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The Sha Sha no Mi (Reflex Reflex Fruit) is a Paramecia Type that allows the user to sense any nearby attack or person in a 10 mile radius. This fruit was eaten by Nolio Bartolomeo. Nolio has displayed great use with it, showing the ability to have "ultra-sense". While using Ultra Sense, Nolio can see everything while closing his eyes. He can anticipate attacks before they even come by reading body movement. It can be used offensively by homing attacks on enemies in the range of the fruit. It is also useful for blind people, as Nolio was blind before he ate it, and after that, he could see. There is a weakness, though, as the user cannot sense projectiles outside the range. It is one of the strongest in the Paramecia class and it's reaction times at best can dodge almost light speed attacks, such as from Kizaru.


In terms of design, it is purple with a brown stem.

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