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Sunshower(照り雨;teriame)Shinzui(しんずい;Shinzui) more commonly known with his alias "Satori" (さとり Satori?) is a Founder and Current Head of the Shin Family and the current member of the Shichibukai. Formerly a shinobi for the Senpūki Family, He was also a powerful high ranking member of the Redbeard Pirates, although his pirate life was a ruse in order to keep tabs on Redbeard and the Lost Weapons of Senpūki Family.

He is a consumer of the Paramecia-type Devil Fruit, Giro Giro no Mi, which turnmed him into a Insight Human (眼力人間 Ganriki Ningen?).


Young Shinzui

Shinzui was born a half-fishman half-human, born to a human male (a fisherman by profession) and a female fishman.Although his lineage didnt matter much for the boy as he never knew them. Shinzui is first discovered by the Head of the Senpūki Family in the small island of the Hidden Mist (Kirigakure) while Shinzui is just playing around in the beach sand all by himself. Him being a outcast because of his mixed lineage. Elder Senpūki decides to take Shinzui on his wings, and trains him to be a Ninja for his family. Growing up, Shinzui goes on multiple missions for the Family, eventually becoming loyal for the clan and being trusted by his masters. He is also taught sword-fighting in order to disguise himself as a Samurai to roam around Wano.

Shinzui as a shinobi

One day he receives a lengthier mission, and its goal is to search for the long lost weapons of the Senpūki Family: the sword of Kusanagi, a Yata Mirror and a jewel named Yasakani Magatama. His mission is to infiltrate the ship of Redbeard as he is rumored to be a link for the three weapons. Thus Shinzui's Pirate Career begins, as he successfully infiltrates the ranks of the Redbeards, eventually becoming one of the top four pirates of the crew after the Captain. This notoriety, also brings a black on his name, as he gains bounties after bounties. It is during this time , he also ends up eating the Giro Giro no Mi. After the "death" of Redbeard and Shinzui not being able to find any leads to the Lost Weapons, Shinzui returned home and is pardoned by Wano after he gives the Wano Government all information he collected about Redbeard.

Shinzui as he appeared during Fable arc

Shinzui is next seen during the events of the Grand Tournament of Elbaf and he is disguised as a gambler during the Giants Tournament, having come to see his former captains daughter Frederick Barbara participate. During the events that occur, Shinzui clashes blades with his former nakama Wukong who now as a new crew under his belt. Shinzui is agitated that the pirates have come to wreck havoc in a tournament. Wukong, asks Shinzui to join his crew. Shinzui ends up revealing his undercover story to Wukong and the remnants of the Redbeards that are present. This causes a huge ruckus and Shinzui gains a lot of enemies in the form of his former nakama.

Shinzui returns to Wano, and writes a letter of apology to the World Government, which is just rejected by the World Government. Shinzui decides to meet the World Government Representative, during the travel, Shinzui is ambushed by a former member of the Redbeard Pirate, a former A-Rank who attacks Shinzui for being a sly fox that he was. A fight ensued and Shinzui became victorious. Instead of killing the man, Shinzui had him kept locked up inside and continued the journey. During his eventual meet with the World Government Representative. (You may ask, why the WG sent a representative when they rejected the letter earlier, in their ploy, the meet was just a ruse to capture Shinzui). Shinzui and the WG Representative went back and forth with the Representative outright insulting Shinzui in how a Pirate cannot be trusted or pardoned. However the Representative gave him a chance, the only way the bounty could be frozen was for Shinzui to become a Shicibukai, a Government lapdog. However, Shinzui had to prove how he would be useful for the Government and not turn on them instead like how he did his former Pirate Crew. With Shinzui pointing case after case on how his powers and closeness to the Country of Wano, would help the World Government create their own network in Wano. the points were not sufficient enough for the the Representative to consider the acceptance and he was almost about to start a charge against Shinzui.

It is then, that Shinzui revealed his captured prisoner, a former rank A of the Redbeard Pirate. Shinzui accepted the turning over of the prisoner over to the World Government as part of the deal. This caused nothing but laughter in the face of the Representative. This is what he responded with, "Bribing me with a Prisoner ? Capture and turnover atleast two of the former S-Ranks alive and I will even consider this deal." In a last ditch effort, Shinzui used his Devil fruit powers on the captured Prisoner, getting knowledge on his memories , he revealed the information to the Representative and promised to help the World Goverment in collecting information of their prisoners in return of the title of Shichibukai A Deal which the Representative was happy about and agreed, thus Shinzui became a Shichibukai. On his return home, Shinzui discovered that his Senpūki Family was completely massacred by a Rival Family, with the help of a small crew of former Redbeard Pirates and another organization that was also ln search of the Lost Weapons. Shinzui would meet the families pet fox Kyuubimaru and carries a note from the Elder to use the powers of the fox. Kyūbimaru is shown to be a fox can can turn into a weapon known as Sakegiri. Shinzui would rebuild his own Family, known as Shin Family.


Shinzui's personality tends to shift a little but is usually always a Chaotic Good Character. In his youth, he was a dutiful person, loyal to his Elders and never back-answered any task given to him by his Elders. He was more like a donkey that worked tirelessly for its master. Things changed when he joined the Redbeard Pirate Crew and when he witnessed the life of the Pirate, he became sensitized to having a free will and became addicted to Vices; more importantly Sake. After the death of his masters and his new rank as a Head of the new Family, he maintains a social code of conduct as a moral citizen, rarely killing his opponents and allowing them to be captured or escaped. Whichever is more good for the society. He maintains a good reputation with the World Government heading to their beck and call whenever possible. This as also caused him several Wano countryman who accuse of his past and link him as a World Government double-agent.



Being a powerful warrior within Wano, Shinzui's stature is such that, people think twice before approaching him in one on one combat. As the Head of the Shin Family of Samurai, Shinzui as complete control and authority over his Family Members. His skills are also evident by his quick rise in ranks, having become a S-Rank within the Redbeard Pirates, a rank only given to four top members of the Crew other than the captain himself and which included the likes of current member of the Yonko Donk E. Kong and then become a member of the Shichibukai at a young age of only twenty-five.

As a Samurai of Wano and a Shichibukai, Shinzui as complete dominion over other low-rank civilians of Wano, able to even kill them with no repercussions from the law. He is able to raid other pirates and uncivilized lands and also participate in underworld businesses without facing the eye of the World Government. His epithet Sunshower(照り雨;teriame), derives from the fact that he can shed showers of blood and tears from his opponents even during the brightest of their days.

Physical Prowess

Shinzui Martial Arts

Being a half fishman, Shinzui as tremendous strength and endurance, physically he is said to be ten-times stronger than normal humans, but many claim it to be even stronger. This is gretaly honed from his experience and training as a shinobi and facing several strong samurai of the Wano Country. As a kid, a loner, he had to rely on his own strength to get by daily situations. Because of his overwhelming strength, he as vowed not to use his hands to kill humans, but rather rely on weapons and his speed, which he claims to be a more true aspect to his physique. Despite this, Shinzui as shown capable of lifting giants several times larger than his own and even crack open a boulder with a slight punch. His strength allowed him to send air waves packed at his enemies via a punch, a misconception for many people, thinking that he was using Busoshoku Haki's Emission. He is shown to have great dexterity along with his strength which allows him to carry multiple giant weaponry without them fumbling apart.

Instead of relying on power or emotions, Shinzui uses his senses to note the environment, and make an outcome decided by predicting his opponents' moves. This trait allows him to maintain a calm demeanour at all times in combat, making his moves soft and unpredictable as a result. Once Shinzui has looked into his opponents fighting style, Shinzui's body can automatically replicate the move sets and use them with his own mixture of other moves and thus can fight in almost any known styles that he can replicate.

With a nimble body, Shinzui is known for his speed, capable of covering large distances within a blink of an eye, with the addition o flicking he is able to create afterimages, to distract others. His speed even compared to outlast Soru practitioners . It was said by an opponent that no linear attacks can work against Shinzui's speed as he would predict its path easily and avoid it at the last second.By adding speed to his strikes, he is capable of landing at least fifteen blows in a single palm thrust. This amount of speed was thanks to his underwater training he undertook before eating his Devil Fruit.

Because of his rather less muscular figure, Shinzui as shown more agile being able to shift his body stances without worries, allowing him to rapidly change his attack patterns. This is a certain skill for a shinobi, as he is trained for such matters. His sense of Balance is like that of a cat and is said to be able to balance even on a needle.

Shinzui as shown great tolerance for pain and an incredible endurance, as he was trained to as a shinobi. A testament to his skill include being able to get up with a straight face after enduring a hit from a Giant.He is able to fight against several pirates for hours while only using hand-to-hand combat. He was also shown to bear extreme hunger, thirst and sleep for certain days while also capable of holding his breath for several minutes without fatigue. Shinzui is also shown to have resistance against certain poisons and electricity.


Ninjutsu (忍術), also used interchangeably with the term ninpō (忍法), is the strategy and tactics of unconventional combat, guerrilla warfare and espionage purportedly practiced by the ninja of Wano.

Shinzui began training Ninjutsu at a early age of eight and he rose high and high in ranks soon afterwards. His stealth mastery was such that he attacked from hidden spots and easily took down numerous enemies down without getting noticed. His infiltration skills, were used as the first wave of attack during his times in the RedBeard Pirates. He used to infiltrate enemy camp, causing confusion among their midst, for his comrades to then capitalize on this confusion to begin the attack. This was later proven in Elbaf when he appeared and disappeared [1] in the presence of the second highest rank of the Wukong Pirates, Rosser Reeves Ruby and the-then Prince Loki.

Shinzui is an ardent follower and believer of Shugendō and the kuji-in. Other than the common Ninjutsu Techniques, Shinzui is also a master of Kuji-in style of ninjutsu, which revolves around movement of the hands, speaking of the words and the concentration of the mind. It is a spiritual practice, practiced by Shinobi via the usage of hand gestures. These hand gestures are accepted to have the ability to channel vitality utilized by the Shinobi in order to perform their secret missions, not only that but Kuji-in was utilized to construct strength and confidence in the ninja while also enhancing all their senses, including their ability to foresee their own death and accept it. In the practice of Kuji-in, a ninja's thumb denotes power (Ku), , while the rest of the fingers represent the four classical elements. They are Chi (earth - solids), Sui (water - liquids), Ka (fire - combustion) and Fu (wind - gases). There are 81 hand symbols, total, but there are 9 primary ones: Rin, Hei, Toh, Sha, Kai, Jin, Retsu, Zai, and Zen.

Known Techniques

  • Ninpo: Enton no Jutsu (忍法 煙遁の術 Ninpō: Enton no Jutsu?, literally meaning "Ninja Art: Smoke Escape Technique"): This technique uses smoke created by activating smoke bombs, to obscure the environment blinding the opponents and using this opportunity to either retreat or for assassinating their target.
  • Ninpo: Bunshin no Jutsu (忍法 分身の術 Ninpō: Bunshin no Jutsu?, literally meaning "Ninja Art: Clone Technique"): Shinzui can create multiple clones of himself, which are partly illusions, allowing him to confuse his enemy.
  • Ninpo: Kawarimi no Jutsu (忍法 変わり身の術 Ninpō: Kawarimi no Jutsu?, literally meaning "Ninja Art: Body Replacement Technique"): A method of evasion, this ninjutsu technique allows Shinzui to replace himself with a log in order to evade being hit. By releasing a light smokebomb, the moment the replacement occurs, Shinzui can trick enemies into believing that he has been hit by the attack. The replacement, allows Shinzui to either escape or strike a counterattack, during the targets moment of confusion.

Shinzui displaying Sejō Ninjutsu

  • Ninpo: Sejō no Jutsu (忍法 施錠の術 Ninpō: Sejō no Jutsu?, literally meaning "Ninja Art: Locking Technique"): It is a ninja-art revolving around storing large amount of objects or people inside a scroll. Shinzui uses this technique to carry his weapons around, so that he can walk empty handed. He also uses special scrolls to unleash stored flames or even water for surprise attacks.
  • Ninpo: Kaijō no Jutsu (忍法 開錠の術 Ninpō: Kaijō no Jutsu?, literally meaning "Ninja Art: Unlocking Technique"):It is a ninja-art which allows Shinzui to release whatever as been locked inside scrolls using the Seijō Ninja-Art.
  • Ninpo: Mizugumo no Jutsu (忍法 水蜘蛛の術 Ninpō: Mizugumo no Jutsu?, literally meaning "Ninja Art: Water Spider Technique"): is a basic Ninja technique, known to most Wano shinobi, which allows one to walk or run on water surfaces. Highly skilled Shinobi like Shinzui are specialized in walking across large bodies of water, even crossing island to island using this technique, albeit doing this would completely drain of their stamina causing them to drown and thus not a preferred way of travel.

Nine Mudra's of Shinzui's Ninjutsu:

Shinzui activating the First Mudra, in his True Self

  • Ninpo: Dokko-in (独行の印 Ninpo: dokko-in?, literally meaning "Ninja Art: Seal of the Thunderbolt"): Denoted by the Rin(臨) hand gesture, allows a shinobi to endure by strengthening their body. This is done by removing limiters placed on the body, allowing a shinobi to gradually surpass their limits. The hand gesture corresponds to having their hands together, fingers interlocked. The index (sometimes middle) fingers are raised and pressed together, while simultaneously chanting the mantra "On baishiramantaya sowaka."(All hail the glory of Vaiśravaṇa) in prayer for Tammon-ten. Ordinarilly, humans are only limited to using 20% of full potential inhabited in their body. Meditating to Tammon-ten using this Mantra, gradually allows Shinobi to decrease this limit. This sudden increase in power and speed allow Shinzui to perform feats logically impossible to humans. However, using this more often comes at a certain risk, depending on the limiters removed, it can range from large stamina loss, to bone fractures to even death. Which is why, shinobi are supposed to undergo tremendous training even before attempting to use this technique.

Shinobi Erasing their Presence

  • Ninpo: Daikongorin-in (大変金凛の印 Ninpo: daikongorin-in?, literally meaning "Ninja Art: Seal of the Great Thunderbolt"): Denoted by Pyō(兵) hand gesture which is having the hands together, pinkies and ring fingers interlocked (often on the inside). Index finger and thumb raised and pressed together, middle fingers cross over index fingers and their tips curl back to touch the thumbs' tips, the middle-fingers' nails touching, while simultaneously chanting the mantra "On ishanaya intaraya sowaka"(All hail the instrument of divine righteousness, o'ṃ). Stealth is a main attribute of a Shinobi, and they are supposed to hide their presence on a day to day basis and only work in the shadows. Thus Ninpo: Daikongorin-in allow, Shinzui to erase his presence making him not perceivable through normal means. For the duration of technique, Shinzui's aura and sense's are all but concealed allowing him to free roam into heavily guarded places with ease.
  • Ninpo: Gejishi-in (げじしの印 Ninpo: Gejishi-in?, literally meaning "Ninja Art: Seal of the Outer Lion"):Denoted by Tō(闘) hand gesture which is having the hands together, index fingers cross each other to touch opposite ring fingers, middle fingers crossed over them. Ring and pinky fingers are straight. Tips of ring fingers pressed together, tips of pinkies pressed together, but both sets of ring and pinky fingers are separated to form a V shape or bird beak, while simultaneously chanting the mantra "On jiterashi itara jibaratanō sowaka."(All hail the exultant and glorious celestial jewel, o'ṃ). This is one of the few mudra's Shinzui knows of in theory, but hasn't shown any use of it in his life.
  • Ninpo: Naijishi-in (内字しの印 Ninpo: Naijishi-in?, literally meaning "Ninja Art: Seal of the Inner Lion"): Denoted by Sha(者) hand gesture which is having the hands together, ring fingers cross each other to touch opposite index fingers, middle fingers crossed over them. Index finger, pinky and thumb straight, like American Sign Language "I love you", while simultaneously chanting the mantra "On hayabaishiramantaya sowaka."(All hail the swift thunderbolt of exalted strength, virtue, and glory! o'ṃ). This mudra allows the user to heal people, experienced users can even bring back the dead; although no one in shinobi history as reached that potential, not even Shinzui. Using this mudra, Shinzui is able to heal light wounds of himself and others, including broken bones and psychic blocks. Despite such mastery, this mudra cannot heal the side-effects of Dokko-in.
  • Ninpo: Gebaku-in (げばくの印 Ninpo: Gebaku-in?, literally meaning "Ninja Art: Seal of the Outer Bonds"): Denoted by Kai(皆) hand gesture which is having the hands together, fingers interlocked, while simultaneously chanting the mantra "On nōmaku sanmanda basaradan kan."(Homage to all-pervading diamond thunderbolts. Utterly crush and devour! o'ṃ). While this mudra is in action, it allows Shinzui to gain control over his body features, like enduring extreme heat or cold, manipulate the length of his hair and use it as an extension of himself. It is also possible for him to eat almost any food. It is said that it is this specific mudra that had been adopted and is currently in use in the outside world as Seimei Kikan. It is said that, it is using this technique Shinzui is able to maintain a youthful appearance rather than his true self.
  • Ninpo: Naibaku-in (内ばくの印 Ninpo: Naibaku-in?, literally meaning "Ninja Art: Seal of the Inner Bonds"): Denoted by Retsu(列) hand gesture which is having the hands together, fingers interlocked, with the fingertips inside, while simultaneously chanting the mantra "On aganaya in maya sowaka."(All hail the glory of Agni). This mudra is heavily based of Kenbunshoku Haki used everywhere in the world. This mudra grants the user a sixth sense that allows them to sense the presence, strength, and emotions of others, as well as gain limited precognitive abilities. It also allows, Shinzui to sense and empathize with the emotions and nature of others thus allowing him to sense another person's intent to action in the immediate future (especially through bloodlust/killing intent within combat), allowing them to predict what someone is going to do, usually seconds prior, in what resembles a pseudo-form of precognition.

Shinzui using Chiken to collapse a building

  • Ninpo: Chiken-in (知拳の印 Ninpo: Chiken-in?, literally meaning "Ninja Art: Seal of the Wisdom Fist"):Denoted by Retsu(列) hand gesture which is having the hands spread out in front, with thumb and index finger touching, while simultaneously chanting the mantra "On irotahi chanoga jiba tai sowaka."(All hail the radiant divine all-illuminating light, bursting and streaming forth in all directions, o'ṃ). This mudra enables ninja to tap into their psychic stance givign them telekinetic abilities. These abilities gained like every other mudra depends on a monks training in that particular mudra. Shinzui can when reciting this mudra, cause himself to levitate and manipulate objects out of his reach. He is capable of forming feats such as binding, griping a object. he can also use this ability to push or pull objects. This ability allows him to deflect an incoming attack via freezing their molecules or creating force field. he is able to compress a object into a ball and induce a explosion in objects by speeding up their molecules. However, Shinzui himself admitted that too much usage of this mudra causes mental strain and he isn't able to control other living organisms besides himself.

Shinzui activating the Hiwa-in to burn ablaze

  • Ninpo: Hiwa-in (日輪の印 Ninpo: Hiwa no In?, literally meaning "Ninja Art: Seal of the Sun's Ring"): Denoted by Zai(在) hand gesture which is having the hands spread out in front, with thumb and index finger touching, while simultaneously chanting the mantra " On chirichi iba rotaya sowaka."(Glory to Divine perfection, o'ṃ). This mudra allows Shinobi to control the four classical elements and bend them to their will. However it is pretty rare for any shinobi to actually even master manpulating more a single element. Shinzui as learnt the basics of the Fire School, allowing him to shoot out flames large enough to burn entire fleet of ships in minutes, even shaping the flames into heads of dragons to intimidate his enemies.
  • Ninpo: Ongyo-in (隠形の印 Ninpo: Ongyo-in?, literally meaning "Ninja Art: Seal of the Hidden Form"): Denoted by Zen(在) hand gesture which is having the hands form a circle, thumbs on top and fingers on the bottom, right hand overlapping left up to the knuckles, while simultaneously chanting the mantra "On a ra ba sha nō sowaka"All hail! A ra pa ca na. o'ṃ). This mudra is associated with total enlightenment.

Devil Fruit

Shinzui creating spears out of his tears.

Shinzui ate the Giro Giro no Mi, a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit which gave him various vision and eye based powers which Shinzui calls Dōjutsu making him a Insight Human (眼力人間 Ganriki Ningen?).

First and the most basic techniques, Shinzui acquired after eating the fruit is the ability to send out his sight in every location, a 360º field of vision around him in a Bird-eye point of view for up-to around 4000 kilometres. In this vision range, Shinzui as a ultimate penetrating vision, being able to see through walls and even underground/underwater. The vision gained also allows Shinzui to scan through a persons insides. Against Shinzui, an opponent is as good as going naked into the playing ground as no hidden objects or traps stay hidden anymore. Focusing on a particular target within his range, Shinzui can also zoom and magnify the tiniest details, this makes him able to identify even tiniest foreign objects within is own or other individuals bodies.

Shinzui's dōjustu allows him to take this power figuratively as well. He can not only "see-through" objects but also see-through minds by reading their minds and memories. By looking into their memories, Shinzui can learn of a targets past, even the most secretive hidden memories fail to be hidden under Shinzui's glances. Shinzui go further than the surface and even read his targets subconscious level. Shinzui also displayed the ability to transfer his own memories to others, and block a part of their memories. It is these abilities, that give him high amount of respect even within the Marine community which led him to forgiven and given a rank among the Shichibukai.

Shinzui's Dōjutsu also show offensive capabilities, as he is capable of giving offensive properties to his tears. He is capable of turning them into dragons, that is capable of burning or even freezing their targets among many other capabilities like turning his tears into crystalline weapons.


Like most swordsmen in Wano, Shinzui is proficient in Busoshoku Haki, also referred to as Ryuo (流桜 Ryūō?, literally meaning "Flowing Sakura"). This allows him to effectively bypass the powers of a Devil Fruit user and touching the "substantial body" beneath whatever protection the fruit. While mainly using Armament Haki for flowing it to his weapons, Shinzui as shown using it to augment his own body, to increase his endurance and durability shown when he got up even after being punched far by a Giant. Shinzui mainly uses Armament Haki to imbue his swords with Haki to increase the swords stats. With his mastery, he was capable of even cutting through steel with a wooden sword imbued with his Haki. During the Shichibukai Summit, Shinzui displayed the ability to imbue his own Haki into the surrounding walls of the meeting Hall, using the floor of the wall connecting the two as a medium. Even among high-level Haki users of this type, Shinzui displayed an inherent strong ability to emit his Haki inside other objects in a small amount and then pressurizing it to cause the object to internally explode.


Other Skills





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