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Sora Kami is one of the captains of the Marine Secret Special Unit SWORD. Operating undercover, he works as a solo pirate where he earned the epithet "Thunder Fist" Kami. As a result of capturing former Wukong Pirates commander Rosser Reeves Ruby and black-mailing the World Government through the Uranus Initiative, he's become one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea, freezing his Bsymbol.gif?00,000,000 bounty.

Born on Marineford, he is a member of the Sora Family as the only son between the United Federation Chancellor, Sora Daisuke and Fleet Admiral Diane. As the child of such renowned pedigree, many refered to him as The Chosen One. However, his prophecy of greatness lead him to climb the marine ranks in solitude, outpacing his peers dramatically as he climbed through the ranks with astonishing rate.

Upon being promoted to Commodore, he was assigned to lead Sky Force right before the commencement of the Sky Wars Saga. Engaging the pirate emperor's forces, he was the first captain of the special unit to establish permanent headquarters in the White Sea. His efforts had a substantial impact on the war but he was eventually ambushed and captured by Violet, where he was tortured and mutalated.

Following the Monkey King's defeat, with his life hanging in the balance, Kami was turned into a cyborg by Rosa and the engineers of Pantheon. Waking up days after his father's public defection, he was inaccurately branded as a crimial. In spite of his current circumstance, Kami abandoned his father hoped to be pardoned given the circumstances. Agreeing to Napoleon's terms, he strives to expunge his record and fufill his dreams of bringing about a new era of order.

Kami serves as the author's primary protagonist in the storyline.




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  1. Just Ice: Kami is introduced to the series as a Caption of the Marines.