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The Seven Heavens is an alliance of seven sky island nations founded by Ganfall. Each nation is ruled by a god figure chosen by either popular vote or for their strength, this means the power level amongst them can vary greatly. The existence of Seven Heavens is unbeknownst to the world government.


After resuming his role as god of the sky island, Ganfall wanted to bring peace to not only his nation but to all sky islands lest another tyrant like Enel appear. Ganfall discovered six more sky island nations and met with each of their gods who were willing to join his alliance. Together they would meet on the small sky island, Pantheon, to form their treaties and deliberate on the protection of their islands.

With the recent death of Ganfall the alliance has fallen into to turmoil with the remaining six gods vying for power. Pantheon serves as the only safe space left to negotiate, but some of the gods aren't interested in talking and some are preoccupied protecting their nation. If the vacancy is not soon filled the alliance could dissolve causing all out war.


  • Ganfall (deceased)

Other Citizens

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