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"A true hero is not someone who thinks about doing what is right, but one that simply does what is right without thinking"

Senkaku also known as "Kondazu", is a Marine Vice Admiral and a former member of Cipher Pol. He was the previous head of Marine operations in the East Blue before being ordered to return to the Grandline and lead Skyforce

Senkaku is an exponent of Wise Justice as he sees that the best way to serve justice is truly know the people you serve. This form of justice alongside his ability to quickly remove Pirate strongholds has led the East Blue to be an extremely safe sea and has resulted in his Epithet "Guardian of the East". Due to his immense mastery of Kenbunshoku Haki and incredibly tactical skills he was given the moniker "Thousand Eyes".

He is the godfather and Adopted Father of Lucy Kepler.

He is the Head of Skyforce and FLOCC. He is also a member of The Five Heavenly Beasts.


Senkaku is an incredibly tall, relatively slim man with pale skin, perpetually tired dark red eyes, Messy blue hair and matching sideburns.When not fighting,His pet Flamingo Laughey is usually seen perched on his left shoulder wearing a standard marine hat.

He usually wears a standard Marine cap and a Navy Blue, single-breasted suit, with a Marine coat with Navy Blue eppaleutes and cuffs draped over his shoulders like a cape, his arms not in its sleeves. Senkaku also wears pure white shoes, Dark Black round eye sunglasses and an orange floral pattern shirt underneath with a thin black tie underneath his navy suit.

After the timeskip Senkaku had a large scar covering almost half of his upper body which he recieved from his fight against Donk E. Kong.


Senkaku comes off as someone who is a whimsical, kind and pleasant man that people can gravitate towards. He has a profound obsession with knowledge, wanting to discover new things about the world. This interest has stemmed from his childhood where he felt as if he could hear all thing which fascinated him. After his time in Cipher pol his reasons for wanting to discover everything he could for sake of it to wanting to truly understand the world so he could make a difference in it and make it a better place. His inquisitorial nature usually manifests himself outside of combat as he will often question his allies, civilians and occasionally his enemies about their powers, their equipment/weaponry or anything else that captures his interest. When he is in his office Senkaku can often be found with his head deep in paperwork, researching a new topic or documenting the new discoveries he has made. Due to this his office is closer to a library then an office with bookshelves on almost every wall.

Senkaku is a brilliant military strategist, With a tendancy to take his time when dealing with things that do not demand his urgent attention instead adhering to his Philosophy of “Wise Justice'' preferring to spend his time researching his opponents. Because of his doctrine, Senkaku is known to study all facets of his opponents and allies alike from their sailing patterns to the culture of the islands they come from and the abilities they have as he believes that knowledge and strategy is the best way to carry out justice. However when a situation is more immediate he will not stand by and will always attempt to reach the scene of a predicted incident days before due to an incident in the past where his miscalculation caused his island to be razed by the pirate Luc E. Feuer. Due to his near constant activity Senkaku can often be seen with extremely tired eyes due to his constant dedication to his research.

As such, Senkaku does come off as a caring individual. This being an example towards his adopted daughter as her parents were the first people to show him that he had worth. He is extremely protective of his daughter and has sworn to never let any harm come to her. This attitude of wanting to protect his daughter from any harm would stem from what he had endured growing up and him feeling responsible for her parents deaths as it was his recommendation that had them sent to G-2 which resulted in them being killed by the future Yonko Esposito Dante. This attitude also extends to his bird Laughey whom he takes great care in the ownership of as he was previously owned by his best friend before his death.

Due to losing his best friends and raising their daughter, Senkaku views the lives of his subordinates as having great value as he will seek to protect civilians when fighting in a populated environment using his devil fruit to minimise damage and casualties and to protect people whenever possible. He will also never send his men into a suboptimal situation to save his own pride as such he inspires incredible loyalty in his marines and the people he protects.

Due to his past as a cipher pol agent he used to see himself as nothing more than a tool for the world government; caring very little for his own well-being, much less his morality and acting out any orders he was given. This mentality can still be seen in his behavior as well, being quick to give compliments and loathes to accept them as he sees himself as unworthy of praise. He sees his work as a marine as redemption for his actions as a Cipher Pol agent. His cipher Pol mentality is known to come out in combat causing Senkaku to become cold and ruthless seeking to achieve victory as quickly as possible using his knowledge of his opponents to create unwinnable scenarios and give himself the upperhand in any encounter. His Cipher Pol past also manifests in the way he talks as almost always speaks with a detached tone.

Like many other characters, Senkaku laughs in a unique fashion: “KoKoKo”(コココ, kokoko)


Senkaku is extremely protective of Lucy and views it as his life's mission to keep her safe and make sure she is loved ever since her parents died. Senkaku has personally trained Lucy since she was a young girl giving her the best training he could in Haki, Rokushiki and his own Semei Kikan. Senkaku is in all regards a loving father and will do anything for Lucy as such she believes that she needs to live up to his expectations.

Senkaku and Slade most likely have the best personal relationship Senkaku has between his peers. Slade and Sen became comrades after the bloody battle in Water 7, giving each other respect for what they put in to that battle on that day. Even after that battle, they showed their compatibility and comradeship together, another example being the Battle of Jotunheim. Since both of them have daughters, their daughters have became best friends as the two girls would play and sleepover with each other. Senkaku has even send his daughter, Lucy Kepler, into S.T.A.R.Z to expose her to the grandline and make her stronger. There were times that Sen has even invited Slade to dinner because of their "brotherhood".

  • Laughey

Laughey is Senkaku's Bird being a rare species called a katsuru. The bird previously belonged Lucy's father a man Senkaku considered his first friend and after his death Senkaku inherited the bird. Senkaku cares greatly for Laughey often Sending it away in dangerous circumstances and caring for it greatly as shown when he gave her Seastone talons when she lost her talons in an accident. Laughey seems to have a decent level of intelligence as she is able to understand Senkaku's orders when he gives them. She also shows great loyalty to Senkaku attacking his opponent and trying to disable them when she can.

Abilities and Powers


As a Vice-Admiral, Senkaku has respectable abilities in both mind and body.He also has command over lower-ranking subordinates who due to his style of leadership are incredibly loyal to him. Due to his history as a Cipher Pol he also has extremely good tactical skills which he enhances by researching his opponents which due to extensive study he is able to read his opponent like an open book and copy almost any moves he sees performed.

Physical Abilities

While in Cipher Pol Senkaku was one of their Top Agent having undergone extremely hard specialised training from a young age having developed his physical abilities at a vastly superhuman level, Causing him be to stronger then several hundred normal marines. Since leaving Cipher Pol at 22, Senkaku has only become stronger being able to launch Luc E. Feuer across an island with a Rankakyu Kick, As of Skyfall his strength was enough that he was able to compete with the Yonko Donk E. Kong temporarily. His Doriki Level was quoted as being incredibly high allowing him to become a true Rokushiki master unlocking the secret seventh form and developing several variations of different techniques incorporating his Haki, Semei Kikan and Devil fruit.

Senkaku's main strength comes from his innate speed and reflexes as he was able to blitz an army of 500 men at a young age and by the time he was a commodore he was able to easily react to and move fast enough to catch lightning as shown in his battle against Elio Lilth who is able to create and control demonic lightning. He is further able to greatly enhance his speed through the use of Soru and higher levels of his semei kikan. Senkaku also has great reflexes matching his incredible speed.

He also has immense durability as he is able to shrug off multiple pistol and cannon shots without sustaining serious damage even without using tekai or Busoshoku haki which further enhances his durability. His durability has since heightened to the point he is able to take one of Donk E. Kong's most powerful attacks point blank and coming away with only a scar.

Devil Fruit

Main article: Kokū Kokū no Mi

Senkaku ate the Kokū Kokū no Mi, a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that allows him to create portals between a pocket dimension and the physical world making him a "Space Human". With these portals he is capable of either pulling space or himself into a dimension creating gravity wells and nullifying incoming attacks. He can also push space out of his pocket dimension to create beams of space initially from his hands after training from anywhere in his vicinity. Senkaku discovered that he could launch physical matter stored in his pocket dimension out at incredible speeds creating an incredible powerful and efficient ranged attack.

It’s theorised that the pocket dimension that Senkaku has access to is the space between atoms appearing as an exact inverse reflection of the real world and having no solid matter in it except for the matter Senkaku pulls into it.

Senkaku's most common use of his devil fruit is maneuvering through physical objects in the real world by pulling himself into his pocket dimension on one side of the obstacle and pulling himself out on the other side. He also uses his ability to fly through the pocket dimension without losing speed causing him to build up incredible speed which is further increased by using Soru. Pulling himself into the pocket dimension means that he is unable to be detected using Haki allowing him to surprise attack his opponent.

Senkaku uses his ability to push space out his Pocket dimension in a myriad of ways most commonly creating beams of space which he can use for range based attacks or create white holes around his limbs to increase the striking power of his attacks. Senkaku has also used his ability to pull physical objects out using them as concussive strikes such as dropping a large object from height to crush his opponents. He is also able to pull the space an attack occupies into his pocket in order to negate it.

Senkaku is able to both pull space into his pocket dimension creating a gravity well, which he can manipulate the size and force of to pull his opponents towards and into his pocket dimension or remove any lingering attacks such as gasses. Senkaku is even capable of pulling selective parts of an object into his Pocket Dimension, slicing through any object which he chooses to target. By creating portals of different shapes and sizes around his body to intercept attack mimicking a form of Intangiblity.

Before training in the East Blue The devil fruit greatly decreased his stamina when he used it and strong enough Haki seemed to be an effective counter to it. however after his training in the East Blue this seems to have largely been nullified.

After Experiencing a site where a previous user had awakened his devil fruit he was able to tap into a small amount of that skill allowing him to freely morph his portal without needing to awaken his devil fruit.


Senkaku holds incredible control over Haki due to immense training throghout his life, due to this he is a master in Kenbunshoku Haki and holds Skill in Busoshoku Haki. Senkaku has also been shown to be able to imbue his Devil fruit attacks with Haki.

Kenbunshoku Haki

Senkaku's Haki Takeover

Senkaku has extraordinary mastery of Kenbunshoku Haki having been naturally skilled with it from an extremely young age, being able to sense the location, intention and emotions of others before being taught what Haki is. Through training his natural apptituide He was able to develop the rare ability to see slightly ahead into the future. His mastery of Kenbunshoku haki is so great that he often reffered to by the moniker "Thousand Eyes".

Senkaku has created his own Kenbunshoku haki technique called Haki Takeover. This technique allows him to remove his conciousness from his body and his fully utilise all of his skills and abilities independent of his thoughts and emotions. This allows him to push his physical and mental abilities beyond what he is able to achieve normally this technique also allows him to boost his Haki strength however it does not boost his skill. He first demonstrated this ability when fighting Luc E. Feuer in the ruins of the kingdom that was once his home.

Busoshoku Haki

Senkaku is skilled with Busoshoku haki being able to use it to enhance and harden his physical body as well as incorporate it into his various Rokushiki techniques. Due to his skill he is able to use his haki to strike logia users as if they were tangible. Senkaku's Haki strength can be increased when he is at his full potential as shown when he was able to temporarily create a flaming effect on his arms when he was facing Donk E. Kong.

Seimei Kikan

Senkaku is able to use Seimei Kikan to speed up the blood flow in all or selected parts of his body, in order to provide them with more oxygen and nutrients increasing his speed and strength greatly. Sen also claims his technique is good for his body and keeps him fit and young. Due to the increase in his speed Senkaku is able to cause parts of his body to ignite which he uses to imbue his strikes with a fiery aura. He is known to use this to greatly enhance his martials arts and Haki .

Senkaku also utilises his technique to slow down his blood flow allowing him to hold his breath for extremely long periods of time and slow down the damage done by injuries by causing the blood to not flow out of his body and prevent venoms from circulating through his body instead forcing them out.

Senkaku is able to further enhance his physical abilities through his second Semei Kikan form Full Conversion where he utilises all of the strength in his body past his natural limits providing him an incredible physical boost at the cost of possibly breaking his bones. Due to this he rarely uses this technique and will always harden his bones with Haki when performing it.


Senkaku was taught Rokushiki by his Cipher Pol instructors from the age of seven. Due to his early teaching of the techniques Senkaku's skill with Rokushiki is considered prodigal with very few peers in both Cipher Pol and the Marines having mastered all six techniques and the secret seventh. The only people considered on the same level as him being Admiral Chiyoko and fellow Vice Admiral Sora Daisuke. His skill in the various techniques has allowed him to develop variations of his own incorporating his Semei Kikan and Devil fruit.

  • Chukuho Soru (剃「中空歩」 Soru Chuku Ho, literally meaning Shave: Hollow Step): A Combination of Soru and his devil fruit. where Senkaku uses his Pocket Dimension to increase his speed and move through objects. Due to being inside his pocket dimension his movements are impossible to track due to his pocket dimension having no resistance and not being visible from the outside world.
  • Kamisori (剃刀 Kamisori, literally meaning "Razor"): A Combination of Soru and Geppo used to grant Senkaku a form of extremely fast Psuedo flight. Senkaku also uses this technique in combination with his devil fruit to grant movement inside his pocket dimension.
  • Hōka Shigan (指銃「遠い旅」Hōka Shigan, literally meaning Finger Pistol: Rocket): A projectile version of Shigan incorporating Semei Kikan that fires a sharp compressed shockwave of flaming air from the finger thrust creating fireballs from his finger.
  • Kakuchō Shigan (指銃「拡張」Shigan "Kakuchō", literally meaning Finger Gun: Expansion): A form of Shigan combined with Senkaku's devil fruit where right after jabbing the target, Senkaku pulls space from pocket dimensions into the wound.
  • Kizetsu Shigan (指銃 「気絶」Shigan "Kizetsu", literally meaning Finger Gun: Stun): Senkaku uses Shigan to strike multiple pressure points to stun his opponent allowing him to capture them.
  • Tekkai Kempo (鉄塊拳法 Tekkai Kempo, literally meaning Iron Mass Fist Law): A form of Tekkai that allows the user to move while using the technique to make himself almost indestructible while also mobile.
  • Tekkai "Utsugi" (鉄塊「空木」 Tekkai "Utsugi", literally meaning Iron Mass: "Hollow Tree"): A Form of Tekkai that instead of focusing on instead of absorbing damage to transfer it back into the opponent. Senkaku has added his basic Busoshoku Haki to this technique allowing him a limited ability to redirect energy attacks as shown when he redirected Elio Lilith and Zensuke Vahagn's Lightning however this technique has a tendancy to harm Senkaku when he uses it due to not entirely redirecting the energy.
  • Bakuhatsu Rankyaku (嵐脚「爆発」 Rankyaku "Bakuhatsu", literally meaning "Storm Leg: 'Explosion'"): A combination of Semei Kikan and Rankakyu, performed by the user causing their leg to ignite and then strike their opponent with Rankakyu creating a massive explosion where they strike.
  • Akaitsuku Rokuogan (六王銃「赤い月」 Rokuogan Akaitsuku, literally meaning Six King Gun: Red Moon): A form of Rokuogan incorpoating Semei Kikan to create a massive close range blast of burning air creating a massive fireball. Senkaku has also created a form of this technique where he covers his hands in Haki before performing the technique called Aotsuku Rokuogan (六王銃「青月」 Rokuogan Aotsuku, literally meaning Six King Gun: Blue Moon)

Seastone Talons

After Laughey lost her talons Senkaku has a special Seastone prosthetic commisoned which allows for Laughey to drain the energy and abilities from devil fruit users. To prevent Senkaku suffering the same effects when Laughey is perched on his shoulder Senkaku has his marine coat modified so that the claws will not pierce him as such his coat also works as a great shield from attacks.


Senkaku wields a Diamond Bident called Oroi which he was given by the Hōseki after proving himself worthy of it and gaining their trust. Using his training in the Shigan Techniques of Dagger and Spear Senkaku was able to quickly master the use of his new weapon creating a new style. With which he was able to compete with Skilled Swordsmen even with his limited weapons training.

Oroi is a large Bident Spear being 14ft long and made entirely of indestructible diamond the structure of the spear is twisted in a double-helix. Most of its length is straight and composed of two strands which are tightly twisted all-together. At one end, the two strands unwind and form two massive tines which Senkaku uses to catch swords and attacks redirecting them towards his foes or removing his enemy's weapon. Being a Royal Hōseki weapon Oroi has several special traits related to it's construction and purpose being the ability to channel and enhance the will of it's user allowing Senkaku to easily channel his Haki into the Bident. It also posseses the ability to return to it's chosen wielder's hand on command whether Verbal or Mental.

Through training with his weapon Senkaku has also learned to channel his devil fruit powers into this spear allowing it to move through objects in order to hit it's target and bypass defenses. Senkaku has also shown to be able to create a blade-like portal between the two tines causing it to look more like a regular spear.


Forgotten Spot in the Grandline

Senkaku was born 48 years ago in the country of Escaso in the Grandline, a once prosperous kingdom which had long since fallen into disrepair due to a virus that ravaged the island for many years. The bastard son of a Courtesan and an unknown Red Eye bounty hunter. Senkaku would grow up in poverty often not knowing when he next meal would be but while they were poor his mother would raise him the best she could giving him all of her love indulging him in his love of the world as he he felt as if he could hear everything.

Senkaku's childhood would be marked by the wake of destruction that the disease left in its wake. At the age of 5 his childhood when take a turn for the worse as his mother had developed symptoms of the virus and would become bedridden slowly dying over the few months, while the young Senkaku searched desperately to find a cure for his mother but to not avail. In his Mother's last moments she would hold her son close to her professing how much she loved him and how proud she was of him. An emotionally distraught Senkaku would cry in his mother's dead arms for several days before a priest found him half starved and refusing to leave his mother. The priest would help Senkaku bury his mother in a spot overlooking the island and send Senkaku to an orphanage to be raised amongst the other children who had lost their parents.

Senkaku's time at the orphanage would be cut short as at the age of 7 a group of pirates attacked the island seeing it as weak and trying to steal all that was valuable left on the island. While Senkaku was exploring the forest the pirates searched every home and buisness for valuables but the perpetual poverty of the island meant that they found nothing enraged the pirates would start to burn down the town. For an unknown reason Senkaku could sense the pirate's mallace and came running towards the town hoping to rescue his friends. However he was too late and only managed to reach the orphanage by the time it was already in flames.

In retribution he would spend the next few months using his ability to understand animals and his seeming ability to sense the location of the pirates along with a series of traps to rage guerrilla warfare against the pirates. Through his guerilla tactics he managed to injure or kill many of the pirates forcing them to flee and be blown apart by a Navy galley that had come to stop the pirates.

Upon dealing with the ship the marines came to the island seeking to arrest any pirates possibly remaining on the island. However they were unable to find any pirates remaining on the island and only found corpses and stories of the child who had killed them.

Deeming a child who was able to kill so many pirates at a young age too much of a danger to the world goverment were he to turn against them the marines were ordered to search the island and find the boy. After many days of searching the marines were only able to find cold traces of Senkaku. After weeks of searching the world goverment grew impatient and sent a Cipher Pol agent to track down the boy and either recruit him or kill him.

The head of CP7 would be dispatched and would spend many days searching before eventually tracking down Senkaku. Upon discovering him the Agent gave an ultimatum join cipher pol and serve the world goverment to make the world a better place or be killed. Being given no other choice he would accept and be sent for Cipher Pol training.

Cipher Pol

At the age of seven Senkaku was put into training to become a Cipher Pol agent and was discovered to have an extremely high doriki count. He would train until his body would not move and then would rest training his what he found out was Haki to monitor the location of every person in the building he was trained in.

After a while his instructor would find out about his Haki apptituide and give him the training of punching ten thousand times a day and then mediating to train his Observarion and Armament Haki he also taught him a Semei kikan which would allow him to continue training for days on end without the need to sleep.Over the next year he would adopt this training around his regular training. Over the next ten years Senkaku would be trained in Rokushiki and eventually develop his own styles he would also master his Haki and Semei kikan.

At the age of twelve Senkaku was sent on a mission to stop a trade of secrets between a defected marine and a pirate crew. The World goverment had deemed that the infomation was too important to fall into the hands of pirates so Senkaku was ordered to kill anyone who knew the infomation. Approaching by night Senkaku would sneak onto the island and using Soru, Shigan and his Haki would stealthly kill all of the pirates and marines in one night. When the sun rose the following morning over 200 pirates and marines had been killed.

Over the next several years he would take on many missions disrupting kingdoms not loyal to the World Goverment, Kidnapping pirate and navy defectors and killing many innocent people the World Goverment had deemed a threat always approaching by night.As As time passed, however, Senkaku would begin to grow disillusioned with his role in Cipher Pol. Instead of protecting the citizens of the world he was simply a world goverment tool no longer a human but an instrument of death and that the killing that he was engaged in didn't seem to be doing the good, or any significant difference.

When he was twenty two Senkaku was ordered to assinate the royal family of a kingdom whom he had been told had turned against the world goverment. Following his orders Senkaku sneak into the kingdom and ambush a guard patrol who had wandered into a dark alley after hearing a scuffle. Senkaku would dispatch two of the guards with no difficulty before turning to the third guard who attempted to fight back engaging Senkaku in a one sided duel and being quickly dispatched by being stabbed in the heart. unlike the other guards who had died instantly the guard held onto life repeating that he had to live on he had to see his family again before eventually dying. Senkaku honored the Man's will to live something he felt he no longer had.

Disguising himself as a guard Senkaku would sneak into the castle dispatching of the royal family in a bloody scene.Only to discover that the families only "Crime" was the princess rejecting advances from a world noble as she had fallen in love with another man the guard whom had shown such resolve to live. Disgusted at what he had done Senkaku would retire from Cipher Pol and request a transfer to the Marines.

A Second Chance

Upon joining the Marines Senkaku would excel in the training academy and score far higher then his peers. However he would struggle to relate to his classmates who were so naive to think themselves better then the others purely by the virtue of being marines.

One night in a quiet bar while out of uniform senkaku was enjoying a drink of Gin when two of his fellow Marine recruits would loudly barge into the establishment declaring themselves to be Marines demanding to be served, Before harassing a small man with a bird on his shoulder for looking at them funny. Growing angry at the hubris of his fellow Marines and the utter disregard they showed for the people they were supposedly protecting, Senkaku would confront the two men and told them to leave. Approaching the man introducing himself and appologising for the behavior of his fellow marines and offered to buy the man a drink to which he accepted telling Senkaku his name was Tobias Kepler, The two men would talk and drink into the night developing a fast friendship Senkaku would hear stories about Tobias's life that he was an Engineer for the marines who had worked in all four seas and heard stories about amazing events, and his wife Mary who was a cook and how they had met. In return Senkaku would talk about the places he had been using the cover of him having previoulsy been a merchant.

On the way home from the bar Senkaku would be ambushed by the Marines whom he had embarrassed earlier using his cipher pol training he was able to dodge the Men's attacks easily and use his Kenbunshoku Haki to cause the men to knock each other out with the punches which missed him. The following day Senkaku was called into his Drill Instructor's office who had heard about the scuffle the night before reprimanding the two Marines and Senkaku for fighting and disgracing the Navy the two men would be put on suspension but because Senkaku had not actually thrown a punch he was meerly chewed out.

During his time in the academy and while he was stationed at Marineford Senkaku would continue to meet up with Tobias every time he was off duty, eventually Tobias would invite him over for dinner where he would meet Mary in person who treated him to her amazing cooking and Tobias would show Senkaku his personal collection of Books which Senkaku would go through with eagerness in a tradition that would be repeated every Friday that Senkaku was off duty. Over time due to the friendship and warmth that Tobias and Mary had shown him Senkaku would begin to feel like he was unique and that he could actually do some good in the world.

Battle of Water 7

Twenty five years ago, the powerful pirate Bloodbeard had gained control of  Water 7 the famous ship maker island known for some of the greatest ships on the five seas. Senkaku and Seven Six Slade were sent along with 10,000 marines to retake the island and move Bloodbeard away from it. It was a long hard fought battle with over 700 marines dying and over 900 marines being wounded. However Senkaku and Slade would win the battle fighting with Bloodbeard and together they would personally drive him out of the area with the Pirate's troops retreating alongside him.

After the battle, The two men would ensure that all marine who had fought on that day were granted a proper funeral ensuring they would be remembered for their noble sacrifice in the service of justice. After this Senkaku would be awarded the rank of Commodore for his actions.

Fighting with Demons

Seventeen Years ago, Senkaku was assigned to go after the the Satanic Temptress Luc E. Feuer's Rampage across the new world. After tracking the previous actions of the pirate Senkaku calculated that she would be at his long abandoned home island of Escaso. Senkaku would use his knowledge of the island to his advantage and create an ambush for the pirate. After springing his Ambush Senkaku was able to secure an initial Advantage in the battle and after a long scuffle he was able to gain the advantage against the pirate only to be attacked by Feuer's first mate Lilth prolonging the battle for several days. The battle was fierce completely destroying what remaining ruins were left on the island and cracking the island into five smaller islands creating stalemate and allow the heavily injured Lilth and Feuer to escape.

After the battle the heavily injured Senkaku would hear come across a strange fruit that had started growing in the ruins that was once his family home, a dark purple dragonfruit covered in strange swirls. Needing to refil his energy after the intense fight Senkaku would consume it only to find the fruit tasted foul and instilled in him knowledge of this fruit The Kokū Kokū no Mi. For his actions facing Luc E. Feuer Senkaku was granted the rank of Rear admiral.

Becoming a Godfather

Upon returning from his assignment, Senkaku would discover the Kepler's had became pregnant and were expecting a girl whom they would name Lucy and that he was to be named the godfather. Upon hearing the news Senkaku felt true joy for the first time in his life. Senkaku would watch Lucy grow up over the next several years eventually being called Uncle by her.

Fifteen years ago, Senkaku would discover that a higher paying role which Tobias would be perfect for had come up on Marine base G-2. Senkaku discussed the opportunity with his friend to which Tobias agreed to take the Job. Senkaku would help the family move to G-2 where Lucy watch the soldiers while they trained and occasionally return to Marineford to visit Senkaku.

The Tradegdy of G-2

Thirteen Years ago while Lucy was staying with Senkaku. He would receive a message informing him that G-2 had been attacked by a pirate by the name of Esposito Dante when Laufey flew in holding Marcus's last letter asking Senkaku to take care of his daughter.

Senkaku was forced to inform Lucy or her parents demise something which caused the Marine to shed tears for the first time since his mother died and on that day he swore he would do all he could to protect his now orphaned Goddaughter

Battle of Jotunheim

Twelve Years ago alongside Slade, Tosei, Beiner Orm and Two Cipher Pol agents he invaded Jotunheim. Senkaku would disable two frost giants quickly in the initial assault while his ship transported the captured giant princes. Senkaku would remain on the island doing battle with the frost giants and defeating many of them single handedly. During the battle he would face off against the Frost Giant Prince Sakold and his Father King Thrymm.

During the Battle due to Senkaku's actions he was able to save the lives of hundreds of marines using his devil fruit powers by pulling the entire remaining foce into his pocket dimension and transporting them back to the ships. Because of his actions in the Battle of Jotunheim he was given the position of Vice Admiral

Great Minds Meet

Ten years ago, Senkaku would finally meet the man who inspired him to become a marine Sora Daisuke two would soar and in the course of their duel they would discuss their ideals finding themselves to be Kindred Spirits. Upon agreeing that they could he doing better for the people of the world Senkaku agreed to join Daisuke.

Oncoming Storm Swirls

Ten years ago, Senkaku would meet a ten year old child name Michael Perfetto who claimed to be the perfect human and had joined the Marines to prove it. Senkaku seeing potential behind the child's over inflated ego agreed to let him fight him. To which the Michael would loose everytime as Senkaku would easily dodge and trip the young man. After a night of the boy being tripped but never giving up Senkaku would agree to train the boy teaching his his Semei Kikan and Haki.

Bastle Island Incident

Eight Years ago Senkaku would accompany Admiral Fermi to Bastle Island to do battle with the notorious Reaper pirates who had killed a World Noble as well as Every Marine on the island including several Vice Admirals. Senkaku would do battle with the the first mate Zensuke Vahagn a mythical raijin zoan user. Being caught off guard Senkaku would study his opponent nullifying all of their massive attacks. Upon almost defeating his opponent the battle was drawn to close when Fermi and Seiryuu released a giant blast destroying the island and sending Senkaku flying. Recovering quickly from the blast Senkaku would grab the Admiral out of the water.

After the battle he was noted as being far stronger then any vice Admiral Seiryuu had previously encountered.

East Blue

After the Bastle Island incident Senkaku would request a change of post and be sent to be Head of East Blue Marine operations. Senkaku and Lucy would move to the east blue head quarters followed by Michael.

Over the next several years under Senkaku's leadership the east blue became the safest sea in the world as due to he was able to gain the love of the people he served and was able to prevent several people from becoming pirates by improving their living conditons. When pirates became a problem by forcing their way into the east blue he was able to easily defeat them due to his strategic mind and power sending the ones who wished harm upon the world to prison or back into the grandline and all those who sought to be free he would secretly recruit and send to a mysterious island.

While he was in the east blue Senkaku would train his devil fruit power and eventually master it becoming even more powerful then he was previously.

He would also continue to train Lucy and Michael in Semei Kikan and Haki which both would master. However after three years in the east blue Michael would return to the grandline leaving his Semei Kikan training unfinished. Senkaku's second in command would also teach Lucy Raizo Kendo. Over the follow five years Senkaku would finish Lucy' Rokushiki and Kendo training leading to her mastery of Geppo, Soru, Tekkai and Raizo kendo.

Oni Invasion

Three years ago Senkaku would recieve a distress call from an island that was being attacked by a band of pirate Oni. Upon arriving at the island Senkaku would find the Pirates already being engaged by a young man who was fighting them back but noticeably loosing ground. Senkaku would arrive just as one of the oni were about to kill the young man intercepting their blow and sending them flying with a kick. Senkaku and the young man would fight off the pirates eventually knocking them all out. However in the battle the boy was heavily injured the needed to be taken to hospital. Impressed by the man's skill Senkaku would ask the Man's name when he woke up finding it to be Louise Arthur a member of the Hero generation.

Marine Recall

Two months ago Senkaku was recalled to the Grandline to assist in the Navy's War against the Yonko Donk E. Kong. Urged by Sora Daisuke Senkaku accepted leaving the East Blue and moving himself and his Adopted Daughter back to Marineford. He would also instruct Michael on a mission to capture a devil fruit he deemed would he perfect for him.



  • Senkaku is known to carry around a notebook filled with his discoveries and a photo of his Daughter Lucy Kepler
  • Senkaku has a large amount of parrallels with the character Rob Lucci including his use of Rokushiki and pet bird however he appears to be the polar opposite of him in terms of personality.
  • Senkaku's Epithet of "Kondazu" translated to "Navy Crane"
    • His epithet is both a reference to the Dark blue color of his Coat but also a reference to Laughey as the Kanji for Flamingo means Red Crane.
  • The Character Art for Senkaku was taken from the Deviantart page of Blazbaros with color changes the original artist can be found at:
  • Special thanks to Morellavoltaire for her help turning the page from a scrapbook into an actual article.


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Vice Admiral
Navy Crane

Status: Icon green dot.png Active
Latest: Marineford