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Smoke Island
Location 1
All Blue
Location 2
Alternative Name 1
Genko Island
Alternative Name 2
Dust Island
Alternative Name 3
Fog Island
Alternative Name 3
Mist Island
Alternative Name 4
Haze Island
Alternative Name 5
Smog Island

Smoke Island is a gigantic island within the All Blue which is known to be the residence of the Triple D Pirates.  Due to the elusiveness of All Blue Smoke Island is overwhelmigly difficult to locate, which is why the Triple D Pirates have never been attacked directly.  It's the largest Island in the All Blue Archipelago, which makes up 90% of the waters of the All Blue, and which is also entirely controlled by the Goko Dagu Dagarasu Daiichi, the Captian of the Triple D Pirates.  Once All Blue is located the marines and tones of other pirates, including the Big Mom Pirates, the Beast Pirates, and the Red-Hair Pirates, invade Smoke Island, which makes up the Smoke Island Arc of the Goko Saga.  

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