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The Secret Arts of Skypeia is an ancient fighting style originating from Skypeia, dating back to the Void Century and was used by the island's first citizens. Its practitioners were able to manipulate the wind in a variety of methods, allowing them to fly and use complex attacks using the wind.

After the void century, the art was lost, though its teachings were found in the ruins of Shandora. It was later re-discovered by the Skypeian elders who then spread its teachings among the people and allies alike to fully understand the art.


This technique allows the user to manipulate the wind by making specific moments. By the use of wings, they can control the wind with better accuracy and do more complex techniques that only a Birkan or someone with a tori devil fruit can do. 

The bursts of air created by the technique vary in strength and range depending on the user's body moments. If a person has a more fluid body moment then the technique will be sharper and more accurate. If a person has a more unrefined body moment then the technique will be more powerful but less accurate. It is able for more experienced users to switch between these two and in turn, make their attacks more unpredictable.


  • Fist of the Wind God is a basic offensive attack that is taught to young or new practitioners. When utilizing the Fist of the Wind God, the user gathers a spiraling flow of air by spinning their elbow in a circle, compressing the air into a swirling sphere around their fist. When a target is hit, the wind is released from the user's fist in a furiously rotating whirlwind, a cyclone, that is able to break off chunks of flesh or even break bones. The cutting nature of these powerful cyclones is enough to damage or even destroy some of the strongest metals, and it slashes away in the form of invisible blades of wind. The primary weakness of this technique is it requires speed to perform, and it is easiest to pull off when the user moves in a straight line.
  • Aerial Levitation
  • Aerial Slash is a simple offensive attack that is generated by slashing the user's hands or legs through the air. This movement generates a gust of wind, capable of cutting through steel and other dense metals. If trained enough this attack can cleanly sever body parts from his opponents, or simply cut their skin.
    • Aerial Fang is a variation of the Aerial Slash, utilizing multiple slashes in a linear pattern. The user creates the standard blade for their Aerial Slash, which then transforms into three different blades of equal size and length. They then move their hand in an upwards motion, striking their opponent in three different locations on their body.
  • Hurricane Cannon is a more complicated attack that is creating by gathering a large quantity of air into their hands. They then fire a huge burst of air from their palm. This attack is capable of tossing around debris, ships, and even destroying buildings. The winds of this attack are incredibly sharp and can cut up almost anything that gets inside the area.

List of known users

  • Marine Captain; Abel


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