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Sora Kami is one of the captains of the Marine Secret Special Unit SWORD. Operating undercover, he works as a solo pirate where he earned the epithet "Thunder Fist" Kami. As a result of capturing several of members of the Inglorious Bastards in Sabaody Archipelago during World to Change, he's become one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea, freezing his Bsymbol.gif550,000,000 bounty.

Born on Marineford, he is a member of the Sora Family as the only son between the United Federation Chancellor, Sora Daisuke and Fleet Admiral Diane. As the child of such renowned pedigree, many refered to him as The Chosen One. However, his prophecy of greatness lead him to climb the marine ranks in solitude, outpacing his peers dramatically as he climbed through the ranks with astonishing rate.

Upon being promoted to Commodore, he was assigned to lead Sky Force right before the commencement of the Sky Wars Saga. Engaging the pirate emperor's forces, he was the first captain of the special unit to establish permanent headquarters in the White Sea. His efforts had a substantial impact on the war but he was eventually ambushed and captured by Violet, where he was tortured and mutalated.

Following the Monkey King's defeat, with his life hanging in the balance, Kami was turned into a cyborg by Rosa and the engineers of Pantheon. Waking up days after his father's public defection, he was inaccurately branded as a crimial. In spite of his current circumstance, Kami abandoned his father and hoped to be pardoned given the circumstances. With reality not being as kind as he hoped, Kami agreed to Napoleon's terms where now he strives to expunge his record and fufill his dreams of bringing about a new era of order.

Kami serves as the author's primary protagonist in the storyline.




Abilities and Powers


Cyborg Body

Yo- you're no longer human! You some kind of monster! What the hell are you!??!

Following his capture and torture, Kami underwent full-body cybernetic surgery to save himself from certain death. However, dislike traditional cybernetic enhancements, Kami does not retain any human physiology as Rosa pioneered a method to merge Kami to his new physique through his devil fruit powers. Meaning, Kami does not suffer from the inherent weaknesses of cyborgs but still retains his will and consciousness; drawing strong comparisons to Automata. As a fully transformed cyborg, Kami is insensitive to most traditional forms of combat and weapons. He possesses an arsenal of different weapons and abilities that have transformed him into a weapon of mass destruction. His cybernetic physiology has drawn comparisons to mythical zoan users. According to Rosa, if perfected, the final model would be the "Most Dangerous Weapon in the World".

G.O.D/Version 4

Main article: G.O.D/Version 4

Version four is the most advanced incarnation of the G.O.D series. Dislike previous models which incorporated cybernetic enhancements to Kami's human physique, Version 4 discards the inherent weaknesses of humanity and unites the limitless power of Kami's devil fruit with the high-tech weaponry and mechanisms of being a cyborg into a seamless combination of power. As with the previous versions, the primary benefit of this system is to bypass the physical limitations of humanity and solely rely on his devil fruit for energy. However, different from its counterparts, his energy does not exclusively empower limbs or a suit but rather his entire physiology. This simple yet significant difference bestows Kami arguably his greatest advantage in battle, limitless energy. Unlike cyborgs who rely on external power sources or humans who require sustenance and sleep, so long as Kami possesses a body to fight, he can engage targets endlessly without repercussion.

Realizing Kami's capabilities will be either enhanced or limited depending on the alloy utilized to construct his cyborg body, Rosa spent months researching what substance to make this unique armor from. Tapping into Napoleon's Underworld connections, Rosa eventually stumbled upon the unique alloy, Houshokium. Capable of replicating the conductivity and malleability of iron, the hardness of steel, and the heat resistance of titanium, Rosa purchased the metal in tons. Through its magnetic properties, Kami is able to freely manipulate his "substantial body" as if it were his logia transformation through to his electromagnetic abilities. Kami can fully reconstruct severed limbs or re-shape his body in whatever way he desires. Similar to Wukong's 72 Transformations technique, Kami can emulate the physiology of other species depending on the situation. Furthermore, dislike his logia transformation, Kami can coat himself in haki, allowing him to reinforce his defenses and even permit him to strike the substantial body of others.

Through the comination of limitless energy and a physique capable of sustaining it, Kami can physically compare to the most powerful individuals in the world. Unlike those with flesh and blood who rely muscles, stamina, martial arts and other finite means to produce awesome strength, Kami can funnel limitless energy to overcome any physical task. Thanks to the unique alloy, the strength and hardness of Kami's armored physique increases when an electric current flows through it. Given Kami's recently dubbed "hybrid form", he can call upon outrageous physical feats.

Befitting of his epithet "Thunder Fist", Kami's strength can be described as catastrophic and frightening.

Ways of Combat

Devil Fruit

You have the power to bring the world to heel.
— Napoleon to Kami in System Reboot

Kami has eaten the Goro Goro no Mi, a Logia-type Devil Fruit which, on the most basic level, allows him to create, control, and transform his body into lightning. Even among its logia brethren, few compare in inherent destructive capabilities and versatility. In fact, its power is said to be "invincible".





  1. Just Ice: Kami is introduced to the series as a Caption of the Marines.