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"Happy Face" Smile D. Arthur is the Captain of the Joy Pirates and serving as the 62nd Division Commander of the Terminator Pirates and also serving as one of the Doctors of the Terminator Grandline.


Arthur is a tall, slim, fair skinned man with short black a pointed down nose, a short mustache and due to eating a dud SMILE fruit he smiles regardless of the circumstances. He wears a green fedora hat, a pair of glasses and a white buttoned up with a tie underneath a black trench coat with a belt around his waist. and he also have a huge belt on the left shoulder down to his right side of the waist and the belt is holding three dud SMILEs and he also wears black gloves, black pants, and a pair of yellow rain boots and also a coat on his shoulders serving as a cape.

Abilities and Powers

As the captain of the Joy Pirates he has authority over his subordinates and as the 62th Division Commander of the Terminator Pirates he as authority over the lower ranking members of the crew.

Medical Expertise

As a ship's doctor of his ship he is responsible for to offer his or her service to the same ship's crew members and as a doctor of the Terminator Pirates he is responsible to help people if they are injured during the battlefield. He is also a skill chemist that he creates a drug to fight of his opponent called Joy.

Physical Abilities

He show to have great strength and resilience able to fight of his opponents with ease and he also showed that he has superhuman speed that he is able to be dodge many of his opponents attacks. He is also show that extremely powerful in hand to hand combat when he is fighting his opponents and able to fight back many numbers of enemies.


Further information: Rokushiki

During his training in the Terminator Grandline he has the mastery of Soru, Geppo, and Shigan, and he use this with his combination of his Devil Fruit power he has the mastery of Shigan and he use this advantages with his powers and creating a lot of devastating attacks on his opponents.


Arthur showed that his is a skilled marksman able to flick a Joy drug to the opponents mouth and also showed that he can shoot the pill at a far distances, by using his Kenbunshoku Haki to aim the drug at the opponents mouth to let them shallow the drug.

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