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“ Am i evil, Huh? Why'd you ask me that because i'm a Pirate well your just a child right now, But ill tell you something little Girl always keep and open Mind you'll understand later, when you do seek me out K? ”
- Snazan D. Raitā

Snazan D. Raitā "JawBreaker" is a swordsman and pirate from the East Blue He gained a bounty from defeating a corrupted marine captain causing suffering in a town. he is currently heading to the grand line with his main goal to find an ether Great grade or Supreme grade sword. This Page is not finshed yet due to me not having the time i will finish it soon


Snazan has irregular white hair,wheres a sky blue jacket,a red scarf and a white top hat with a yellow band. He has Semi Dark brown skin. He is about 5 feet tall and weighs 129 lbs he is not seen in in different outfits much though once for a joke he has wore a "Swag Outfit".


"I have a simple personality you would get bored in seconds talking to me."-Snazan comment on his own personality.

He is usually calm, centered and carefree not  really caring much about his bounty he seems to go to bars often even though he is a wanted man, He doesn't have a problem openly insulting the government saying that its corrupted.

He is easily pissed off by people who would stress out other people without caring about there opinions he can have a strong sense of justice though he doesn't show it many times

He doesn't like to be in stress filled situations for a long time, when hes in situations he cant fix for a long time he tends to be much less patient than normal easily being able to threaten someone for simply getting to close to him. When he can fix situations he tends to act a tad bit bossier to fix it though he would never oppress someone ever he can calm down conflicts with relative ease like calming a whole bar about his bounty.


Describe relationships with other characters



He first mentioned Herb in bar, Herb is a female bunny mink he met while sailing she was lost in a island That Snazan so happened to be on to, Snazan offered to help her they become good friends. Herb works as a scientist currently studying a old SMILE she found on an island.


Yukari grew up with Snazan and soon they became friends Yukari Is a sword style user and has taught Snazan 3 sword style yet he does not use it anyways.He has made a promise with her when he passes the grand line he will make a crew and have her as the first crew member.


World Government/Marines

Naturally as a pirate the he would get chased by marines but he also has a personal hate for the government because of how corrupt it truly it is.

Abilities and Powers

Physical Abilities


Snazan has superhuman strength from extreme training in his Hometown

Fighting Style


Snazan Specializes in using a Katana and Tachi in combat developing a Branch of techniques from his own knowledge and training.

Subarashii inazuma no nami - Snazan unsheathe's his Katana from his back and does an extremely powerful downward slash resembling Iaido creating a Visual effect of lightning striking his blade, this slash has the raw force to cut metal in half


Tsuindoragondansu (ツインドラゴンダン, Twin Dragon Dance) Snazan does a flying slash attack that utilizes both of his swords to slash the targets chest in a double strike.

Hebunrīse bunseibāzu (ヘブンリーセブンセイバーズ, Heaven Seven Swords) -With Both of his swords he kneels down and Leaps in the air and comes down slashing both of his swords downwards in a X position cutting his opponent.

Devil Fruit

Main article: Ame Ame no Mi

This Devil Fruit allows the user to transform into a kind of green-colored candy syrup. The user cannot be hit nor sliced because his body will just absorb the impact or take the blade which also immobilizes the attacker which then allows the user to pummel his enemy. The user can use it to either make himself syrup-like (with sticky properties to trap the opponent) or intensely solid. Despite being syrup, it seems to be inedible, as seen when Luffy tried to contain Gasparde in his mouth, only to be forced to spit him back out.

Like most other Logia Devil Fruits, this one has a weakness that can nullify its intangibility: flour. When flour comes in contact with the user, he loses his stickiness and he is vulnerable to physical attacks.

He also uses his candy to make stairs to travel to islands he can do this infinitely without taking stamina unlike a similar technique Bari Bari: Stairs.


  • Ame Ame No: Spear - The user turns his arm into candy syrup molding it into a spear like shape and stretches at its opponent mimicking the effects of the gum gum fruit.
  • Candy Sword - The user wraps there sword with candy syrup then hardening it making the sword much stronger this can be also be doubled by Buso Haki.
  • Ame Ame No: Candy Shop - The user creates a pool of candy syrup when there enemies get stuck in it he then hardens it making them stuck in place
  • Ame Ame No: Spear Barrage - The user uses Ame Ame Spear on both of there arms and Does a flurry of strikes Impaling there Enemy
  • Jawbreaker - The User wraps turns there arm into candy and makes it giant copying the effects of gear 3rd.
  • Syrup River - The User turns into liquid candy letting them pass trough small places and move around quickly.


Kenbunshoku Haki

Snazan developed Kenbunshoku Haki not to later after gaining Buso Haki Just Like his Buso Haki he has trained to make it better beyond normal. His range is about 15 miles away from him.

Busoshoku Haki

Snazan Developed his Busoshoku Haki at a young age he has trained it immensely. His Color of Haki is Dark Blue.

Haoshoku Haki Maybe...

Miscellaneous Abilities


Though he doesn't use it he know how to use Santoryu but he dislikes using it saying "Having a sword in your mouth is disrespectful to the blade..."

Tools and Weapons





He grew up in a small town from the east blue it burned down from an unknown incident this is also where he Yukari he says he doesn't know if anybody else got out of the town alive. When he did live in the town they trained all there children either in there strength or with using sword it depended on what the child was interested in that is where Yukari learned Santoryu, Snazan was been trained physically, mentally and with blades.


When his village burned down he was forced out he took a sailboat and Yukari out with him, Yukari eventually went a separate path leaving him with her vivre card. an unspecified time later he found the Ame Ame No Mi. Not long after he found Herb and helped her out of a forest with his new powers after saving her thats when she revealed she was a scientist she then says that she will wait for him at the grand line.


Name Nickname Bounty
Snazan D. Raitā "JawBreaker"/"Evening Wave" Bsymbol.gif450,000,000
First Bounty: Defeated Captain "Talon" Linen. Bsymbol.gif150,000,000

Second Bounty: After defeating a squad of marines and being classified as a Logia user Bsymbol.gif450,000,000



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