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"The Seven Deadly Sins considered to be the most legendary heroes elevated to the rank of successors to the Nameless Throne, they reincarnated in these measly Commoners?! How dare they look upon us as equals! They are nothing more than trash!!!"
—A World Noble angrily commenting on the fact that the Seven Deadly Sins died and reincarnated in commoners that are considered Valkyries

The Seven Deadly Sins (セブン ディアドリー シンス, Nanatsu no Taizai) are seven legendary heroes that were real people, with their parents ruling over their respective Kingdoms. As this was a time before the World Government even existed, the Seven Deadly Sins were formed with the express goal to protect the people where the government of the respective kingdoms could not. Due to their immense power, all members of the Seven Deadly Sins were referred to with honorifics due to the huge amount of respect their names commanded. Each member of the Sins commanded a piece of the Seven Deadly Sins`s combined army with orders to departure given by the rulers of the various Kingdoms. Several hundred years later, the World Government was formed and the system of old fell apart as well as the Seven Deadly Sins. Once feared legends, they were no longer needed fading into history and dissapearing from memories; the only proof of their existence was the diaries of the Seven Deadly Sins buried next to their gravestones. 234 decades, after they had passed; the diaries were found and proof that the Sins existed was proven right with statues of them being erected in their names and their descendants were elevated to the status of World Nobles. The Sins have since reincarnated in people the World Nobles considers "commoners", being of common birth as well as full-blooded Valkyries that have great destines ahead.


As mentioned above, the Seven Deadly Sins were tasked with the responsibility of managing problems that the various Governments of the divided Kingdoms could not; such as chasing after runaway criminals that dared to run away from trials, killing Pirates who killed commoners and nobles alike, and defending the common people.

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