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"Star Blower" Sirius is the captain of the Space Pirates.


is arrogant

Abilities and Powers

Being a captain of the Star Pirates, his power is enormous[1]

Devil Fruit

Further information: Sanso Sanso No Mi

Sirius ate the Devil Fruits Sanso Sanso No Mi (Oxygen Oxygen).


Further information: Flare Gun

Just like most Space Pirates, he also uses Flare Guns in fights. His however are the most advanced form of the Flare Guns.



Yet to be written.

Member of the Space Pirates

Yet to be written.

Becoming a Captain

Yet to be written.


  • Sirius seems to be given distinct laugh. Sirius follows this tradition with a "Vo" (i.e. Vohohohohohoho!). 
  • Sirius name comes from a bright star in the constellation Canis Major, derived via Latin from Greek σειριος (seirios) "burning"[2]


  1. On Yonkou level.
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Devil Fruit Based: Sanso Sanso No Mi | Aida Aida No Mi
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