. As Seiryuu walks up to the ground, he decides to keep his true self hidden for a moment and decides to play dumb! "Oh my! Are you lasses in need of trouble from the rampaging of the undead? I would help but I am but a poor tourist!"

"I don't know what's more annoying, you acting like a dumbass or just your appearance," Lilith sneered growling at him.

"Quit lying, you're responsible for this aren't you, admit it!" Feuer demanded in a demonic tone as her eyes turned a darker blood red.

"Oooh! Feisty and smart! I like that in a woman! However, there is already someone like that I know already." Seiryuu said as he took off his cloak revealing to himself and pointed toward Feuer. "And you almost killed her! As for these lovely skeletons..." Seiryuu said as he simply rose a hand up and the remaining skeletons went back into the ground where they came from, following Seiryuu's orders without question. "...Yep that was me alright! FUKA-HAHAHAHAHA!!!"

"By her, if you mean the queen bitch, yea I almost killed her," Feuer admitted with a calm expression on her face, "what of it?"

"Queen Bitch?! FUKA-HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! That's a good one!" Seiryuu said as he continued laughing before he came to a quick stop and looks at Feuer with a very sinister look on his face. "Well, let's just say that those that nearly cause death to my closest comrades end up having their souls reaped per say. And not to sound arrogant but Ryushiki's strong, but even she doesn't come close to my strength. I'm already gauging yours and I will say you're a 10 to my...infinite! FUKA-HAHAHAHAHAHA!"

"I'm not amused to be honest, just look like some dark man with an annoying fruit," Feuer admitted shrugging.

"FUKA-HAHAHAHAHAHA! Well, I am quite dark but..." Seiryuu said as he took one foot forward and was already suddenly behind Feuer with his back facing hers as he had his arms crossed showcasing his immense speed. "...that Skeleton army isn't just my doing but of a comrades. My powers are much more terrifying I assure you!"

"You don't scare me," Feuer replied in a blunt tone, seemingly unfazed, "I've seen worse, even with what your bitch queen put me through, it's nothing new to me."

"Heh! You got the drive of a "D." yet you're an "E." E comes after D. after all but that is besides the point." Seiryuu said as his earlier cheerful demeaner suddenly vanished and started to look a lot more serious as he looks down at Feuer. "I can't have brats like you thinking you can get away with the things you do. You're like the damn Marines thinking you can do and say anything huh? Ryushiki is a close friend of mine and you almost killed her. That I can't allow. You may consider yourself the ruler of Hell, but I'm about to make you experience something far worse than that!" Seiryuu said with a meanacing grin as he was cracking his knuckles with each one making a loud popping sound remeanciant of fire poppers.

"Bring it bone boy," Feuer taunted as she snarled.

"Should I assist in this milady," Lilith asked looking to Feuer.

"I got this," Feuer reassured, "see to it the others are safe."

"Yes ma'am," Lilith nodded as she sprouted her wings then flew off to join the crew.

"Oooh you think you can take me by yourself? Well, that's fine! Your friend there wouldn't done much to me as it looked like she uses electricty in her attacks. You sure do got a lot of demons on your crew you may as rename yourself the Hell Pirates FUKA-HAHAHAHA!!!!" Seiryuu laughed but, in an instant, send a roundhouse kick flying toward her!

Feuer caught Seiryuu's leg glaring at him with an ominous look as she let out a low guttural growl. She began to tighten her grip as her eyes began to glow. "Not fast enough," Feuer growled before she summoned her tail swinging it towards him!

"Whoa! Fiesty! Let me show you how feisty I can be!" Seiryuu said as he quickly bit her tail and bit down hard on it attempting to rip it off!

Feuer winced a bit in pain as she lifted her tail along with Seiryuu into the air them slammed him into the ground! "That it," Feuer asked.

Seiryuu slams to the ground and releases his grip but not before kip-uping back as he stared at her with a meancing smile. "Heh you felt that didn't ya? My teeth are sharper than an average person that is for certain!" Seiryuu says pointing to his fanged teeth. "You're lucky that tail of yours didn't came off!" Seiryuu said as he disappeared but was really moving forward quick for a straight lunge punch!

Feuer managed to dodge the punch as she swung her tail towards him at blinding speed! "Now you're getting on my nerves," Feuer snarled.

"FUKA-HAHAHAHAH! I get that a lot!" Seiryuu said as he was quick to dodge the tail swipe and his arm was coated in jet-blue Haki preparing to swing it forward. "Ganguro: Viper Strike!" Seiryuu shouted as he sent his punch toward Feuer!

"Hell Fire Blast!" Feuer shouted as she summoned an orb of hellfire from her hand hurling at Seiryuu countering his punch!

Seiryuu still was running at Feuer as he punched through the blast! "Toasty! But I was attacked by hotter things!" Seiryuu said as he started to flash step all over the place before appearing above Feuer with an axe kick! "Death's Axe!" He shouted as he coated his leg in jet blue Haki and starts to crash down at Feuer!

From the impact, Feuer glared at Seiryuu with glowing dark blood red eyes as she was now in her hybrid form snarling. She began to extend her claws as her arm was coated in a blood red Haki. "See if you can handle this. Dämon Klaue Sense!" Feuer shouted as she lunged her claws at Seiryuu!

"Heh...We'll see huh?!" Seiryuu said as he tried to grab the attack with his own immense power after coating his hands in Haki. The attack started to crack the ground beneath them! "Well well well! I have to say I can see how you could tear up Ryushiki with this! But I am not her! You'll be afraid once I decide to take this seriously!" Seiryuu said as he attempted to suplex her backwards while still gripping to her arm!

"I fear no one," Feuer demonically growled as she flipped herself onto her feet whilst gripping onto Seiryuu's arm lifting him off the ground, "Dämon Seismisch Schmeißen!" Feuer shouted as she roared tossing him behind her!

"Whoa nelly!" Seiryuu said as he allowed himself to crash onto the ground as he revealed to have caught himself by digging his fingers into the ground. He then leaps up and dusts himself off. "Not bad! I actually felt that! I think I can have some more fun with you! Isn't that great?! FUKA-HAHAHAHAHA!!!" Seiryuu laughed as he suddenly ripped off his robe and reveals a large, metallic-like brace on his body.

"I'm just getting started," Feuer replied, "Feindlich." With that, a blood red aura surrounded Feuer's body as she demonically growled getting into her fighting stance.

"Ooo goodie! I can tell you are getting serious yourself! This nice little brace happens to be made of seastone! The very thing that restricts us Devil Fruit users! I always fight with this on to give my opponents some hope. However, after what you did, I think you're worthy of withnessing my powers!" Seiryuu said as he unlocked the cuffs and they fell to the ground with a loud thud! Seiryuu then gets into his own fighting stance as he looked at her with very onimous eyes. "Now I will show you true hell! Bone Crusher!" Seiryuu said as he slammed the ground and, all of a sudden, a massive amount of bones started to erupt from the ground quickly making their way toward Feuer!

"Hell Fire Blast!" Feuer shouted as she shot orbs of hell fire at the bones engulfing them in a darkish blood red flames!

"Heh burning my bones huh? These ones aren't of the norm you know!" Seiryuu proclaimed as more bones protrude toward Feuer from the ashes of the ones that were burned up! They close in on Feuer!" A bone is a bone no matter how small or burned it is! They are always under my control! FUKA-HAHAHAHA!!!"

Feuer's eyes widen as she sprouted her wings flying into the sky in hopes of avoiding the incoming bones! "Need to think of something to evade this, let alone incinerate them to get towards him," Feuer thought to herself looking for a potential weak spot.

"Oh? Trying to escape to the skies? That ain't gonna help ya! Rising Bone Field!" Seiryuu shouted as he slammed both of his hands on the ground sending up a huge spike pillar of bones up towards Feuer!

"Hell Fire Shot!" Feuer shouted as she summoned orbs of hell fire at the bones engulfing them before they could reach her while avoid them!

"Heh. You're not bad for burning them out like this! Now to confuse you a bit!" Seiryuu shouted as he suddenly sunk into the ground and started to sprout an entire field of bones! "Marrow Missile!" Seiryuu shouted from the ground as a bunch of pointed bones erupted from the ground flying toward Feuer!

"Not bad, better step it up a bit," Feuer thought to herself as she flew to avoid the incoming bones, "Hellfire Vortex!" Feuer unleashed a spinning vortex of hellfire at the bones surrounding them and Seiryuu in the process!

"Heh your powers are strong I'll give you that! Makes me almost sad to have to kill ya! Almost!" Seiryuu said as he coated his whole body in jet blue haki as he charged up at Feuer coating his whole body in bones and Haki! "Marrow Cannonball!" Seiryuu shouted as he used this flexiablity to roll himself up into a ball and flies up at Feuer!

Swiftly, Feuer coated her tail in Haki as she waited for the right moment to strike as she watched Seiryuu flying towards him. "Satan's Whip!" Feuer shouted as spun herself around swinging her tail towards Seiryuu blocking his attack stopping in mid-air!

"Oh?!" Seiryuu said as he then grabbed her tail with a big smirk on his face. "You really know how to work that "tail" around! I think it's about to take your "tail" for a "tailspin"!" Seiryuu said as he started to rapidly spin Feuer around until he lets go facing the direction toward the ground! "So long eh' Demon!"

Feuer slammed into the ground creating a huge crater around her. As she got up, her eyes turned sclera black as her pupils turned blood red and almost reptilian. "Will admit, I kinda felt that," Feuer snarled then aimed her hand towards Seiryuu creating a giant hell fire orb before flying at him ready to plunge it at him!

"Good! That's me not trying too hard yet!" Seiryuu said as he coated his arms in Haki and collided with her attack resulting in a burst of Haki blazing out!

"Will admit, you're actually putting up a good warm up for me," Feuer admitted with a taunting tone in her voice her hands turning into claws now coated in Haki, "though, won't be long until I eviscerate you."

"Hah! Eviserate me huh? Come on already you ain't in my league! I will say that I am using about........hmmm.....10% of my power? Yeah that's it!" Seiryuu said with a mocking laugh then gets into a special fighting pose. "Come at me! Give me your best shot!"

"Ladies first, unless you're not man enough to make the first move," Feuer taunted in a demonic tone letting out a low guttural growl as her tail slammed onto the ground.

"FUKA-HAHAHAHAHHA!!!" Seiryuu laughed heartly as he coated his whole body in Haki and bones. "As you wish Sir! Hellish Impact!" Seiryuu shouted as he darted toward Feuer by spinning his body around in bones like a wrecking ball and picks up speed heading over toward her!

"Dämon Klaue Sense!" Feuer shouted as she charged towards Seiryuu with her Haki coated claws, her body surrounded in her aura as it collided with him!

"Oooo! You are strong! REALLY strong!" Seiryuu said as he was quick to get out of the clash before taking out his scythe. "How about you join me and my crew! I can probably have you lead the underworld of my kingdom that you so rightfully belong! FUKA-HAHAHAHA!!!"

"I'll have to refuse your offer," Feuer replied as she summoned her scythe, giving off a disturbing demonic moan, so loud it left an eerie atmosphere around it, "besides, the only one who is heading to the underworld is standing right in front of me."

"FUKA-HAHAHAHAHAHA! You're fun! Know when to make the jabs at me when I want to! Goodie but I know one difference between your Hell and my Hell." Seiryuu says as he slams his scythe on the ground creating a wave of demonic ice that went toward Feuer! "My Hell is cold and depressing just like yours truly!"

"You don't even know the hell I've been through for you to think that," Feuer snided as she transferred her aura onto her scythe then swung it up releasing a red slash cutting through the ice!

Seiryuu dodges by the slashes as he closes in on Feuer preparing to slash down at her! "Oh really now? Have you been a slave for over 40 years betrayed by your own mother? I think NOT! Cool Edge!" Seiryuu shouted sending a slashing ice beam at Feuer!

"I would've imagined if I had a heart for it," Feuer replied as she narrowly dodged the attack getting grazed in the process, "Hell Slash!" Feuer summoned a slash of her hellish aura at Seiryuu cancelling it!

"Heh! Fair play! I don't have the heart for it either besides it's literally made of bones! Speaking of..." Seiryuu says as he coats is arm in Haki and transforms in arm into a drilled bone! "Marrow Drill!" He shouted as he prepares to thrust his attack toward Feuer's chest!

"Satan's Whip!" Feuer shouted as she slammed her tail down onto his arm colliding with the attack!

"Heh...You're a stubborn bitch to hit! I bet you get told that a lot!" Seiryuu shouts as he quickly retalites with a roundhouse, haki-powered kick to Feuer!

"I've been called worse you bastard," Feuer growled stopping the kick with her haki-coated arm before slamming her elbow towards his leg!

"Oh I bet..." Seiryuu said as he reacted to the kick by coating his leg in Haki as he stares down at her very ominously. "...I bet you make perfect slave material huh?!" Seiryuu says as he prepares to give her a powerful haki headbutt that was also layered with his bones!

"Not unless you wish to burn in hells with all the others pricks who said the very same thing to me, bonehead," Feuer snarl as she transformed into her hybrid form, now equipped with her wings and horns as she headbutted back at him with her horns coated in Haki!

"Oof!" Seiryuu shouts as he reels back from her attack, but he suddenly flips and lands of her back still grabbing her by the horns! "Awww what's the matter? I struck a nerve there!? I always wanted to ride a demon so MUSH damn you! FUKA-HAHAHAHAHA!!!"

Feuer's eyes turned a sclera black as she let out a demonic growl as she wrapped her tail around his waist applying pressure onto him nearly crushing him! "Five seconds to get off..." With that, she summoned an orb of hellfire ready to launch it at Seiryuu as she snarled.

"O-Okay! 5...4...3...2...1! Marrow Pricks!" Seiryuu shouts as he jumps off of Feuer but not embeding her with a bunch of bones that would stick out of her body! "FUKA-HAHAHAHA! I have control over all bones my little demon! Naturally I can implant mine in yours and control how they function! I could crush your heart with your own ribcage if I wanted to!"

"We'll see about that," Feuer demonic growled as her appearance started to change from her skin being a beauteous milky white to a bloody crimson red as she grew from behind her normal height to being a towering creature making Seiryuu appear like an insignificant ant to her. "I'm only getting started," Feuer roared as she coated her claws in Haki hurling them at him!

"Oooh! Spooky!" Seiryuu says as he allows the attack to slam into him! He goes into the ground and starts to laugh. "FUKA-HAHAHAHA!! You're fun Satanic Bitch! If you want to grow big, then allow me as well! I think we're in for a good ol' Kaiju Battle! Marrow Transform - Skeletal Dragon!" Seiryuu shouts as a whole bunch of bones started to form from within the ground and, as soon they started to take shape, Seiryuu is now at the appearance of a giantic skeletal dragon! "I wonder which of us is scarier? Personally, I'd say the one without flesh is!"

"I've seen worse," Feuer growled in a demonic tone before she locked her hand onto Seiryuu's neck slowly beginning to crush it!

"Heh that doesn't hurt ya bitch! Try THIS for starters! Speak of the Dead!" Seiryuu shouts as he also grabs Feuer's neck but started to have bones erupt from her neck area as he does so! "Better let go or I'll crush your windpipe! If you can even talk! FUKA-HAHAHAHAHA!!"

"Zorn," Feuer choked as she released her grip as her dark red aura grew darker around her body as her eyes glowed a deep blood red as she let out a low guttral growl. "Dämon Hammerfaust!" Suddenly, Feuer leapt into the air then proceeded to land a powerful downward punch towards Seiryuu's head!

"Oof!" Seiryuu shouts as he could feel some cracks over his head from the attack but then grabs Feuer in a front nelson! "You are quite the heavy hitter huh? I bet you don't hear that too often in bed huh?! FUKA-HAHAHAHA!" Seiryuu laughs as he proceeds to suplex her over his shoulder and revealed a large bed of spiky bones where her body is going to land at! "Due of the Dead!"

"Dämon Seismisch Schmeißen!" Feuer roared as she flipped herself over grabbing Seiryuu's head flinging him down toward the spiky bones that laid on the ground before them.

"Double oof!" Seiryuu shouts as he laid on the ground pierced by his bones and had a rather perplexed look on his face. "You know you can't fight bones with bones! That shitty logic may apply to fire but not me! But I'm getting bored! I think it's about time I used another percent of my power!" Seiryuu says with a grin as he raised his arm and suddenly the whole ground beneath them turned into a sea of bones! "Day of the Dead!" Seiryuu shouts as the bones shoot up toward Feuer from all angles!

"Hellfire Vortex!" Feuer shouted as she summoned hell fire from her hands forming them around the bones engulfing them in flames as she roared!

"FUKA-HAHAHAHAHAH!!! Didn't you learn your lesson my fair demon? Even from the ashes themselves, my bones will arise! Marrow Revolution!" Seiryuu shouted as from the ashes of the bones sprouted brand new ones that all prepared to pierce toward Feuer from all sides! "Tougher than Ryushiki? Maybe. Tougher than me? YOU WISH FUKA-HAHAHAHA!!!"

"You're right though, I'll keep going until you drop dead," Feuer snarled as she slammed her fist into Seiryuu's torso roaring as her body was coated in her aura while in her subconscious she was struggling to control her rage!

"Rah! FUKA-HAHAHAHAHA! For a woman you got a lot of balls to say that! But it looks like you are about to become unhinged eh? Do it! Or I'll easily and quickly kill of your little crewmates!" Seiryuu said as he started to unleash an intense blue aura as he grabbed onto Feuer's arm and started to bend it backwards slowly cracking the bones on the inside in the process!

"Rai...sei...rai," Feuer grunted as her eyes turned pitch black, her aura grew a demonic blood red as she pushed back towards Seiryuu demonically growling disregarding her bones cracking in the process as she coated her claws in Haki and slowly began to sink them into his torso!

"Geh....Heh heh...Good get violent! That way I know I've killed you when you were at your strongest!" Seiryuu shouts as he dug his own claws into Feuer as the more he did this, more bones started to sprout from her body! "Either you or me dies first and let me warn you, this attack of yours is not going to do anything to me in the long run! It'll rot out your bones from the inside out if I have to!"

"I wouldn't believe so," Feuer growled as she stuck her claws into his torso snarling as her aura continued to grow all the while glaring at Seiryuu, "even if it takes me until I lose my final breath, I won't drop dead until you fall first!"

"FUKA-HAHAHAHAHA! I respect those that go down to their last breath! That's fun! Reminds me of nearly every single D.! You sure you ain't a carrier of the Will of D?" Seiryuu asked casually as he continued to grow more bones out of Feuer starting to manipulate her bone structure in the process!

"Let's just say...I'm a descendant of the monsters who reside from the land of hell," Feuer grunted in pain as she coated her arms in Haki in an effort to gain a bit of control of her body!

"Oooh a demonic Satan! Quite fun quite fun! But my hell burns more hot than yours and it is a winter wonderland! Kubomeru!" Seiryuu shouts as he made an entire bed of bones appear right from Feuer's large back! Coating them with his own Haki for extra potencty. "When it comes to reaping souls, the Grim Reaper always gets his. And I am about to add Satan herself to my list! FUKA-HAHAHAHA!"

"Heh, is that so," Feuer smirked in a demonic tone as the aura surrounding her body began to darken more as she summoned hell fire combined with her aura from her hands placing them on Seiryuu, "Hell Fire Satanic Vortex!"

"Well well!" Seiryuu utters as he was sent in the air by the attack but regain himself as he looks down at Feuer. He looks at her with a smile on his face after laughing out loud. "FUKA-HAHAHAHAHAHA! Last chance to join my crew! Otherwise I'd have to break out THAT on ya! Trust me not even you will live through it!"

"Not if I break you first!" Feuer roared as she flapped her wings then flew into the air as she summoned a large orb of hell fire!, "Hell Fire Storm!" Feuer shot the hell fire ball into the sky until it exploded and orbs of hell fire rained down from the sky. All the while, Feuer agily avoid the falling fire rain with her leg coated in Haki and her aura as charged in with her attack. "Dämon Dreifache Kick!" Feuer shouted as she slammed a kick onto Seiryuu's torso, each one heavier than the last!

"Oof! Oof! And another oof! Gotcha ya!" Seiryuu says as he catches Feuer's leg and notices some of his bones chipping away. He then looks at Feuer with the biggest sadistic look on his face. "My tuuuuuurn!" Seiryuu shouts as he pierces his bones into Feuer's leg and prepares to swing her around! Kazumorochi: Death's Circle! I'll just swing ya around and around until you're ripped to shreds! Round and round she goes! Where she stops? Hell even I don't know! FUKA-HAHAHAHA!!!!"

"This will hurt...but it's worth a shot," Feuer thought to herself as she reached towards her legs as they began to ignite into a whirl of hell fire! "Hell Fire Vortex!" The bones were engulfed in flames as she narrowly managed to free herself from Seiryuu's grasp. From the vortex, Feuer's legs were slightly singed from the intense heat ignoring the pain from the last attack panting heavily.

"FUKA-HAHAHAHAHAHA!" Seiryuu laughs as he suddenly appears behind Feuer covered with the hellflames but it doesn't seem to bother him at all. "That's got to suck! Being harmed by your own powers and all! Then again, you aren't a Logia or anything! Then again again, you ain't really Satan! How I know? Satan pretty much has balls!" Seiryuu said as he turned his left arm into a bone scythe and coats it in Haki! "Maybe he can show you himself when I send you on a first class trip to meet him!" he declares swinging the scythe at Feuer!

"You're sadly mistaken," Feuer replied as she summoned her scythe Zokunenchi, which let out an unsettling moan then with a single swing she clashed her scythe at his cancelling his attack, "you're face to face with Satan already." Immediately, Feuer transferred her aura and Haki onto her scythe swinging it at Seiryuu leaving a slash on his torso!

"Heh...Good shot but you're lookin' at the real Reaper himself baby!" Seiryuu retorts using his own blade coated with Haki and ice and slashes at Feuer's torso in return! "Now just lie down a DIE for me!"

Feuer stepped back a bit as she coughed up a bit of blood as she gripped onto her scythe grunting. "Not until you drop dead first," Feuer grunted in pain as she coated her blade with Haki along with hellflames then released a series of slashes towards Seiryuu at blinding speed!

Seiryuu was feeling the slashes as he started to treak blood from his own mouth. With a big smirk on his face, Seiryuu catches the scythe as he looks down at Feuer. "Good job kiddo! Not many could last against me! Then again, I wasn't taking you seriously...till now! See if you survive this!" Seiryuu states as he started to rear back his fist coating it in Haki and ID as he prepares to swing it forward! "Kazumorochi_- Piercing Bones!" Seiryuu shouts as he sends the attack rocking into Feuer's torso!

Feuer narrowly dodged the attack getting a few bones into her torso as she coughed up more blood. She stood for a second thinking of what her next move would be then it hit her. "This would be something I haven't done in a while...but, it's all or nothing," Feuer thought to herself as she clutched onto her scythe as she coated it in Haoshoku Haki then slashed it at Seiryuu's torso!

"Gah! Coating your Haoshoku with attacks eh?! Two can play it that game!" Seiryuu shouts as he coated his arm in Haoshoku Haki and slams it against Feuer's jaw! "Got to keel over pretty demon! FUKA-HAHAHAHAHA!!!"

"Try again!" Feuer shouted as she coated her tail in Haoshoku Haki slamming it against Seiryuu's torso! "FAAAAAAAALL!!!!"

"HEH! NO YOU BITCH!!!" Seiryuu shouts as he retaliates with a fierce haoshoku haki kick to Feuer's head! "I've been alive for centuries! You WISH you're at MY level!"

"YOU WILL FALL BEFORE SATAN!" Feuer demonically roared taking his kick to her head but was still standing when she coated her claws in Haoshoku Haki and her aura then delivered a powerful slash onto Seiryuu!

"Whoa!" Seiryuu shouts as he was sent flying backwards as he noticed the claw mark on his body and lets out his trademark laugh, "FUKA-HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Wonderful! You are strong alright! Look at the state of this island! It's nearly in shambles! You may got some good hits on me but I haven't even begone to play seriously. On a scale of 100, you rank at a 70. Me? I'm over 9000! FUKA-HAHAHAHAHAHA! But it really does look like you're not dying anytime soon huh?"

"I'll die when I know I'm ready to," Feuer snarled as she charged towards Seiryuu then continued jabbing her Haki coated claws into him once more!

"Heh easy there mi lovely lolitia!" Seiryuu says as he smiles evilly and grabs her wrists. "You really need to control that temper of yours! This fight seems to be drawing a stalemate even though I ain't fighting too too seriously yet! You sure you want to continue this? Otherwise I'll have to use one of my many "Ultimate Moves" on you!"

"I haven't even taken you seriously either," Feuer scoffed as she wrapped her tail around his neck constricting his windpipe!

"FUKA-ACK! Heh...sassy bitch aren't ya?!" Seiryuu said as he caused bones to form and wrap all around Feuer! "I think it is time that I taken you to your grave! Permeantely!" Seiryuu shouts as he lunges into the air and he starts to spin around fast forming a pale white tornado from the sheer speed he is gathering! "Kazumorochi - Ultimate Move #5: Tombstone Crusher!" he shouts as he drives Feuer into the ground making sure her head hit the ground first before his! "Excuse me miss I hope you don't mind I use a move that can break every bone in your body! I dare you to move now! FUKA-HAHAHAHAHA!"

"No...I won't back down...I...won't...back DOWN!" Feuer roared as she released a huge wave of Haki as she let out an ear piercing roar while trying to break free!

"Whoa nelly! That Haoshoku is quite fierce! Not as fierce as mine but still fierce! Spoken like a true whatever your clan was again! FUKA-HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!" Seiryuu laughs as he lets lets go of his grip of her on purpose and flips backwards as he dusts himself off. "You're fun! I thought Gamma Fox was the only one that can give me a good fight but you are up there! Not on his level of course but still!"

"You're one to talk," Feuer commented as she slowly got up, "you're one of the toughest bastards I've met in the sixteen years I've been on this God forsaken planet."

"Man! You're still a tyke and yet people calling you the most beautiful AND you're that strong?! You must have spent a lot on botox and steroids! FUKA-HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!" Seiryuu laughs as he suddenly turned serious. "Tell me, what is your dream? And don't tell me to kill me! I heard that far too many times! FUKA-HAHAHAHAHA!!!"

"Funny you should ask that...I don't know what my dream is," Feuer replied as her aura began to appear once more, her eyes turning sclera black, "the dream I had long ago died along with everything else I've now, I don't have a dream, I live by my goals and one of them, is to defeat those who stand in my way of what I wish to gain"

"Heh you're definitely don't have the D's will that's for sure. All of us have dreams kiddo! It's what aspire us to be great! To be strong! My dream is simply to bring down the entire system of the World Government and replace it with my own! This world will be ruled by the Neo World Government with me as it's leader! A notable pirate ruling as Marine! Talk about the biggest "Fuck you!" to the World Government! FUKA-HAHAHHAHAHAHA!!!!" Seiryuu laughs boastfully.

"While I agree that the World Government can go fuck themselves since they're a major thorn on my side," Feuer admitted with a nonchalant shrug, "if I were to give a true dream, it's to get back what was stolen from me, even if it means killing anyone that gets in my way."

"FUKA-HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Well said! I've killed easily millions of Marines throughout my life! Power is everything! Might makes right! That is my motto! When you're powerful, you can accomplish anything! Isn't that right?" Seiryuu asks with a smug grin on her face.

"If it means obtaining what you're soughting after, then so be it," Feuer replied with a deadpan tone yet her cyan blue eyes sparkled in response.

"Of course! Nothing but power and nonetheless! I must ask you one more question..." Seiryuu asks as he looks around the death and destruction around him. "You still plan on killing me now? I can go all day! I can see that resolve in your eyes that you don't want to fight anymore. Heh, I feel like someone is yelling in my ear to come back but nobody tells ME what to do! FUKA-HAHAHAHAHA!!!"

"That depends, if I continue on, I'll keep going until my final breath, and if that's what it'll take, then very well," Feuer replied with sharp cyan eyes.

"FUKA-HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You're not a D. but got the strive of one! You got my respect there! ANd trust me that isn't something I say often to others! They often piss their pants begging for their lives. You're going to make it far in this world trust me on that!" Seiryuu says with a confident grin.

"The same would go for you and I don't say this often to others," Feuer replied with a reassuring tone despite not smiling, a common trait she was well known for.

"Heh I already know I am powerful but I appreciate the gester! Man and I would've thought you and Ryushiki would've gotten along! Demonic forces and all of that! But I digress, I wonder what is your next goal? I feel like this has reached a dead end." Seiryuu asked.

"Agreed, if this continues then not only would this be exhausting but lives of others would be harmed...not that you nor I would care," Feuer replied in a chilling tone.

"FUKA_HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Yeah those other weaklings can go to hell! Which I would take it that means your homeland!" Seiryuu says with another laugh as he suddenly puts back on his cape. "That was a nice challenge! Ryushiki better keep herself trained she keeps lazing her ass around! A 16 year old at her level?! Damn! FUKA-HAHAHAHA!!!"

"You were a worthy opponent," Feuer commended, "you pushed me close to my limit and yet, was a real adrenaline rush."

"Right back at ya! You have the chops to seriously do me some damage! You're easily one of the strongest women alive even more so than Ryushiki. However, I've nearly met my death at the hands of one woman and let me tell you, she's firece! FUKA-HAHAHAHAHA!" Seiryuu says with a laugh.

"I've faced those who think they're fierce only to cower once beaten to submission, though I will remember those words if I ever were to meet this woman you speak of," Feuer spoke in a uncaring tone as she blinked.

"Heh. Good luck with that she'll literally shatter you to pieces if you're not careful! But it seems like I must part for now! For giving me a good time, I'll spare the rest of your crew! For now! FUKA-HAHAHHAHAHA!!!" Seiryuu laughs in a joking manner.

"You seem to underestimate me, but no matter...Until we meet again," Feuer answered as she sprouted her large demon wings.

"Heh like I'd make that mistake. Till the next reaping! FUKA-HAHAHAHAHA!" Seiryuu laughs as he disappears in a quick flash of speed!