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Sol D. Neal, also known as "Quickdraw" Neal, is a swordsman, bounty hunter, and member of the Shichibukai from the West Blue. He was known in the West Blue for pursuing the bounties of the most heinous pirates along with members of the underground mafia. His goal to defeat all evil on the sea has led him into some trouble with Navy officials. "Quickdraw" Neal was given his first bounty after defeating the corrupt Marine Captain Kabuto S. Willem on the island of Chisana Kame. After receiving a bounty, Neal headed for the Grand Line to pursue higher bounties and get one step closer to hunting down the Wild Boar Pirates who destroyed his home, Kakure Island.


Physical Characteristics

Neal is a slim man of a decent height at 177.8 centimeters. He has chocolate-brown skin and jet-black hair. His red eyes are usually slightly closed as he is usually quite tired due to passively using his devil fruit ability. He usually wears a crimson dragon pendant around his neck.

Clothing and Equipment

His typical outfit consists of a dark jacket, either black or brown, over a white shirt with black pants. Sometimes the jacket is removed during parties and hot weather.

Neal is usually not seen with any weapons or tools on his person as he can simply summon them using his devil fruit power. During combat, he is usually seen with his primary weapons, Taiyō and Kiba, or one of his guns.


Neal has a complex personality that changes based on his situation. His actions are known to range from a kind gentleman to a murderous monster and make him seem unpredictable to some people. Although he may seem unpredictable, Neal is driven by his own goals and beliefs that have led him to become the person he is today.


Neal is known as an incredibly intelligent bounty hunter for both his ability to track and trap his prey and his advanced use of his devil fruit and swordsmanship abilities. It is widely believed that another person with the Soko Soko no Mi devil fruit would not have reached his level of expertise in such a short amount of time. Claims of Neal's intelligence also stem from his ability to pick up techniques quickly which gives him an advantage in battle once he understands his opponent.

Goals and Dreams

Neal is mainly driven by his goal: to rid the sea of all evil. This goal stems from his traumatizing past where his home island was destroyed by the Wild Boar Pirates. As such, Neal ruthlessly hunts down pirates to end their destructive tendencies and simply deems their bounties a bonus.

Interactions with Others

He has a kind tendency towards civilians since he wants to protect them from his experiences. He will usually remain on an island after securing a pirate to help fix the damage that his fighting has caused and to soothe the locals. When dealing with children, Neal usually shows them magic tricks and makes jokes in order to leave a good impression on them.

When dealing with pirates or others whom he deems "evil", Neal shows little mercy. He goes into what some deem an unparalleled rage that contrasts greatly with his attitude towards civilians. He is known to sink entire ships if angered fully and does not tolerate anyone who hurts innocent people, regardless of status or power. When drawn into a rage, Neal is known to lose his self-control and simply aims to decimate his enemies.

After joining the Shichibukai, Neal's attitude towards pirates has not changed, but he is wary of antagonizing the other Warlords too much in case it jeopardizes his position and unfreezes his bounty.


  • "I would recommend against touching that girl. I'm on break right now, but if you do something like that, then I'll have to get involved, and you really don't want that." - Sol D. Neal to a Marine officer in a bar on Chisana Kame.


  • Sol D. Neal took down his first bounty at the age of 15, a bandit named Gespar with a small bounty of Bsymbol.gif170,000.


Q) "Associated drug?"
A) "LSD. Free your mind."

Q) "Associated flower?"
A) "The Strelitzia is associated with freedom, Neal’s biggest ideal. He does not like remaining bound in one place for too long."

Q) "Who are some people he'd like to take out? (On a date or killing them, either works)"
A) "Neal is not really interested in romance since he likes his independence, but he likes other people who are adventurous and independent. His mortal enemy is Corinthus Yama who destroyed his home."

Q) "Were he not a Shichibukai would he Join FLOCC?"
A) "He probably wouldn’t. He only joined the Shichibukai to get the marines and other bounty hunters off of his back because it hindered his mission. He doesn’t want to be bound too tightly to the marines since he has his own sense of justice."

Q) "Would he let Dulari adopt him?"
A) "Neal enjoys his freedom, but if he ever left the Shichibukai, he would likely join one of the Yonko for protection. If Dulari becomes a Yonko, it would be a possibility."

Q) "What car would he drive irl?"
A) "He’d drive a black Chevrolet Camaro. It’s not too flashy, but still stylish and powerful."

Q) "WWE theme?"
A) "Hitman by Bret Hart. It just fits."

Q) "Non-WWE theme?"
A) "Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Greenday"

Q) "Thoughts on each Admiral and each of the Yonko?"
A) "Neal has respect for Shishio as a fellow swordsman but believes his methods are too violent. Neal has only heard of Fermi through his fight with Leo and Akira and does not have any solid opinion on him. Neal liked some of the rebellions that Chiyoko crushed so he does not have a high opinion of her. Neal was highly wary of the former Yonko Kong due to his reputation and undeniable strength. Neal hates Bloodbeard since Neal’s mortal enemy Yama is protected by him. He wants to become as strong a swordsman as Dante and maybe one day surpass him, but he also supports some of Dante’s ideals and would be most likely to support him. Neal respects Belial as one of the Yonko but has not interacted with him much."

Q) "Upon knowing the death of Kong, which Yonko Candidate is Neal most afraid of that would become the next yonko? Basically what are his opinions on the yonko candidates?"
A) "Neal has heard of all of the Yonko candidates due to their notoriety. He knows Shinzui the best due to them sharing Warlord status, although he acknowledges that he would have been no match for Shinzui. Neal doesn’t want another Yonko and as such does not have an opinion on any specific candidate but he acknowledges all of their strengths. His hope is that a fight for the Yonko position will occur and the conflicting crews will wipe each other out."

Q) "If the Warlords were forced to consistently do the bidding of the WG, would Neal remain a warlord?"
A) "As long as the World Government only sends Neal to fights that align with his ideals, he will remain. However, if they ever told him to fight a pirate or rebellion he supported, he would back out."

Q) "What Marvel or DC Hero/Villian is he most like?"
A) "Neal is most similar to Batman. He sees himself as a solo bastion of justice. However, unlike Batman, killing is not below him but is still a last resort."

Q) "In his opinion what's the best bounty he's ever collected?"
A) "The best bounty he ever collected was Elio Leonardo, although Elio has since escaped from prison."

Q) "What would he be doing right now if his place of orgin wasn't destroyed?"
A) "If his home wasn’t destroyed, Neal would have become the guardian of the Sun Blade rather than it’s wielder. He also would not have his devil fruit powers."

Q) "Another what if question, what if Yama took him into his crew, kinda like a Thorfinn/Askeladd situation?"
A) "Since Neal was a kid when Yama attacked his home, if Yama had picked him up, then Neal might have become a member of the crew. He most likely would not have received his current devil fruit powers unless Yama gave it to him, but his knowledge of basic armament haki and his swordsmanship even as a kid would have allowed him to thrive as a pirate."

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