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You'll know a true hero from their actions as a real hero will always try to save people while a false hero will only talk about saving people that difference is what it means to be a true marine
— Senkaku

Senkaku also known as "Kondazu", is a High Ranking Marine and a former member of Cipher Pol. He was the previous head of Marine operations in the West Blue before being asked by Fermi to return to the grandline to help with the Pirate Menace.

Senkaku is an exponent of Wise Justice as he sees that the best way to serve justice is truly know the people you serve. This form of justice alongside his ability to quickly remove Pirate strongholds has led the West Blue to be an extremely safe sea and has resulted in his Epithet "God of the West".

He is also the father of Lucy Keplar and the husband of Marie Keplar.


Senkaku is an incredibly tall, relatively slim man with pale skin, perpetually tired dark blue eyes, Messy blue hair and matching sideburns.When not fighting,His pet Flamingo Laufey is usually seen perched on his left shoulder wearing a standard marine hat.

He usually wears a standard Marine cap and a Navy blue, single-breasted suit, with a Marine coat with Navy blue eppaleutes and cuffs draped over his shoulders like a cape, his arms not in its sleeves. Senkaku also wears pure white shoes, Dark Black round eye sunglasses and an orange floral pattern shirt underneath with a thin black tie underneath his navy suit.

During his time in Cipher Pol he wore a black shirt with matching jacket, pants and shoes. He was also without his sideburns and his hair was slightly darker.


Senkaku maintains a calm, surprisingly pleasant and good-natured presence around Marines and the civilians of the World Goverment as he cares deeply for them.

, his wife Jessica keeps him in check from slacking off on his job

is a man who will always try to talk his way out of battles and is usually nonchalant and kind towards people such as his students and colleagues as well as civilians. As a rule Senkaku will try to avoid combat and using his persuasion skills and his Kenbunshoku Haki to read the minds of those around him he will attempt to bring conflicts to a peaceful end or not interfere if he is not needed however his rule has one exceptions as he will not forgive or allow those who kill marines to go unpunished and when chooses to act he is known to be quick and ruthless in his actions.

When in combat Senkaku is always mindful of those around him and will often try to avoid collateral damage when fighting either by negating his opponents large scale attacks or by moving the battle to a more secluded location if he is able to. His attempts to minimize casualties is due to his belief in "Protective Justice" as he believes that it is a Marine's duty to defend the people they are supposed to help thus when in combat he is known to create portals from the location he is fighting to a safer area which can cause him to be distracted at the start of a fight which a sufficently fast and/or skilled opponent may be able to capitalise upon.

Because of his ideals Senkaku is an extremely compassionate man, gentle and soft-spoken towards his subordinates and civilians alike. He exhibits immense concern for his troops,prioritizing their safety over leading them and if he deems the situation too dangerous he would rather attend to the situation by himself then order his troops to charge in first.

Senkaku is an extremely intelligent and tactical person allowing him to make great use of his Devil fruit which is seen as one of the most powerful Mental devil fruits, He is also able to come up with a stratergy for almost any situation however he is not arrogant in his intelligence and will take onboard suggestions from his peers and even his subordinates.


Abilities and Powers


As a Vice-Admiral, Senkaku has respectable abilities in both mind and body.He also has command over lower-ranking subordinates who due to his style of leadership are incredibly loyal to him. Due to his history as a Cipher Pol he also has extremely good tactical skills which he enhances by researching his opponents which due to extensive study he is able to read his opponent like an open book.

While in Cipher Pol Senkaku was their Top Agent having undergone extremely hard speacialised training from a young age. He has developed his physical abilities at a vastly superhuman level, Causing him to stronger then several hundred normal marines which he is able to enhance through the use of Haki and his Semei Kikan. His Doriki Level was quoted as being far higher then anyone who had come before him allowing him to become a true Rokushiki master unlocking the secret seventh form and developing several variations of different techniques incorporating his Haki, Semei Kikan and/or Devil fruit.

Senkaku's main strength comes from his innate speed and reflexes as he was able to blitz an army of 500 men at a young age and by the time he was a rear admiral he was able to react and move fast enough to catch lightning as shown in his battle against Zensuke Vahagn who is able to become lightning. He is further able to greatly enhance his speed through the use of Soru and higher levels of his semei kikan. Senkaku also has great reflexes matching his incredible speed.

He also has immense durability as he is able to shrug off multiple pistol and cannon shots without sustaining serious damage even without using tekai or Busoshoku haki which further enhances his durability.


Senkaku has an incredible mastery of Rokushiki, having developed more powerful variations from each of the different forms and various unique techniques incorporating his Semei Kikan or Devil fruit.


  • Soru Chukuho (剃「中空歩」 Soru Chuku Ho, literally meaning Shave: Hollow Step): A Combination of Soru and The Koku Koku no Mi. where Senkaku uses his Pocket Dimension to increase the speed and make his movements impossible to track due to his pocket dimension having no resistance and not being visible from the outside world.
  • Kamisori (剃刀 Kamisori, literally meaning "Razor"): A Combination of Soru and Geppo used to grant Senkaku a form of extremely fast Psuedo flight. Senkaku also uses this technique in combination with his devil fruit to grant momvement inside his pocket dimension.
  • Soru Toi tabi (剃「烽火」 Tōi tabi, literally meaning Shave: Far Trip ): A Combination of Senkaku's devil fruit and Soru designed as a mode of long distance where Senkaku increases his speed by using Soru Multiple times in sequence. Senkaku has also combine this technique to granting him larger range of movement.
  • Hōka Shigan (指銃「遠い旅」 Hōka Shigan, literally meaning Finger Pistol: Rocket): A projectile version of Shigan incorporating Semei Kikan that fires a sharp compressed shockwave of flaming air from the finger thrust creating fireballs from his finger.
  • Shigan "Kakuchō" (指銃「拡張」Shigan "Kakuchō", literally meaning Finger Gun: Expansion): A form of Shigan combined with Senkaku's devil fruit where right after jabbing the target, Senkaku pulls space from pocket dimensions into the wound.
  • Rokuogan Akaitsuku (六王銃「赤い月」 Rokuogan Akaitsuku, literally meaning Six King Gun: Red Moon): A form of Rokuogan incorpoating Semei Kikan to create a massive close range blast of burning air creating a massive fireball.
  • Tekkai Kempo (鉄塊拳法 Tekkai Kempo, literally meaning Iron Mass Fist Law): A form of Tekkai that allows the user to move while using the technique to make himself almost indestructible while also mobile.
  • Rankyaku "Sen" (嵐脚「線」 Rankyaku "Sen", literally meaning "Storm Leg: 'Line'"): A form Rankakyu which uses stomping to launch attacks in a straight line rather then a curve, he is able to shoot four Rankyaku projectiles at once.
  • Tekkai "Gyakuten" (鉄塊「逆転」 Tekkai "Gyakuten", literally meaning "Iron Body: Reversal"):This form of Tekkai is used entirely as a counter instead which transfers the shock of an attack back to the attacker which when combined Haki Emission allows Senkaku to counter even energy attacks.

Devil Fruit

Main article: Kokū Kokū no Mi

Senkaku has eaten from the Kokū Kokū no Mi, a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that made him a "Space Human" capable of pulling space in and out of a Pocket Dimension which after he awakened he is able to fully control which is supposedly within the empty space between matter itself this causes the Pocket dimension to appear like a Blue tinted reflection of the real world however the only real matter in the pocket dimension is the space Senkaku pulls into it due to this there is almost no gravity in the pocket dimension causing the pocket dimension to act like a perfect vaccum however people are able to survive within it.

Senkaku's most common use of His devil fruit is to move through physical objects in the real world by pulling himself into his pocket dimension on one side of the obstacle and pulling himself out on the otherside. He also uses his ability to fly through the pocket dimension without loosing speed causing Senkaku to build up incredible speed which is further increased by using Soru.

Senkaku is able to pull space out of his Pocket dimension which he can use in a myriad of ways. Most commonly pulls space out of his pocket dimension to create limitless condensed space between himself and an attack or object creating a barrier of space. He is also able to use technique to create barriers around area that he is not appart of either trapping his opponent or protecting civilians. He also pulls a large amount of space out of his pocket dimension to cause a repulsive force which he can form into several forms but mostly creates it as a beam for maximum precision to create minimal damages when fighting an opponent in a crowded area. However when in an open area Senkaku is also known to create large shockwaves and pull solid matter out of his pocket dimension which he uses to destroy large groups of enemies and ships.

He is also to pull the space an attack occupies into his void in order to negate it however this is less precise then creating a barrier so he only uses this for large scales attacks. Offensively He is able to both pull space into his void creating a gravity well which he can manipulate the size and force of which is both done to pull opponents towards a particular point or into his pocket dimension and/or remove any lingering attacks such as gasses. Senkaku is also able to pull select parts of an objects into his Pocket Dimension slicing through any object which he chooses to target.

Seimei Kikan

Senkaku is able to use Seimei Kikan to speed up the blood flow in all or selected parts of his body, in order to provide them with more oxygen and nutrients. He claims that this is good for his body and keeps him fit and young, This technique also increases his speed and strength greatly he is able to increase this ability in various stages. Due to the increase in his speed Senkaku is able to cause parts of his body to ignite which he uses to imbue his strikes with a fiery aura. He also combines this technique with his martials arts and Haki to grealry enhance. Senkaku also uses Seimei Kikan to slow down his blood flow allowing him to hold his breath for extremely long periods of time and slow down the damage done by injuries by causing the blood to not flow out of his body.


Being of Vice Admiral rank,Senkaku holds proficiency in Haki, both in Busoshoku and Kenbunshoku.

Kenbunshoku Haki

Senkaku's Sharpened Kenbunshoku Haki

Senkaku has extraordinary mastery of Kenbunshoku Haki, able to use several advanced forms of Kenbunshoku Haki being able to see slightly ahead into the future and sharpen his Kenbunshoku Haki to sense his opponent's weak spots and remove his conscious from his body, allowing it to move and fight independent of his thoughts and emotions allowing him to enhance his physical parameters beyond what he is able to achieve normally and be almost unpredictable by other Kenbunshoku Haki users. He is also able to sense the location of others as well as their strength and mental states which he uses to aid in his planning and tactics.

Busoshoku Haki

Senkaku's Busoshoku Haki Emission

Senkaku has a mastery of Busoshoku haki able to use it to enhance and harden his physical body. Senkaku is also extremely proficient in more advanced Busoshoku haki technique as he is able to emit his haki a short distance to strike opponents without touching them. Senkaku suppliments his Rokushiki techniques with haki enhancing his techniques. Senkaku's mastery of Haki emission has allowed him to form his own technique allowing him to redirect energy.Senkaku is also shown to use his Haki Emission and Coating in his Rokushiki attacks when fighting logia users or those who can avoid direct damage.





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