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Sherman X. Bismarck, also known as "The Good Fellow" by the marines or "The Hunter" by the pirates, is a Captain in the Marines known for his thoughtfulness towards fellow marines, and his hunting behavior towards pirates.


Sherman is tall, lean, and not over the top muscular. His eyes are a bright yellow color with spiky white hair. He has fair skin and resembles his father greatly.

He is usually wearing the standard "Justice" coat above his black tuxedo. The tuxedo is space black in color along with being sharp-looking, and well fitted to his body. Underneath is a white dress shirt, and around his neck, he has a black-tie.


Sherman is quite laid-back and relaxed most of the time and is calm/clear-headed. Usually, he always has an emotionless and expressionless face. Once he's off duty or with friends, his expressionless look breaks. Although a semi-introvert, he enjoys spending time with friends but hates parties. No matter what he does, he always has some sort of seriousness with him, calling people formally unless its someone whos close to him.

When doing anything, he is always calm and clear-headed and likes to think of the various possibilities. He is very analytical and always prepares beforehand along with all sorts of possibilities. He is a patient man and will wait for something to turn in his favor. Although, this leads to him taking fewer risks, especially when multiple people are involved. If he's alone, he is more willing to takes risks and is more impulsive.

When sailing, Sherman enjoys relaxing or sleeping. But, if he wants to study something, or learn something, he spends hours on that certain subject. Sherman always tries the most efficient, least time consuming, way to do anything. He's willing to spend hours just to find an easy to earn as much as possible while using as little as possible.

Sherman, unlike most people, refrains from drinking as much as he can. As a child, he swore to his parents that he would never drink, and so far, it has remained true. This shows that Sherman has a lot of integrity. Besides, Sherman holds a great record when it comes to promises, responsibilities, and things needing to be returned. Whenever Sherman talks with others, he tries to be as humble as possible. He never likes bragging about certain things and enjoys the face-slapping of others when they find out about how good he is.

Sherman is very protective of those around him. This includes the marines underneath him along with his friends. During battles, he always tries to minimize the losses, even if that means he has to get injured. He is always decisive when making a decision, and tries to refrain from hesitation.

Sherman's view of justice is different from many people. He doesn't try to achieve "peace" or "justice" through brute force. Along with this, he greatly values his freedom, along with despising the Celestial Dragons. Sherman also has a great dislike for most pirates who do immoral things.


Personal Relationships

Akemi Haori: Akemi has an interesting relationship with Sherman. They are more than friends, but not a married couple. A lot is unknown about their relationship, but some speculate that they're lovers.



Since Sherman works in the marines, he is friends with many of the members. Called the "Good Fellow", he is considered one of the best higher-ups in the Marines. Many marines look up to Sherman because of his caring attitude towards them.


Enemy #1

Abilities and Powers

Physical Abilities

Because he put himself under intense training since he was younger, he has incredible physical strength, speed, and endurance. Since he was young, he had a knack for swimming, but that was until he ate a devil fruit. The exact capabilities of his strength are unknown.

Through his many years of being a pirate and marine, he has gained lots of experience in fighting. Paired with his high reaction time, Sherman can instinctually dodge attacks along with somewhat sensing danger. (If he doesn't know where the danger is coming from and dodges, he might dodge the wrong way.)

Fighting Style

Swordsmanship: Sherman has an incredible affinity for using a sword. When he was first being trained by his father, even his father noted that he was talented in the way of the sword. He has been able to split a small bolder in his later years as a captain.

Marksmanship: Sherman his god awful at hitting anything using any ranged weaponry. When it comes to throwing things, he is average, hitting some while missing others. His father tried to teach him to use a pistol but quickly gave up the same day. Within his family, a joke was created, "If Sherman was to shoot a gun, you might as well run in front of him, right in front of where he's aiming. When he shoots, the bullet could go anywhere but in front of him."

Devil Fruit

Main article: Bunkai Bunkai no mi

Sherman ate the Bunkai Bunkai no mi, a paramecia-type Devil Fruit at a young age when his father forced him to eat it. At a young age, he began to explore the capabilities of this devil fruit while he continued bounty hunting is his earlier days. He is capable of disassembling or splitting anything that he touches. As he got more advanced, he could split things within a 5-meter radius. When splitting something, the larger the object or the smaller the splits, the more energy is required. He also can't directly kill living things by splitting them, however, he can indirectly cause their deaths via blood loss, etc. If he doesn't have enough energy to completely split something, then it won't happen, and all of his energy will be drained. It does not work on people, things, items that are covered in Haki, or made from Seastone. When using his splitting abilities, he can't split anything smaller than the eye can see. Therefore, the smallest he can split something would be something about the size of a grain of sand. If the user hasn't awakened the fruit yet, they can't disassemble anything. They can only split things.


  • Kenbunshoku Haki: Sherman was shown to be capable of somewhat utilizing Kenbushoku Haki as he was able to instinctually dodge along with sensing danger. Once he joined the marine and learned about the different kinds of Haki, he began training it properly, and eventually fully developed his Kenbunshoku Haki. He hasn't reached the point where he can see into the future.
  • Busoshoku Haki: Once he joined the navy and learned about the 3 Haki's, he began to start training on Busoshoku Haki. Through many years of training, as he progressed through the ranks, he eventually grasped it and now is only capable of covering two limbs.


After joining the Marine's, he gained an opportunity to learn Rokushiki, which he took. After years of being in the Marine, he took lots of extra time, honing his Rokushiki abilities. He is capable of using all six-styles fluently, being able to switch between techniques instantly. After all these years, he has been able to master Geppo and Soru, while the other four are good enough to be used fluently.

  • Geppō (月歩, Moonwalk): One of the most versatile and useful abilities of the Rokushiki fighting style. Geppō grants its user to "jump" on the air itself, allowing them to stay on the air for a longer time. This is especially useful for Devil Fruit users, capable of crossing oceans without actually touching the water.
  • Tekkai (鉄塊, Iron Body): After years of exercising, and combat, Sherman gained a very special ability. By compressing his muscles, he hardens them to the level of iron, making him a human shield. In a way, the usage is similar to Busoshoku Haki, although the user can't move. Sherman however, has mastered Tekkai to the point where using Tekkai is almost second nature, and is capable of moving while using Tekkai.
  • Shigan (指銃, Finger Pistol): One of the most deadly, yet hardest to master moves of the Rokushiki fighting style. The user pushes their finger at a target at high speeds, leaving a wound, similar to a bullet hole. Sherman has been capable of using this ability along with Tekkai to harden his finger while using Soru to dash at an opponent. Sherman is capable of rapid-firing this attack with both hands and all his fingers. Sherman is capable of using this along with his Devil Fruit ability to get rid of any obstacles (Weapons, armor, etc.) before hitting the body.
  • Tobu Shigan (飛ぶ指銃, Tobu Shigan): A projectile version of Shigan which fires compressed air shockwaves from the finger, similar to a bullet. This is the only way for Sherman to injure someone using a projectile since he can hit people with this move. Without this move, he wouldn't be able to use any projectile weapons.
  • Rankyaku (嵐脚, Tempest Kick/Storm Leg): Another ability utilizing the leg. This is another projectile ability where the user kicks at a very high speed and strength, making a compressed air blade shoot out. However, any appendage capable of high velocities can use this move. Sherman has shown being able to combine his Devil Fruit ability into the blade, which allows him to split things further away from his radius.
    • Rankyaku "Sen" (嵐脚「線」, Storm Leg: Line): Very similar to the Rankyaku blade, but instead of curved blade shape, the air blasts forward in a straight line, like a bullet. This has much more penetrative power than the curved, blade shape that the Rankyaku makes.
  • Soru (剃, Shave): Arguably one of the most useful and versatile of the Rokushiki abilities. The user moves at extremely high speeds as well as attacking at high speeds. Because of its versatility, the usage of every person is very different. Sherman uses this ability in conjunction with many of his other abilities like Shigan or Geppō. Generally, it requires 10 kicks to the ground to perform, but Sherman is capable of kicking 20 times, or twice as many. This means that he's twice as good as average users.
    • Kamisori (剃刀, Razor): This is a combination of Soru and Geppō where the user uses Soru while mid-air. This allows for extremely fast movement in 3-dimensions. While using this, he is capable of using attacks like Shigan or Rankyaku.
  • Kami-e (紙絵, Kami-e): An ability used to dodge attacks, this requires the user to become flexible and take the properties of paper. When using this, the user is extremely flexible, being able to float and bend like a piece of paper. Sherman acquired through years of training, along with combat.

Miscellaneous Abilities

Will Power: Sherman has an extreme will power compared to the average person. When wanting to accomplish something, he will try his hardest. In multiple cases, even when his body physically gave up, he was still capable of moving and fighting.

Tools and Weapons

Katana: Sherman carries his father's katana with him to battles. The sword is maintained very well as there are no damage indications on it, although it has been repaired before. It's just an average sword.


Early Life

Sherman was born in Kano Country on an unknown date in the West Blue. His mother died soon after his birth and was left with just his father. His father was a bounty hunter while his mother was an unknown pirate with no bounty. Growing up, he spent most of his time without any family members, which led to loneliness, which gradually grew into an obsession with wanting friends.

One day as he was walking around the market, he bumped into another boy similar his age. After communicating for a while, they realized they had a lot in common. Sherman than invited him for a snack, and brought him to a nice shop to get some snacks. Unbeknownst to them, there was a group of thugs who noticed them going in. They began to think that Sherman and the other boy were rich.

After leaving the shop, and entering an alleyway, Sherman was punched, and he fell to the ground. As they were about to continue onto him, the other boy stood up for him. At that moment Sherman felt touched, someone he barely knew stood up for him. He decided that he would become great friends with the kid.

Unfortunately for them, they were both kids against a bunch of adults. They were both beat up to the point where you could hardly recognize them. Without warning, they stabbed the boy, killing him. Shocked by this, Sherman knew that he would be killed if he didn't do anything. He got up and attacked the thugs. Even though Sherman knew he couldn't stand or move, he continued to. Right as he was about to get killed, another man knocked out a few thugs. Seeing this the rest of the thugs ran. Sherman looked up and saw a familiar man, his father.

Lifting him, he decided to train Sherman, after all, Sherman was going to become a bounty hunter too, right?

He was trained in basic swordsmanship, first aid, etc. As he got older, he joined his father in his bounty hunting. He started out scouting and eventually reached the point where he also joined in the fights. Throughout the years, he saw the acts done by the pirates. He swore to himself that he would bring these pirates to justice one day.

Noticing his potential, Sherman was brought to the hunting of pirates with higher bounties. As he continued, he built his name in the West Blue.


On a certain day, they were hunting for a notorious pirate with a bounty they had never tried to go against. The entire bounty hunting family went, and after a hard battle, they were victorious. Looking through the spoils, they found a chest, and inside the chest was a Devil Fruit. After a debate with the family, Sherman's father got possession of the Devil Fruit because he had the most contributions. Later that night, 2/3 of the family rebelled against Sherman's father. Knowing this, he brought Sherman and tried to run away. As they were being chased, Sherman's father knew that they thought he had the Devil Fruit, so he forced the fruit into Sherman's mouth, and ran another way, drawing the people away from Sherman.

Before his father could get far, he was killed. Angered by this, he plotted the capture of each member by providing evidence of their crimes to the Navy. After they were captured, Sherman felt empty.

Joining the Marines

One day some marines asked him if he wanted to join. Thinking about it, Sherman decided to accept it since he wanted to leave the life of a bounty hunter, and the life of crime was never an option. He decided that he would try and change the world. If he couldn't, he hoped that others would by following his footsteps. He wanted to end the corruption within, and bring the crime rate as low as possible.

Because of what he had done before, he started in a higher ranking. Although many doubted his skills, he continued to work hard, and eventually because he was so successful in the capturing of many pirates, he was promoted the Captain.


  • Sherman has a wife!?!?!?!?!


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