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The user can kill anyone they touch with their palm and all 5 fingers when they touch the chest or the face, for this reason the user needs to wear gloves on both hands when not in battle. the user needs to be able to keep the hand on the chest or the head for 5 seconds for death to occure, the user can also do a bit of something called reaper. the user can turn any body by stabbing their hand into their eyes and into the chest at around the same time to turn them into a repaer, the reaper is a being that is the bringer of death, once the user does the required thing to turn the person into a reaper their skin and muscles get removed from that persons body and their clothes change to be a black rope, the user is a skelleton and is now a proper reaper, the user can only have 1 reaper at a time, and the reaper can be killed, the reaper will be destroyed when the user dies.


standard devil fruit weakness.

the user might kill a ally if they are not careful so dangerous to both friend and foe.

lack of anything beyond close range when the user doesn't have a reaper.

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