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Shinzui of the Shadows (日陰の神髄 Hikage no Shinzui?), also known around the world, commonly, by his alias "Satori" (さとり Satori?) and widely famed as the "Heaviest Drinker in the World" for his obsessive addiction over Sake, is the Captain of the Shadow Pirates and a former member of the Seven Warlords of the Sea.

A former member of the infamous Redbeard Pirates, second in rank to the Captain Frederick Barbarossa himself, Shinzui is formerly a member of the Seven Warlords of the Sea and the captain of Shadow Pirates. From his base in Izumo Taisha, Shinzui is in control over Wano Country, being allied with its current shogun Momotarō.

However, under the face of the drunkard lies the hidden truth of Shinzui. Having been indoctrinated by the Cipher Pol at a young age, Shinzui to be a true privateer of the World Government. He serves as a tool for the World Government to maintain their influence, without cause for suspicion, in the pirate world. Orchestrating the events that lead to the downfall of the Redbeard Pirates and the fourth S-rank of his crew, along with other noteworthy feats he became an invaluable asset to the point that he'd earn an audience with the Gorosei given his track record. Shinzui would serve as the paradigm of what the World Government would want from a privateer and thus established a system based on him, known as the Shichibukai Naturally, Shinzui would become the first official member of the organization however his relationship with the World Government would be kept secret as many of the other warlords were not as subservient.


The year 1464:

The year 1466:

  • Shinzui was stranded in Wano Country, however, he would survive and get adopted by Danzo, a yakuza leader and family head of Seppukki Family, who was also one of the prominent members of Cipher Pol 8.
  • Before meeting Danzo, however, he would save a witch, from a samurai attack, who would grant his wish as a reward using her sorcery powers, making him a beautiful young child.
  • Shinzui would be given his name by Danzo.
  • Danzo teaches Shinzui several Ninjutsu and even Kenjutsu so that he would grow up being an exceptional Shinobi.

The year 1468:

  • Shinzui would save a drowning Ryūnosuke Shintarō, and bring him to Danzo who would take Shintarō under his skin.
  • Both would secretly undertake missions, under orders of Danzo, for the World Government.

The year 1481:

  • Danzo would get a mission from the World Government and the Marines, an early warning of Redbeard Pirates arrival to Wano Country. Danzo would order Shinzui to infiltrate the Redbeard Pirates as a spy, which he would successfully do.
  • During this time, he would meet Wukong for the first time and clash with him.
  • Shinzui would continue his journey with the Redbeard Pirates, sending crucial information back to the Marines.

The Year 1487:

  • Shinzui would be promoted as an S-Rank of War of the Redbeard Pirates, after returning from a long-lasting battle which would result in the death of the former S-Rank of War.
    • A small rumour exists that Shinzui was responsible for the former S-Rank of War's death;
  • Shinzui would continue sending crucial information back to the Marines.
    • A small piece of information reveals that he was responsible for the death and murder of the former S-Rank of War's death.
  • Shinzui married Kirigakure Hinata, the only daughter of the former Shogun of Wano.
  • Somewhere around this time, Kirigakure Saizō would be born to Shinzui and Hinata.

The year 1488:

  • Shinzui would be responsible for the final clash between the Redbeard Pirates and the Marines, in an incident known as the God Valley Incident.
  • This incident would cause the disbandment of the Redbeard Pirates, a mission completed by Shinzui, after nearly 6 years.
  • During this incident, he would meet the future Fleet Admiral Diane and also Sora Daisuke
  • After the incident, Shinzui would return to Wano, and learn about the massacre of his entire family, sparing Ryūnosuke Shintarō. Shinzui would inform the situation to Marines.
  • Shinzui would start his own Yakuza Family, under the name Shin Family and continue finding the mystery surrounding the massacre.
  • Hinata would give birth to Momotarō and Urashimatarō during this time.
  • Shinzui would take Ryūgū, the former S-Rank of War child, under his wing.

The year 1489:

  • Diane would meet Shinzui in Wano under the guise of Heiwa, as the latter wanted to learn swordsmanship from the finest Samurai in the region; the two would discuss the whereabouts of Donk E. Kong and the other influential members of the Redbeard Pirates.
  • Shintarō would go missing on Heiwa's ship, Shinzui who would follow him, would advise the Marines to take his brother off and get him admitted to the Marines. He would specifically request Vice Admiral Napoleon to train Shintarō.

The Year 1494:

  • Shinzui is next seen during the events of the Grand Tournament of Elbaf and he is disguised as a gambler during the Giants Tournament, having come to see his former captain’s daughter Frederick Barbara participate. During the events that occur, Shinzui clashes blades with his former Nakama Wukong who now had a new crew under his belt. Shinzui is agitated that the pirates have come to wreak havoc in a tournament. Wukong, asks Shinzui to join his crew, an invitation, which Shinzui refuses.

The Year 1500:

  • Shinzui would attend the public execution of Gol D. Roger, even secretly sharing Sake with the Marines due to their achievement.

The Year 1504:

  • After a considerable length of discussions and planning, Shinzui would be chosen as the first Warlord in a new privateering system known as the Shichibukai. Becoming the first-ever Pirate to be pardoned for his crimes.

The Year 1512:

  • Shinzui would recruit a young child named Hanako, an orphan he would raise as a powerful assassin.

Detailed Plotline (Seriously outdated probably)

Chapter 0: Prelude

To truly make a history of a person known for aeons; he has got to be a legendary warrior, for man is nothing but a spec of sand in a vast beach of an ocean of life. The life of this beast was not something he was proud of, nor would the history books remember it, except for his current greatness of course. The Dark Emperor started from the bottom, a dark pit that most if not all individuals overlook in their day to day lives, A mere advent of time that hurts no one, until their time of departure to the heavenly abode. The true beginnings of the Dark Emperor are lost in the history books, for not a single soul knows the mysterious beginnings of the beast; not even him.

His history accounts begin from the day he was a kid. He was stranded alone on the beaches of Kirigakure, otherwise known throughout the neighbourhood of Wano as the Hidden Mist. Unlike other kids, Shinzui was built differently in a lot of ways, for he was not only alone, His looks were so dull and ugly that other kids were afraid to surround him, this caused him to be an outcast. No one wanted to play with him nor share their food and even give him a place to stay.

Getting used to the constant bullying and outcasting would send the Beast into a craze, yet the tenderness of his heart and the kindness in his soul that had passed down to him by his unknown ancestors, let his rage not get the better of him. Shinzui would often spend time alone on the beaches of the island and quench his materialistic hunger and thirst by traversing the local forests. He would dig caves in the wilderness to shelter himself from the weather and sleep alongside bugs and dust. He would however he granted generosity and learn humanity from a few passerby’s or sponsors who would hand him some food as they moved on. Among the few generous humans, Shinzui would remember one gentleman, in particular. He had a mysterious bonding surrounding him, and despite the gentle and caring nature of his donor, Shinzui felt afraid to even approach him.

During one of his travels, he encountered a fight between a samurai and an old woman. The old woman was strong, her skills were those of a divine being. All Shinzui could do was watch the clash of the divine beings unfold. The killing intent of the two monsters put Shinzui’s monstrous being into shame. The battle went on for hours, with the two of them still going on willpower alone, their physical bodies were torn out from the long battle and wounds, Shinzui only managing to stay alive in the corner, it is unknown what happened and why he did such a thing, but Shinzui grabbed a small pebble and threw it at the almost unconscious samurai.

What followed the mysterious actions of the lad Shinzui, as a small moment of confusion for the Samurai and this peak of the window of confusion was more than enough for the old woman to deal the final killing blow with a slice of her sword made of steel. As the lifeless body of the Samurai fell on the floor, the old woman, saw Shinzui with the corner of her eye and called him closer to her. Thanking the young boy, for his most generous help, she introduced herself as the daughter of the ruler of Kuri and the recently deceased Samurai was after her life. The old woman asked Shinzui to make a wish as a reward. She revealed herself to be a sorcerer, who can grant any wishes, this is not factually correct since she was just a Devil fruit wielder who had consumed the Yoku Yoku no Mi. Without a second thought, or grasping the situation, Shinzui cried, begged the lady to make him more human-like. The lady looked at Shinzui and granted his wish, turning him into a beautiful young man. This granting of wish came at a cost however, Yamauba would later die from her wounds as well as from the aftereffects of such a powerful spell.

Chapter 1: Humble Beginnings

Reborn as a new being, one who looked entirely human, but Shinzui was aware, his special features as Selkies still existed inside him. These changes helped the young man live through the streets of the Island, not being labelled as hideous, he was considered a normal young orphan. He was often patronized by locals with the food needed to survive the harsh winters of the Island. It was during this time, that Shinzui once again met the fine gentleman from before. Hiding from this gentleman, he noticed a giant aura staring into his soul. The adult stood gloriously and introduced himself as Danzo, the leader of a Yakuza Organization named as the Seppukki Family. The Leader held out his arms and invited Shinzui with him. Shinzui followed, not knowing where he was going.

Danzo brought Shinzui to his headquarters and gave the child a room to stay. Danzo also named the boy Shinzui, which would mean ” Mystery” (神髄?). Danzo formally employed the orphan kid into his services in exchange for giving him food and shelter, something which the young boy lacked in every aspect of his life. Danzo gave Shinzui an introduction to ninjutsu and churned him into the warrior he is today.

During one such mission, Shinzui was rowing a boat in the high seas when an announced storm broke down and while the young ninja desperately rowed the boat to safety, he saw a wooden boat drifting towards their own ship only to overturn before the wooden boat would hit their own ship. Despite the dark atmosphere, Shinzui noticed a child, about his age or a bit younger falling from the boat and struggling to keep up with the currents. The Shinobi jumped into the ocean currents and quite skillfully dragged the boy into the boat. Giving him basic medication and basic other procedures he learnt from Danzo, Shinzui took him to a nearby inn and dressed him in cotton attire. Once it was morning and the stranded boy got up, Shinzui and Danzo entered the chambers and Shinzui narrated the events of the last evening with both the Elder and the young boy. , the Elder understood what happened and taught both the kids about Devil Fruits and their powers and how a Devil fruit eater becomes the enemy of the sea. They offered Shintarō a place to stay and sleep until he recovered, with Shinzui coming to him with his meals and a change of clothes every day. Shinzui even gave the other boy his new name, Shintarō. After he recovered, Shintarō stayed with Shinzui and became a disciple of the Senpūki Family as a Ninja. Shinzui and Shintarō would often spar to test their strengths, which resulted in 76 wins, 49 losses, and 33 undecideds, for the future Warlord.

Chapter 2: Young Boys and Love Often Results in a Heartbreak

Once while travelling through a village that was affected by battles, Shinzui and Shintarō heard a sound of an old man cry for help, searching through the debris, they found an old man, who was almost crushed by a collapsed roof. Using his Devil Fruit powers, the siblings by heart saved the old man, who thanked them for saving his life. He later took them to his place for some tea and thank-you sweets. There the duo met a young girl named Himiko, whose beauty makes Shintarō dumbfounded. The Old Man introduces her to the boys as his daughter. The Duo bid adieu to the Old Man and the Daughter,

The next day, Shinzui noticed that Shintarō wasn’t paying as much attention to his training and left early towards the direction of the old man from the previous day. Shinzui would follow Shintarō as he went to meet Himiko. This used to happen on a daily basis, and Shinzui used to follow his younger brother in the darkness of the shadows and came to know about his brothers love for the girl.

One day, as Shintarō was on his usual frantic as a loverboy, Shinzui followed him and was horrified to see the condition of the now vacant town. As Shintarō moved towards Himiko’s house, Shinzui began examining the surrounding place when he was ambushed by thieves who had come to ransack the village. Shinzui counterattacked the armed men, despite being overpowered, killing as many as thirty of them, all veteran adults, professionals at their job. Once He finished, he sensed Shintarō coming towards his direction, which is the reason he left the bodies and headed towards home before his younger sibling. After coming back home, Shintarō narrated the events of the day to Shinzui, who consoled his younger brother.


Shinzui was born a Sea-folk. Although his lineage didn’t matter much for the boy as he never knew them. Shinzui is first discovered by the Head of the Senpūki Family in the small island of the Hidden Mist (Kirigakure)  while Shinzui is just playing around in the beach sand all by himself. Him being an outcast because of his mixed lineage. Elder Senpūki decides to take Shinzui on his wings and trains him to be a Ninja for his family. Growing up, Shinzui goes on multiple missions for the Family, eventually becoming loyal to the clan and being trusted by his masters.  He is also taught sword fighting to disguise himself as a Samurai to roam around Wano.

One day he receives a lengthier mission, and its goal is to search for the long-lost weapons of the Senpūki Family: the sword of Kusanagi, a Yata Mirror and a jewel named Yasakani Magatama. His mission is to infiltrate the ship of Redbeard as he is rumoured to be a link for the three weapons. Thus Shinzui's Pirate Career begins, as he successfully infiltrates the ranks of the Redbeard’s, eventually becoming one of the top four pirates of the crew after the Captain. This notoriety, also brings a black on his name, as he gains bounties after bounties.  It is during this time, he also ends up eating the Giro Giro no Mi. After the "death" of Redbeard and Shinzui not being able to find any leads to the Lost Weapons, Shinzui returned home and is pardoned by Wano after he gives the Wano Government all information he collected about Redbeard.

Shinzui is next seen during the events of the Grand Tournament of Elbaf and he is disguised as a gambler during the Giants Tournament, having come to see his former captain’s daughter Frederick Barbara participate. During the events that occur, Shinzui clashes blades with his former Nakama Wukong who now had a new crew under his belt.  Shinzui is agitated that the pirates have come to wreak havoc in a tournament. Wukong, asks Shinzui to join his crew. Shinzui ends up revealing his undercover story to Wukong and the remnants of the Redbeard’s that are present. This causes a huge ruckus and Shinzui gains a lot of enemies in the form of his former Nakama.

Shinzui returns to Wano and writes a letter of apology to the World Government, which is just rejected by the World Government. Shinzui decides to meet the World Government Representative, during the travel, Shinzui is ambushed by a former member of the Redbeard Pirate, a former A-Rank who attacks Shinzui for being the sly fox that he was. A fight ensued and Shinzui became victorious. Instead of killing the man, Shinzui had him kept locked up inside and continued the journey. During his eventual meet with the World Government Representative. (You may ask, why the WG sent a representative when they rejected the letter earlier, in their ploy, the meet was just a ruse to capture Shinzui). Shinzui and the WG Representative went back and forth with the Representative outright insulting Shinzui in how a Pirate cannot be trusted or pardoned. However the Representative gave him a chance, the only way the bounty could be frozen was for Shinzui to become a Shicibukai, a Government lapdog. However, Shinzui had to prove how he would be useful for the Government and not turn on them instead like how he did his former Pirate Crew. With Shinzui pointing case after case on how his powers and closeness to the Country of Wano, would help the World Government create its own network in Wano. the points were not sufficient enough for the Representative to consider the acceptance and he was almost about to start a charge against Shinzui.

It is then, that Shinzui revealed his captured prisoner, a former rank A of the Redbeard Pirate. Shinzui accepted the turning over of the prisoner over to the World Government as part of the deal. This caused nothing but laughter in the face of the Representative. This is what he responded with, "Bribing me with a Prisoner? Capture and turnover at least two of the former S-Ranks alive and I will even consider this deal." In a last-ditch effort, Shinzui used his Devil fruit powers on the captured Prisoner, getting knowledge on his memories, he revealed the information to the Representative and promised to help the World Government in collecting information of their prisoners in return for the title of Shichibukai A Deal which the Representative was happy about and agreed, thus Shinzui became a Shichibukai. On his return home, Shinzui discovered that his Senpūki Family was completely massacred by a Rival Family, with the help of a small crew of former Redbeard Pirates and another organization that was also ln search of the Lost Weapons. Shinzui would meet the family's pet fox Kyuubimaru and carries a note from the Elder to use the powers of the fox.  Kyūbimaru is shown to be a fox that can turn into a weapon known as Sakegiri.  Shinzui would rebuild his own Family, known as Shin Family.


Shinzui's obsession over sake

"Sometimes I wish I was a cloud... Just floating along, going wherever the breeze takes me."

Shinzui has been described by many, friends and foes alike, as a calm, easygoing, carefree, and laid-back individual. He is a major procrastinator, who tends to take his own time to do stuff and often forces someone else to do his work, much to the annoyance of others. He is largely a benevolent leader, often using his words and charisma to make things happen instead of using force.

According to him, there is a time and place for everything, and fate decides what a man is supposed to do. Being a Believer of Fate and Luck, Shinzui is amoral, he believes that there is no such thing as good or bad, positive or negative, and Fate and Luck are the ones who decide what a person believes. This is what made Shinzui like the idea of the Shichibukai System, a system that is neither inclined to be moral like the Marines, nor immoral like the Yonko, but rather a standstill in between. He is a patient person, waiting for the door to open itself for him, rather than forcefully opening the door of opportunities. Shinzui is the last person to hold any grudges against individuals, even being oblivious to a person’s bad deeds directed towards him.

Despite this he is very sarcastic and easily taunts people, provoking them but tends to avoid escalations if it results in physical violence. Furthermore, his charismatic personality allows him to calm even raging beasts and completely shift the atmosphere. He doesn't care about his appearances or his own well-being, always laughing it off whenever someone told him about his fashion sense.

His carefree nature is such that he is often seen with a bottle of Sake in his hand, always ready to party, no matter what occasion, and really like to involve others in his shenanigans. He can get along with pretty much anyone, be they asocial or just tough-to-socialized individuals.

Because of being surrounded by strong individuals, be it in Wano or the RedBeard Pirates, Shinzui's approach in battle is rather analytical and perceptive and he remains calm and collected, under any circumstances, holding the belief that one has lost the battle if they cannot keep their composure even during tough situations. This allows him to find solutions to any situations he is facing mid-combat where even a millisecond of hesitance can turn fatal.  

Like other characters in One Piece, Shinzui has his own unique laugh, starting it with an "Uchi" (i.e. Uchihahahahaha!)




Shinzui is one of the powerful pirates of the New World, who presents a skill in battle that is competent to those of the Four Emperors of the Sea. His aptitude with strategies and his known and proven abilities in stirring up world redefining events have made him a feared entity. While it is still speculated, Shinzui seems to have some sort of connection with the World Government, a global regime that has ruled the world for over 800 years, which granted him the influence to become a globally feared state-sponsored privateer and a member of the Seven Warlords of the Sea. Despite not being a warmonger or greedy like the other Shichibukai, His experience and standing within the group is far stronger, has retained his position for fifteen years, probably remaining undefeated, when other Shichibukai were easily revoked of their rights after losing a single fight.

Despite not causing major world-changing catastrophes, Shinzui is often a major player and anchor in many events that have occurred during his lifetime. Mainly he was responsible for the God Valley Incident, where he helped the Marines with capturing Frederick Barbarossa and eventual disbandment of the Redbeard Pirates. He was also responsible for the murder of several of his former crewmates including that of ....., the S-Rank of Death. the Shadow also trained with Diane, during her stay in Wano and helped her discover the Kendō sword style, the most rudimentary form of swordsmanship in the world, emphasizing the basic principles of wielding a blade and what would later be a standard form of swordsmanship among the Marines. He was also partly responsible for two of the most devastating incident caused by rookie crews who would later go on to become Inglorious Bastards, as he was responsible for Yang to mentally suffer a defeat and cause a ruckus which would lead to his arrest and later result in the Impel Down Incident, Shinzui was also responsible for aiding three super rookie pirates in attacking a fellow Warlord of the Sea, Himawari, and causing her defeat, just because he felt she was weak for such a prestigious position.

Shinzui holds a major influence on the Four Emperors, the much-feared Pirates who rule the harshest oceans, whom even the Marine Organization finds difficult to keep in check. Shinzui was a former crewmember of the two of the Yonko's, Wukong and Bloodbeard, and their powers were said to be equal to one another during their time as Top Commanders of the Redbeard Pirates. Shinzui also faced Wukong multiple times in serious clashes and survive to tell the tale. The majority of their clashes would create major dents in the environment that would shape up the surroundings on a large island scale, one of them being Everrain. Shinzui's prowess even made the man with zero fears, the Yonko Dante, to be wary about him and even propose temporary alliances that would benefit both the individuals. Likewise, it is rumoured that Shinzui as a handle of the inner workings of the World Government as well as the Marines, which would allow someone to be a privateer for nearly twenty years while most of the other Warlords would often have their titles revoked for even being doubted of bringing shame to their titles.

Physical Prowess

Shinzui packs a punch

Shinzui was born with tremendous strength which only got more amplified the more experience he gained working as a shinobi and training he endured since being a mere child, physically Shinzui is said to be ten times stronger than average humans, but those who have experienced his strength first hand, have concluded that his abilities far exceed the norms even on par with Giants. Shinzui is capable of toppling down large structures like buildings via a single flick of the wrist and even lift these structures, many times, larger and heavier than his own weight, and throw them several meters away with just his single hand without showing any sign of fatigue. Shinzui as shown capable of even sending airwaves at the enemy[5] just by punching the air around him, this despite not being using Emission Haki during that time. During a challenge at a local pub, Shinzui in his drunk state was once handcuffed by heavily re-inforced Kairoseki but Shinzui was able to break through it with little effort. He also won several arm-wrestling competitions, despite allowing his opponents to use both their arms, despite using only one arm himself.

Despite his strong presence, physique, and muscular body, Shinzui mostly takes pride in his speed, which is unnatural and insane. He is capable of reaching from point A to point B within a fraction of a second, all in a while killing any enemy that stands between the said points. Shinzui looks like a teleporter to onlookers, while instead, it is nothing but pure raw speed. This also allows him to use several fakes and diversions with the extreme speed that opponents are left confused often where the strike would land. Shinzui is shown running several hundred kilometres within a short period of time. His speed also leaves around several afterimages as a distraction. It was said by an opponent that no linear attacks can work against Shinzui's speed as he would predict its path easily and avoid it at the last second. By adding speed to his strikes, he is capable of landing at least fifteen blows in a single palm thrust. By striking his ground ten times in mere seconds, Shinzui can imitate a technique similar to Rokushiki practitioners Geppo, which allows him to kick the air below his legs and walk on the very air itself, once shown to use this technique to cover a distance between two New World Islands.  

Shinzui is rather agile for someone with his physique, as shown capable of balancing his body on an upright sword with no support with only one leg while carrying weight worth tons of kilograms on his back. He is capable of adjusting the movement of his body mid-battle to avoid surprise attacks. This is a certain skill for a shinobi, as he is trained for such matters. His sense of Balance is like that of a cat and is said to be able to balance even on a needle. His reflexes allow him to avoid bullets from a gunshot at close range and bend his body in weird directions to avoid attacks coming to him from naturally unavoidable positions. This along with Shinzui's natural strength speed and durability make him a tough person to even land a single hit against.

Instead of relying on power or emotions, Shinzui uses his senses to note the environment, and make an outcome decided by predicting his opponents' moves. This trait allows him to maintain a calm demeanour at all times in combat, making his moves soft and unpredictable as a result. Once Shinzui has looked into his opponents fighting style, Shinzui's body can automatically replicate the move sets and use them with his own mixture of other moves and thus can fight in almost any known style that he can replicate.

Because of the rigorous training of shinobi life, he endured as a child, and a routine he practices every day three-sixty-five days a year, Shinzui displays a monstrous amount of physical endurance and durability, keeping his body at peak all times. Exhaustion is a word, not present in Shinzui's dictionary as he has shown capable of fighting for days without rest and yet remaining in peak condition throughout the skirmish. It is said that, even if a person landed the most vicious of strikes on Shinzui, he would just get back up as if nothing happened. He is shown to be pain tolerant, capable of meditating in boiling water, similar to the baptism of hot water, which criminals often receive in Impel Down.  He was also shown to bear extreme hunger, thirst, and sleep for certain days while also capable of holding his breath for several minutes without fatigue. Shinzui is also shown to have resistance against certain poisons and electricity.


Ninjutsu (忍術), also used interchangeably with the term ninpō (忍法), is the strategy and tactics of unconventional combat, guerrilla warfare and espionage purportedly practiced by the ninja of Wano, It enables ninja to perform their duties efficiently, primarily intelligence gathering and taking down enemies. Ninjutsu particularly aids ninja with stealth operations, as several techniques focus on making discreet escapes and swiftly incapacitating enemies a practitioner may encounter.

Shinzui began training ninjutsu at the early age of three and has undergone various types of training beyond just stealth and assassination, he also learned medicine under various famed doctors within Wano, learning basic skills that would help him conduct first aid in combat situations. He carries in his scrolls, medicines, and antidotes for various situations. Having lived off the land, Shinzui realized how dangerous a small dose of poison or venom can be, therefore to avoid its consequences Shinzui began investing small amounts of lethal poison and venoms, mixing them together to build immunity to various poisons and venoms. Shinzui also concocted an antidote that made him immune to most of the poison and venom that was known to the world at large. With this, Shinzui had the liberty to use poison and venom in combat. Shinzui has laced venom on the blade of most if not all his weapons, which caused even touching them highly lethal.

While known as the greatest drunkard, Shinzui also has a unique diet that allows him to stay physically and mentally fit which allows him to go fasting for months yet keep his prime condition. On the other end, Shinzui also trained his body to handle excess food and alcohol, in order to hide in a banquet set in enemy conditions. Espionage missions often took months if not years to complete and usually Ninja run out of food in foreign lands. In such situations, Shinzui carried rations in the form of food pills. These food pills were small and spherical but calorie-packed. The other calorie-filled rations eaten by Shinzui are Hyourougan, Kikatsugan, and Suikatsugan.

Shinzui began training Ninjutsu at the early age of three and he rose high and high in ranks soon afterward. His stealth mastery was such that he attacked from hidden spots and easily took down numerous enemies without getting noticed. His infiltration skills were used as the first wave of attack during his times in the RedBeard Pirates. He used to infiltrate the enemy camp, confusing their midst, for his comrades to then capitalize on this confusion to begin the attack. This was later proven in Elbaf when he appeared and disappeared [6] in the presence of the second-highest rank of the Wukong Pirates, Rosser Reeves Ruby and the-then Prince Loki.


Main article: Uroie-ryū

Similar to how each Samurai is taught a different sword style unique to their own tradition, Ninjutsu in Wano is also divided into different schools or clans with each clan having its own set of traditions and teaching methods. Out of these numerous ninja schools, the prominent include the 9 Major Ninja Schools followed by 81 Minor Schools which include some of the toughest shinobi in the country. In his side quest, Shinzui aims to assimilate all Ninjutsu in a single banner to create his own style known as Uroie-ryū.

Nine Great Ninja Arts

(臨) Rin: Is the ability of the Kongoshin Clan whose associated deity is Bishamonten. Rin Ninjutsu revolves around Shinzui having complete control over his body and its functions.

  • Rin: Kamishi (臨:髪死 literally meaning "Rin: Hair Death"?): This ability was first displayed by Shinzui during his fight with Kong, where he used his ability to lengthen his hair. Shinzui can also freely manipulate his hair to constrict something or someone with his air, which can be transformed to be as tough as steel and yet freely able to move it around either in a group or single individual strands that can clash with even steel blades. This also allows him to quickly grow hair if the older strands are cut, allowing him to freely change the length of his hair at will. By rubbing multiple strands of hair together, He can produce enough friction to generate heat with hair, which he can then use to cause fire to his opponents or surroundings.
  • Rin: Akumakoe (臨:悪魔声 literally meaning "Rin: Demon Voice"?): In his battle against Ieyasu, Shinzui again invoked his Rin Ninjutsu, when he used it to mimic the voice of Ieyasu to confront him in a battle of psychology. Not only did Shinzui replicate Ieyasu’s voice with perfect clarity, but also mimicked his speech mannerisms. Along with it, he also managed to project his voice as if it was coming from the woods around him showing his skills in ventriloquism. He also can project out multiple voices coming from multiple directions, with different tunes and tones to aid in combat and non-combat situation. Shinzui can use a variant of this technique to roar out a loud voice. The sound produced is loud enough to shatter and deflect objects, and injure the eardrums of persons. The loud sound has been proven to be effective for canceling other sound-based abilities.
  • Rin: Chokkai (臨:ちょっかい "Rin: Extendo Arm"?): Chookai is another ability of Rin Ninjutsu, that Shinzui learned was the ability to extend the length of his arms similar to a a certain ninja’s ability to control his earlobes as though they were his arms and uses them to strike opponents with tremendous force like whips.
  • Rin: Kandan Kenpō (臨:寒暖憲法 "Rin: Cold and Heat Regulation"?): A technique that was hidden even among several members of the clan, because of the risks it posed to its user. Kandankenpō gives Shinzui control over his body temperature, to be able to increase or decrease it for various effects even being able to conceal it to avoid being detected by heat-seeking machinery. By decreasing or increasing the temperature of his body, Shinzui is capable of freezing or burning anything with his sweat or blood. After consuming the Kumo Kumo no Mi, Shinzui can use this ninjutsu to lethal levels by drastically changing the temperature of his surroundings by spreading the heat or cold through his mist clouds.
  • Rin: Kemonotsume (臨:獣爪 "Rin: Beast Claw"?): Just like its name suggests, this Rin Ninjutsu allows Shinzui to increase the length of his nails to become sharp animal-like claws. Shinzui has displayed a greater aptitude and versatility in using this technique, being able to pick up locks with his long claws and climb on walls using his claws to grapple. Shinzui is seen using a version of the Cipher Pol's Rokushiki technique known as Shigan with his claws to impale his opponents with his sharp claws. Infused with Haki, these claws are capable of even clashing with swords. After consuming the Kumo Kumo no Mi, Shinzui uses his claws to create a finger gun through which he can shoot cloud bullets with considerable force and speed capable of shooting through even the toughest of materials.

(兵) Pyō : Is secret ninjutsu of the Daikongorin Clan whose associated deity is unknown. The Members of this clan revere the samurai art of Ryuo (流桜 Ryūō?, literally meaning "Flowing Sakura") and have developed it independently over the years even managing to advance it. Shinzui is an old hand when it comes to the art of the color of Armament Haki or Pyō, the name given to the technique by the Daikongorin Clan. Shinzui has managed to advance the Haki by learning the tricks from various Clan scrolls hidden from normal people. Following the concept of inner flow, This style of ninjutsu allows Shinzui to bring forth his spiritual energy in the form of a blackish aura, for both offensive and defensive purposes, drastically increasing his already immense power and endurance to higher levels. Because of being born and brought up in the harshest of seas, the New World, which has abundant numbers of Armament Haki Users many of whom are advanced including his captain and colleague S-Ranks, Shinzui increased his prowess fighting them and learning from them, making him stand hand to hand with them, as one of the advanced users of the Pyō Ninjutsu.

The power of the Pyō Ninjutsu of the Daikongorin Clan grants Shinzui a potent skill to supplement his physique with the aura of spiritual means. This enables the Ninja to boost its power and durability by a great margin. The enhancement provided with this ninjutsu allows Shinzui to be more powerful than other fighters, putting him in a tier above them close to if not being referred to as superhuman. Unlike the Kai Ninjutsu of the Gebaku Clan which also revolves around spiritual aura but is considered a support power, Pyō Ninjutsu is considered an offensive ability and more combat-oriented than the former. With Shinzui's expertise on the skill, and the way he uses it he can invoke the ability without the need to show visible color in his aura making it sound like an invincible and invisible armor. Pyō Ninjutsu has shown time and again to be an effective counter against devil fruit powers, despite the concept of devil fruits being alien to the clan that developed the ninjutsu. Any part of his body that is encapsulated with the spiritual aura can interact with the body of a Devil Fruit User whose body has been altered due to the Devil Fruits consumption, that is the elemental body of logia or special paramecia and even the body-altering powers of paramecia, like the rubber body granted by Gomu Gomu no Mi. This advantage granted by the Ninjutsu to Shinzui is not as same as the weakness the Devil Fruit User has over a substance called Seastone, which radiates at the same wavelength as the sea itself, thus nullifying the Devil Fruit ability, but merely allows the Shinobi to bypass the defense granted by the fruit.

With the most basic of applications for Pyō, Shinzui can clad his desired body part with a coating that is mostly black albeit displaying different shades of it. This hardening effect of Armament Colour allows Shinzui to become stronger in terms of both offense and defense. This allows the Shinobi to increase his attack power by a substantial amount, allowing his blows to be colossally destructive and menacing. When used to defend against attacks, Hardening his skin allows Shinzui to serve as an armor that can defend him from most attacks, meaning even bullets unless specially reinforced do not damage him much. Shinzui can on his own free will, create armor around his entire body or just specific parts of it, to decrease the amount of aura discharged. With his ability to read the future through Kai and fast reflexes, Shinzui can create armor only when and wherever needed to truly conserve the aura, but because of such a compost concentration of the aura, the normally invisible layer of the aura becomes visibly black in coloration. Shinzui has trained his body to a point where he can immediately blacken the part of his body that is under attack from an opponent, making any surprise attacks useless against him. After his many fights against Kong, and to match the strength of the gigantic mink, Shinzui’s prowess increased to a point where his usage of hardening caused flames to surround the coating which again drastically increases his physical capabilities to a point where even the finest swords scattered on contact with him and even large buildings get knocked down by a half-assed punch from the former Warlord. Furthermore, by focusing his Haki on his heels, a swing from his foot would cause the entire ground underneath him his surroundings to be decimated, ruptured, and causing a miniature earthquake around him, but not at the level of the Gura Gura no Mi. While Pyō Ninjutsu is not the most impenetrable armor of sorts, what makes it invulnerable is the fact that the quality of Shinzui’s aura is ranked top-tier which when combined with his natural physical prowess makes him one of the toughest nuts to crack open, without reinforcements of a higher or better quality.

Shinzui Imbueing a bamboo sword with his Aura

As mentioned before, Pyō Ninjutsu was based around the Samurai usage of the concept of Ryuo, which the honorable warriors used to amplify the strike of their bladed weapons. Staying true to the concept, the Daikongorin Clan before him, as well as Shinzui himself can use the aura generated from their body through spiritual means and imbue it to his weapons for increasing their attributes, with examples showing about how women from a certain warrior tribe imbued their Haki on arrows causing them to be strong enough to break down stone. With how potent Shinzui’s aura is, he can imbue it in a wooden sword and use it to clash against the mightiest steel swords without as much damaging his wooden stick. Not only weapons, but Shinzui has also found a way to imbue his aura on anything within the split of a second that he has touched it with a body part, that is already imbued with the said aura or even otherwise weapons that are in contact with him. He can even imbue Busoshoku to the very earth he stands[7], giving him the ability to reshape it into fortifications or even makeshift weapons out of the earth for his disposal.

Just like how a swordsman imbues his weapon with his spiritual aura to greatly increase its sharpness and how a madman uses his spiritual aura to crack a giant fortress, Shinzui can without much trouble manipulate the efficacy of any object that is imbued with his aura. For example, by sending his aura to a defending shield of armor, he can weaken the effect of the shield to cause to easily shatter, the opposite also holds as he can amplify his own or the abilities of his allies via passing his aura to their attacks.

The testament to the potency and quantity of aura Shinzui can produce is shown with his handling of Hyakki Yagyō, a cursed blade that sucks the aura of anyone who touches it, making many lose their stamina just by holding it for a few seconds, yet Shinzui has shown to wield the blade easily, even going for it for hours in the end without losing any much stamina than he normally would.

It is in the pillars of the Pyō Ninjutsu Temple, did Shinzui learn about advancements of the techniques that are mostly unheard of or even rare in the New World, the advanced form of Pyō Ninjutsu. Such techniques were termed forbidden, but Shinzui learned the theories very well. The requirement of these techniques was termed to be the advancement of the basic techniques provided by the school. After years of training, and trying to utilize different variations of the basic skills. Shinzui understood the basic functionalities of the jutsu and began learning the advanced variant. With this new ninjutsu ability, Shinzui learned the capabilities of letting the aura flow out of his body. Shinzui’s skill with the jutsu allows him to flow the aura from any part of his body, mostly from his hands, eyes, legs, and even from the ends of a single strand of hair. The emission can be in small layers or even be in large bursts of aura that is invisible and just like that of Impact or Reject Dials it is capable of knocking down just about anything in their reach. Shinzui can burst down most defenses with the way he utilizes the technique, crushing or deforming them even being able to break down the bones of the less fortunate. The Former warlord has also shown to use this technique against other barriers as a way to break them apart. The Shadow Shinobi can utilize this emitted aura by sending it forward as a concussive force which has shown to even knock back giants and crack bones in humans and animals.

Shinzui emitting the aura out of his body

On the contrary, Shinzui’s expertise however lies in the fact that he can emit his aura in the form of small streams of continuous pools rather than a sudden burst. With this, he is capable of covering the entire battlefield with his aura giving him an added advantage of using the entire battlefield as a source for his Haki-based attacks. This field around Shinzui wherein he can store Haki is referred to as a zone. While this is foolish for anyone to do, due to the need for the person to lose stamina in exchange, Shinzui is a rare phenomenon allowing him to do such a task due to the immense reserves he possesses, this form of Aura release has multiple usages when used in an orderly fashion. Firstly, the emitted aura of the user like Shinzui can act as a defensive structure like a shield, wall, barrier, dome, or field. Depending on the requirement, the shape of these structures can be spherical which allows an all-around defense or wall shape intended for a specific directional attack. However, it has to be noted that the shape of the wall doesn’t necessarily equate to how strong the created forcefield is. While the created shield is strong enough to block most if not the most powerful of attacks, the aura makes sure that the attacks passing through it is either weakened or dispersed before reaching him. This ability is based around the very concept of the definition of this ability, while the aura is emitted out of the body, it is naturally forced or repelled out of the system. This means that the aura is repulsive of the body in nature and can therefore the task of the forcefield is to deflect objects or attacks away from Shinzui. This usage of the technique has been compared to the Bari Bari no Mi by various people, however, while Shinzui is capable of conjuring multiple barriers these barriers cannot be used as a platform or other usages shown by the users of that devil fruit.

and using it for various purposes

Instead of a visible shield, the aura itself can act as a defense mechanism for Shinzui, as anything within the zone is influenced by Shinzui’s aura in other terms his will. This can cause an imbalance within any foreign entity that decides to enter the zone causing them to fall apart. While normally no straightforward attacks work on Shinzui since he can dodge them with his quick reflexes and agility, while Shinzui brings up his zone no straightforward attacks can even touch the Shinobi. While in turn, Shinzui can use this field to help him in utilizing his Retsu ability on objects around him.

Shinzui communicating with the crows and commanding them

(闘) Tohis a collection of teachings unique to the Gejishi Clan, the third of the Nine famous Ninja Clans. The members of this Clan are known to have an inherent knack when it comes to dealing with animals and utilizes various different animals for their needs. After picking up the secrets from the Clan members, Shinzui learned the ability to be deal with animals, read their thoughts and minds and understand them, and basically communicate with them. For Shinzui, whose entire persona is to manipulate other humans, animals and birds are just yet another chess piece in the grand scheme of things. Shinzui has a collection of scrolls that contain various methods and ways on how to treat and understand each animal classification, this allows him to have a piece of certain knowledge on common animals even before meeting them. What makes this ability more useful and refined is that the fact that Shinzui himself is a likable person at heart, the aura gives off makes it easier for him to be friends with anyone including animals. This allows Shinzui to build a rapport with any animals he meets, building a connection to them and working well together with them by understanding their needs. This ability of the Gejishi Clan and Shinzui helps them in a variety of circumstances, including befriending a beast of prey, hunting, taming, and even fishing by learning the behavior of animals and using them to his own advantage.

Shinzui taming a donkey by offering it favorite food

In part to his usage of Kai Ninjutsu, Shinzui can use it to probe into the minds and emotions of animals. Understanding is the first step at peace, meaning Shinzui can use his understanding of the animals' psych and emotional state at the given instant to form a bond that can even tame the wildest of beasts and even train these animals for certain tasks. Because of these bonds established between Shinzui and the tamed beasts, they are more than likely and have at many times helped Shinzui in his adventures, coming to help him in various situations, such as when a Limbo, the whale helped Shinzui in traveling from Mariejoies to Marineford, letting it ride on its back. However, with the help of Kai and Zen Ninjutsu, the opposite of taming can also be done, with Shinzui being able to make a beast feral and even make domesticated animals turn wild and against the very person they loved creating psychological trauma and impact for the shattering of these bonds.

The knowledge on animals also imparts on Shinzui information regarding the breeding habits of various animals and the various factors that involve in the birth of a new creature. This not only involves finding the best season for mating, but also ideal partners, food, and natural habits during the entirety of breeding seasons. The breeding knowledge may not be entirely in-breeding, ie. the breeding of animals of the same species, since the Gejishi Clan have various documented writings of selective outbreeding methods, wherein a male and female of different animal breeds are made to be bred to give birth to crossbreeds. This knowledge has helped the various Gejishi Clan members as well as Shinzui himself to save and preserve a lot of animals in and around Wano, saving many animals which were thought to have been extinct for several decades.

(者) Sha (皆) Kai (陣) Jin (列) Retsu (在) Zai (前) Zen

Other Ninjutsu

Shinzui displaying Makijiku Ninjutsu

  • Ninpo: Makijiku no Jutsu (巻軸の術 Ninpō: Makijiku no Jutsu?, literally meaning "Ninja Art: Scroll Technique"): It is a ninja technique that is similar in function to a certain Paramecia type Devil Fruit known as the Maki Maki no Mi. The Makijiku technique allows Shinzui to seal objects inside scrolls. These objects can be conjured back anytime when needed, allowing Shinzui to walk almost empty-handed. Shinzui uses this technique to store food, Sake, weapons, medicine, and even secret documents. Shinzui can also use this technique to intercept attacks and send them back to the target or store them later for further usage. Shinzui has around fifty to hundred scrolls in his collection for various different tasks, which he stores in different scrolls. These scrolls are attached to various parts of his body, underneath his clothes, which he can reveal out to launch attacks. Famously he uses his scrolls to store an ample amount of water to use for his Fishman jujutsu, turning a dry arid area into a wetland in mere moments.


Within all individuals in the universe lies a mysterious yet powerful power, a manifestation of their spiritual energy, under the name Haki(覇気; ambition). This power is faint, yet manifest subconsciously between individuals, be it a child or an old man, peasant or royalty, marine or pirate, Fishman or Birdman, from training or experience that can be shocking to one’s mentality. Currently, Haki is known to manifest within certain people in two known types or colors, Color of Observation (見聞色の覇気 Kenbun-shoku no Haki?) and Color of Armamant (武装色の覇気 Busō-shoku no Haki?). However, there is a distinct third type or colour that is rarely awakened by certain gifted individuals, known as the Color of the Supreme King (覇王色の覇気 Haō-shoku no Haki?). The former member of the Seven Warlords of the Sea, Shinzui is one of the rare authoritative individuals that was blessed with the ability to use all three colours of Haki, which he can skillfully use thanks to the possession of gargantuan amounts of spiritually enhanced energy, mastered through several decades of practice, training, and meditation. This is largely due to the curriculum inducted on Wano military men, who even in their childhood are introduced to Haki as a concept of inner flow, i.e., the flow of energy that exists in all of the things that exist in nature. However, what sets Shinzui apart from many others who mastered Haki is his ability to combine them with his other training such as ninjutsu and the Selkie Arts and even between the different colours themselves. This Will to achieve his ambitions, as allowed Shinzui to withstand multiple battles, go through numerous conflicts and die a thousand times, yet still stand and move on, making him one of the few individuals whose willpower has not yet been tampered with, by even the strongest warriors in the sea.



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Other Tools

Shinzui using his flute

  • Antidotes
  • Ax
  • Blowdarts
  • Bow & Arrows
  • Explosive Tags
  • Fishing rod
  • Flute
  • Folding Fan
  • Katana
  • Kunai
  • Kusarigama
  • Naginata
  • Ninjato
  • Poison
  • Rope
  • Scrolls
  • Senbon
  • Shuriken
  • Smokebombs
  • Spear
  • Staff
  • Tonfa
  • Wire Strings



Other Skills

During his fight against Ieyasu, Shinzui was shown to have the ability to push his voice outside of his system, making it appear to be from his surroundings[8]. He has also shown to be able to mimic the voice of anyone he met[9].


Daddy's Girl!

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Seven Isn't Lucky

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Human Lies Never Fool a Dragon's Eyes

Battle of Ohara

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Through the Gates of Hell!

Welcome to the Magic Kingdom

The Silent Conquerors make the Most Noise

Battle of the Old: War and Conquest

Wano Conquest

Operation: Skyfall

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When the Sky Falls...

Shinzui's New Bounty is revealed

Shinzui is portrayed as one of the Shichishokō aiming for the title of Yonko

Resurrection Of The Kijin


Name Nickname Bounty
Shinzui bounty.jpeg
"Shadow" Bsymbol.gif1,300,000,000


  • "Transylvania is a busy tourist place, of the rich, by the rich and for the rich. Normal civilians wouldn't be allowed in, no matter what entails them, lest alone pirates like us." - Shinzui, addressing the three rookies, before the attack on Transylvania.


  • His Alias "Satori" (さとり Satori?) comes from Satori (覚, "consciousness") in Japanese folklore that is mind-reading monkey-like monsters ("yōkai") said to dwell within the mountains of Hida and Mino (presently Gifu Prefecture).
  • His appearance is based on Shikamaru Nara from Naruto franchise as a child, Sengoku Iori from Gamaran Franchise as shichibukai and Wei Wuxian and Mo Xuanyu from Untamed/ Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation currently.
  • While not being the first Shichibukai to appear in fanon-canon, he is the First known Shichibukai to be handed the title in the fanon canon timeline, thus also making him the longest-serving Shichibukai with nineteen years of experience.
    • He is also the first known Shichibukai to resign from the position.
  • His birthday September 9th is the same day:
    • As the author's birthday.
    • 1543 – Mary Stuart, at nine months old, is crowned "Queen of Scots" in the central Scottish town of Stirling.
    • 1776 – The Continental Congress officially names its union of states the United States.
  • His Blood Type is "B-"ve.
  • Like many people, Shinzui has a distinct laugh (Uchihahahaha).
  • His theme song would be Senbonzakura.
  • His favorite food is Sake and hates anything sweet.
  • His favorite ice-cream flavor is black-current.
  • Among the Various Season Islands, Shinzui likes Summer Islands.
  • His favorite Number is 9.
  • If Shinzui played Among Us, he would pick up Black as his Avatar colour.
  • If Shinzui was a Marine, he would be a firm believer of "Shadow Justice".
  • If Shinzui would be a bird for a day, he would be Crow.
  • His hobbies include Drinking Sake and meditating.

SBS based Trivia

Q) "What are his thoughts over the Inglorious Bastards?"
A) "New Pawns at his disposal"

Q) "What does he think about the current state of the world?"
A) "Messier than the room of a teenager going through depression"

Q) "Which characters would Shinzui be interested in fighting against that he hasn't yet?"
A) "Quite a lot, but one of them being Dulari"

Q) "Associated Flower?"
A) "Cherry Blossoms"

Q) "If Shinzui wins the Yonko Wars, what will he do first?"
A) "Celebrate Show up at the doors of the other Yonko, asking them for best wishes at his new role."

Q) "If all the Shinzui incarnations were in a free-for-all, which Shinzui would win?"
A) "His first incarnate. (Ninjutsu - Telekinesis, elemental manipulation (all), Eight Gates, Tsunade Healing, Weather Manipulation, Teleportation, Mind Reading, Chakra Mode. Giro Giro no Mi, Shape-Changing Sake Sword)"

Q) "If Shinzui wasn't part of the Yonko Wars, what would he be doing now?"
A) "Inciting the IB’s to attack Yonko’s and the Candidates or just relax in Wano."

Q) "If Shinzui was a girl, what would his measurements be? Asking for a friend named rip."
A) "Next Question Please"

Q) "Who is Shinzui most like in canon?"
A) "Silvers Rayleigh"

Q) "What car would Shinzui be the type to drive?"
A) "2019 TESLA Model 3 ?"

Q) "Shinzui is a jack of all trades but what would you say is his best skill?"
A) "Psychological warfare"

Q) "Being a ninja, out of all of the characters in Naruto, who would you compare Shinzui to the most?"
A) "Hashirama Senju"

Q) "What is Shinzui's relationship to the other Yonko ?"

  • Esposito Dante - "A pain in the ass, but as long he is doing whatever he is doing he is safe."
  • Belial Eldritch - "Who is He ?"
  • Donk E. Kong - "Best Combat Rival, but thank God he dead"
  • Rumlar Zelgius - "will personally give a bounty to whoever kills him, also a best friend"

Q) "If Shinzui wasn't a part of Redbeard's crew where would he be now?"
A) "I see him sharing responsibilities with Ieyasu, as the Minister (Guardian) of the Night of Wano."

Q) "Least Favorite Food ?"
A) "Anything Bitter"

Q) "Associated color and number?"
A) "Black, 9"

Q) "Position in the crew if they were a family?"
A) "He is the Big Brother of the Crew"

Q) "Smell?"
A) "He likes to keep himself Odorless"

Q) "Associated Prefecture?"
A) "Shiga Prefecture"

Q) "Associated Country?"
A) "Japan"

Q) "Associated Animal?"
A) "Meow"

Q) "Cooking Specialty?"
A) "Flambé"

Q) "Sleep and Wake Up Time ?"
A) "3 am - 5 am"

Q) "What goes on in his brain?"
A) "What to do next?"

Q) "Profession if he wasn’t a pirate?"
A) "Mercenary"

Q) "Does he chew or swallow ice?"
A) "Swallow"

Q) "Favorite Season?"
A) "Summer"

Q) "Favourite music genre?"
A) "Oriental"

Q) "wwe theme?"
A) "The Rising Sun"

Q) "Real Life Actor?"
A) "Xiao Zhan / Pedro Pascal"

Q) "Canon Fruit he'd have?"
A) "Ope Ope no Mi Inu Inu no Mi, Model: Bake-danuki"

Q) "what quirk from MHA would he have??"
A) "All for One Brainwashing"

Q) "his darkest secret?"
A) "Would you consider his association with WG, a big secret?"

Q) "his favorite drink?"
A) "Sake"

Q) "What talents does he have?"
A) "Art of getting into trouble"

Q) "his pokemon typing?"
A) "Psychic / Dark"

Q) "his greatest achievement?"
A) "Being Alive"

Q) "Any regrets about making this character?"
A) "So many Apps"

Q) "What is Shinzui's main goal that he wants to achieve once he becomes Yonko?"
A) "Continuing to cause Chaos"

Q) "2nd favorite drink other than sake"
A) "Blood, Water"

Q) "Would Shinzui like a beer with Fang? Or at least drink together? Lol"
A) "Yes sure"

Q) "What did Shinzui think of the Impel Down Breakout?"
A) "Is proud of them, hope many follow their footsteps."

Q) "Opinions on the Buster Call on Ohara?"
A) "From Shinzui’s Hao App “During the Ohara Buster Call, Shinzui watched as Marines had managed to one-up against whom they felt were threats giving them an edge and giving them one more victory to ponder over. But Shinzui hoped to find seeds for the future threats in Ohara during the attack.”

Q) "Thoughts on Kong's death?"
A) "Shinzui did cry when Kong died, a rare emotion by Shinzui. Shinzui would have buried Kong in Everrain if Daisuke didn't run away with the body"

Q) "What other race would you have picked before him besides a human?"
A) "I would have made him a Birdmen probably"

Q) "How did he end up becoming shadow ruler of Wano?"
A) "He never rushed, waited for the opportunity, and when opportunity knocked the door, he greeted it personally"

Q) "If Shinzui was a mink, what type of creature would he be"
A) "Meow"

Q) "Whats Shinzui's true goal?"
A) "is to be entertained, to watch the world burn. To witness the cycle of Conquerors crowning and being dethroned. Hope that answered many peoples doubts about his true goals because that seems to be the most curious question people have been asking"

Q) "what was your OG thought process when you made Shinzui"
A) "How do I take a character I made from Naruto, and fit him in One Piece"

Q) "If his name weren't Shinzui, what would you name him?"
A) "Mushin"

Q) "why did you remove his devil fruit the friend-friend no mi"
A) "need to swim"

Q) "If Shinzui could select anyone as a rival, who would it be?"
A) "Sora Daisuke"

Q) "If Shinzui could conquer an island besides Wano once Yonko, what would it be?"
A) "Laugh Tale KonohagakureWeatheria"

Q) "favorite type of sword (katana's tachi's)?"
A) "Bokken

Q) "what's his main specialty of ninjutsu ?"
A) "Unknown"

Q) "What does Shinzui think of Hanako?"
A) "When is this girl getting a powerup? Sweet Little Sister, when will you grow ?"

Q) "In the modern-day what would he be doing?"
A) "Martial Arts Instructor"

Q) "If Shinzui could do it all over again, what would he do differently knowing what he knows now ?"
A) "Finish off Daisuke in Transylvania."

Q) "Is Shinzui a cat or dog person ?" A) "He is 100% cat"

Q) "What is Shinzui's weakness ?"
A) "His weakness is He doesn't fight to kill (unless otherwise warranted)"

Q) "what's his favorite cat"
A) "Bengal cat"

Q) "How does Shinzui feel about the World Nobles? What does he think their purpose is?"
A) "Bunch of people born with a purpose no one would understand. While he believes the World Nobles controls the world, the way they do their work after seeing through multiple patterns for events orchestrated by them Shinzui knows they are actually being controlled by someone.

Q) "If Shinzui were real, what would his favorite type of sake be?"
A) "Daiginjō"

Q) "If Shinzui didn't hail from Wano, where would he be from?"
A) "Mary Geoise"

Q) "If Shinzui weren’t a Human, what other race would he be?"
A) "Dwarves"

Naruto based References

  • Shinzui is the name of my main character in Naruto Fandoms, under the name Shinzui Uchiha.
  • Senpūki means "Electric Fan" in Japanese, Naruto's Uchiha Clan is derived from the term "Uchiwa" which means "fan".
  • The whole concept of Shinzui being trained as a Ninja.
  • Kirigakure Island (Village Hidden in the Mist).
  • The long-lost weapons modeled after the Imperial Regalia of Japan are also weapons used by Itachi's Susanoo.
  • Senpūki Family getting wiped out is not supposed to be taken from the Uchiha Clan Massacre.
  • His signature laugh is "Uchi-hahaha"
  • Satori (サトリ, Satori) is a demonic, bird-like creature that appears in Naruto the Movie: Blood Prison.


  1. Daddy's Girl! - Shinzui's First Roleplay Appearance
  2. Unknown
  3. Seven Isn't Lucky-Shinzui attends the Meeting of the Warlords and is introduced as such
  4. Shinzui was a former member and a S-Rank under Redbeard
  5. Human Lies Never Fool a Dragon's Eyes- Shinzui displaying the superiority between his own strength against the combined strength of Thăng Long D. Yang and Maxwell Steel
  6. Fable
  7. Seven Isn't Lucky: Shinzui's footsteps, cause cracks on nearby walls as he entered the sacred halls of the Holy Land of Mariejoies
  8. The Way of the Samurai: Shinzui displays his ventriloquism skills against his opponent
  9. The Way of the Samurai: Shinzui mimics Ieyasu's voice, in order to confuse the samurai

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