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The Elemental Jutsu Elemental Jutsu Fruit (Also known as the Soshi Soshi no Mi) is a Logia Type Devil Fruit that allows the user to create and manipulate an element ranging from Fire, Wind, Lighting, Water, and Earth. To activate this fruit, you need to say Katon for Fire, Fuuton for Wind, Raiton for Lightning, Doton for Earth, and Suiton for Water.


In terms of design, it has a brown stem and multiple small, purple berries that make up the fruit.


The Soshi Soshi no Mi (Which is what I will call it) is used by Monkey D. Luffy Jr., the son of Monkey D. Luffy.

Powers and Abilities


Katon: Fayamausu (English: Fire Release: Firemouth)

Luffy Jr. releases a huge ball of fire from his mouth.

Fuuton: Kaze Yuki (English: Wind Release: Cold Wind)

Luffy Jr. creates cold wind to make his opponents freeze.

Raiton: Denki Boruto (English: Thunder Release: Electricity Bolts)

Luffy Jr. summons two giant bolts on his enemies, shocking them.

Doton: Rokku Sufia (English: Rock Release: Rock Sphere)

Luffy Jr. creates a big sphere of earth and hurls it at his enemies.

Suiton: Mizu Tsunami (English: Wave Release: Water Tsunami)

Luffy Jr. creates a huge tsunami he can ride on.

Erementaru: Subete no Bakuhatsu (English: Elemental: Every Blast)

Luffy Jr.'s strongest attack, where he creates a blast of all the elements.


The main use of this fruit is to produce all of the elements, such as fire. Even though it can use fire, that doesn't make it better than the Mera Mera no Mi in the fire aspect, anyway.

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