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Suro before being transformed.

Suro after being transformed.


Suro is a figurine due to a Vice Admiral's Devil Fruit Powers. He was a high ranking officer for the Big Mom Pirates, until he became a figurine by the Vice Admiral. He was very powerful and was a complete master of Observation Haki and a master of his sword, Choppu, until Rein took it and replaced it with the Daini Akuma, a powerful blade but not on greatsword level. He is used frequently under Rein.

Named Techniques

Taitainikku Juryoku Puru (English: Titanic Gravity Pull, Viz: Magnetic Destructive Wave, and Funimation: Colossal Gravity Storm)

Suro's strongest and signature technique, where he spins around with Daini Akuma to push back the air in such a way that it manipulates the gravitational force of the earth. This was first used against Jinbe.

Dan'yaku Sen (English: Ammo Line or Funimation: Blade Blast)

Suro cuts the air in a blast manner. This was used against Marie Reid and Oven.

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