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Skinks are a race of humanoid reptilian creatures that live mainly in swamp areas. Their homeland is an island called Nam, though you would find many around the new world. You sometimes can see them live with the fishmen in fishman island.



The biology of Skinks varies amongst the different types of skinks out there but here are the common ones:


These skinks are taller than average man, the average height of one is about 7' 6". The tallest they can go is 19' 2". They weigh average about 500 pounds, but have been known to be about 1,011.5 lbs. They have powerful body armor that is made of thick scales that is all over them. They also have a rounded snout, which is confused with Crocs, who have pointed snouts. They also have webbed claws.


These skinks are often confused with the Gators, but crocs have a pointed snout instead of a rounded one like the gators. The average height and weight of these skinks are 17 feet and about 1,000 pounds, but is not uncommon to see one that is about 23 feet high and about 2,200 pounds. Their skin is thick with scales like the gators. But one big difference between crocs and gators is that crocs have the strongest bite in the world. They have been known to rip ships apart with their own teeth. They also have webbed claws.


It's hard to describe the definite details of a lizard, for there are many lizard skinks. But they do have common things among them. They have dry skin covered in scales, their feet are clawed, and they have a long, but weak tail. Lizards can have many sizes, they can small as 16 mm or as tall as 10.3 ft. Some lizards can change their skin with camouflage.


Snakes don't have either arms or legs, but they slither across a place to get somewhere. There are many types of skink snakes out there. They have been as tall as 17 ft and heavy as 500 pounds. One thing about them that scares humans the most is their warrior skills.Some have been known to squeeze their opponents till the opponents eyes are popped off. Some have a very powerful bite enough to kill a man in one bite. Some also have a poisonous bite that comes with the powerful bite.


Turtles are very chill creatures, all they really care about is being peaceful and get along with one another. Turtles live in wet areas unlike their look-alike tortoises. Some turtles are as tall as 9 ft and as heavy as 2,016 pounds. Turtles have webbed feet or flippers that are suitable for wet areas. They have a shell that is for protection and that they live in.


Tortoises are similar to turtles by the way they look except that tortoises love the dry land than wet areas. These things can be as tall as 6.1 ft and heavy as 880 pounds. They also have a hard shell, but they have feet or claws instead of turtles.


There is also a rare skink species which are dinosaurs. Theses skinks vary in weight and size, but are very rare to find now.They are considered as ancestors of the skinks and were the founders of the island known as Nam.

Overall Strength

The strength of the skinks all depends on what skink they are.


Gators and Crocs are known as the most fearsome in battle, able to fight with their mouth, claws, and any weapon they are given. Gators and Crocs also have the strongest armor in the skinks tribe. Snakes, though they don't have arms or legs, are also very powerful creatures. They have powerful and poisonous bites if they're sizes aren't enough to scare an opponent. Some have been said to breath fire. Turtles and tortoises usually don't fight, but they are known to have a martial arts of their own when attacked. Lizards are known to be fast creatures, quickly going one place to another, and they also have the use of camouflage.


Gators,Crocs, and turtles and tortoises, especially turtles and tortoises, are not known for being the quickest. Snakes and Lizards, depending on what they are, won't have the toughest armor. Especially Lizards, their tail is the weakest tail of the skinks kind.

Inter-Species Relationships

The inter-species relationships depend on the skinks or where they live. Crocs and Gators have been known to fight against fishmen. Specifically in Nam, the skinks there have a love/hate relationship with humans. They hate the marines, for they fought a war there against the Marines. Fortunately, the skinks won that war, with the help of the Nymphs and talking trees there. But tourists and people not associated with the marines are welcomed to Nam. Like said, they have a very good relationship with the nymphs and talking trees there in the island.


There are various beliefs within the skink system, some believe in gods, or in one god, or they don't believe in any. Some accept the humans religions like christianity and buddhism. But one thing is common. They acknowledge their ancestor which are dinosaurs that was in Nam before them. They also acknowledge the talking trees there in Nam. For the talking trees have existed with their ancestors, some even worship the trees like they're gods.


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