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Swordsmen are a Kitchen's Nightmare
Date Started: May 2nd, 2021

Date Finished: August 14th2021

Setting: ; Grand Line: Overseas in Paradise

Characters Involved:



Samurai's Need Rest Too

It had been only a day or two since the climactic, bloody battle that had came at the illegal island known to the world as "Wonderland". In the events, Musashi had received major damage all through his body, put into an exhausted, beaten state as a result of the battle and cause of death against the then warlord, Himawari. Though unfortunately, the crew were low on resources, needing to use the last bit of their food and medicine to care for their captain.

They have been sailing seemingly endlessly through the first half of the grand line, to find time to treat Musashi and have the peace needed to treat him. Though while they hide the fact, each member of the crew had empty, rumbling stomachs. Each of them were sacrificing their food, only eating the bare minimum to get by.

"Three hundred million huh?" Musashi said out loud as he looked at his newest bounty poster that had been delivered to the ship. "I wish I could find that kind of money for us..." He thought to himself, removing the blanket off his body. His entire torso has been wrapped up with bandages alongside with a bitch and stitches on his forehead.

"Quite the bounty increase Musashi." The crimson, long haired Chris asked while removing the stitches from his right arm. "Of course we've all gotten boosts to our bounties as well. Let's work on getting you to top shape before making our next move." He said with a kind voice but was followed by a loud rumble from his stomach. "it appears I may have eaten something not sitting right with me." He said, trying to hide the fact he was starving.

"Yeah, looks like it." Musashi agrees, wanting to make his crew's endeavors feel justified. "If I asked them to eat and let me starve, I know they'd disagree." He thought to himself, not breaking from his smile, even when the stitches are being removed. "Who knows what we find next in the sea."

Not too far from the ship of Musashi,was a ship that had a roundish base around itself and had a flat open deck on the outside on the 2nd level. It was a four-story ship that helped served for the ship's purpose. With the fish-head on the bow of the ship,the ship was seen sailing nearby with the very strong smell of food being cooked up.

As the scent of the amazingly crafted and cooked food quickly filled the noses of the entire pirate crew. So much so everyone minus Musashi's himself couldn't help but let drool escape their lips as a loud roar from their stomachs soon followed.

"That smells heavenly..." Chris said, looking down at his empty stomach.

Musashi's picked himself up, using his swords in their scabbards as a make shift cane for support. "That place...head there...tell Soji I said so." He ordered in his broken state.

"Yes sir!" Chris said, doing his best to charge out of the room but after closing the door he grew dizzier. "It's been too long since we've all actually got to eat..." he said, knowing full well the effects the body is going through from the lack of food.

"Yeah but this for Kinoko's betterment." a suddenly appearing Ahma walked forward. "We should focus on him getting better."

Just like that the mighty pirate ship began to head toward the floating reeteraunt in the sea. Aiming to find the source of the heavenly arouma.

As they got closer,the roaring smell of many different foods,varying from a great roast beef to the sweet smell of a cherry pie, got ever so stronger and stronger! The smell was nearly hypnotic to the nose as it guided the crew to one of the most famous restaurants known to the Grand Line,the Baratie.

"WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?!?!" An average sized man with spikey blonde hair shouts at a chef with a dish,"THIS DUCK IS RAW!! IT'S SO RAW IT'S TRYING TO SELL ME LIFE INSURANCE!!" He then proceeds to grab the duck and slap the man around with it before the man goes flying out of a window and onto the open deck.

"I knew I should've put that duck in longer." The chef says getting up and wiping his hat down.

"Can you call down old man?" A young blonde with an annoyed yet confident tone to her voice spoke. "They asked for it slightly rare, I've already prepared a sauce that will slightly cook it some more as it rests on the duck." She said walking over and displaying a duck covered with a steam red wine sauce. "I knew you'd freak out as always, so I made a duck just in case you used the original one to humiliate someone." She then placed the plate down. "It's okay, just garnish it with a bit of parsley and take it to the customer." She said smiling at the man in the hopes her presence helps him calm down.

"Hmph,You know me." The chef says with a grunt to the young blonde before looking at the orders that have yet to have been served,"HEY WHERE THE HELL IS THE RATATOUILLE!?!?! THIS ORDER HAS BEEN ASKED 2 HOURS AGO!!!"

"I GOT IT!" A chef starts running and startling over for the ratatouille.

"Hm?" The young lady looked out th window and saw an approaching ship. "It looks like we may have some more customers." She said before noticing the main sail of the ship, noting the jolly Roger on it. "Looks like they're pirates."

As the Roushigumi pirates arrived and docked. One by one the pirates made their way to the resteraunt doors, where Musashi kicked the doors open! "We're here! And we're hungry! Give us a table!"

"Hestia! Either you or that curly haired kid answer them!" The spikey haired chef says as he looks over and supervises a special alfredo sauce being made for some noodles.

This is why I said you should be nicer to your waiting staff old man." The young Craves R. Hestia says as she takes her chefs cap off and grabs a small notebook and pen. "You wouldn't need to waste your sous chef's times with taking orders." She then leaves the kitchen and walks toward the dining area of the ship.

As she exits it, she couldn't help but examine the pirates that had walked on board. They were all so young, compared to the average pirate she sees, who are usually in their thirties or above, this crew all seemed to be near her age. "They all look semi sick...they must be starving." she though before reaching them. "Wel-"

Before she could even speak, Musashi locked eyes with her, it had made her stop in her words dead in their tracks. "Get us one of everything and all the bread and water you have." He said, not waiting for a single second extra, he knew his crew was starving.

"Maybe you should learn some manners and wait to be greeted, but sure, whatever." Hestia replied, annoyed by Musashi's rude behavior. As she walked away she muttered under her breath, "damn pirates..." Walking over to her father she brought the slip for the order. "Hey old man! We have an order for one if everything on the menu."

"WHAT! Fine...." Her father answers,"ALL HANDS ON THE KITCHEN! EVERYTHING MUST BE MADE!!" He yells into the kitchen.

The entire kitchen staff had picked things up into high gear. The countless plates being prepared, Hestia had begun to chop countless vegetable before throwing them into a wok along with rice and what seemed like shredded fish.

Meanwhile Musashi Is seen grabbing his ribs, still aching a bit from the pain. That was until his sword that's tied to his right side, the newest addition to his arsenal, the Totsuka, his reward for slaying the warlord, began to shake.

"Hm? Hey Kinoko, what's with your sword?" Ahma asked, noticing the shake coming from the scabbard of the sword. "it's been acting up for a while now, that's the one you got from the warlord right?"

"Yeah." Musashi replies before grasping the hilt of the sword. "Not only does it feel dark, which I guess I can chalk to it's legendary curse but also because some creature lives in it. It can transform into a massive imposing skeletal force." He says, clenching down tightly on the hilt, forcing the cursed O'wazomono sword to calm down. "I'll get it in line soon enough."

"WHERE'S THE LAMB SAUCE!!!" The head chef,who is the father of Hestia shouts,"WHERE. IS. THE. LAMB. SAUCE!!!!!!!" He shouts across the kitchen as a chef runs with a pot of lamb sauce in his hands.

"Haaaah," Hestia let out a loud, dragged out sigh before tossing her knife up in the air, and threw a hot pan of lamb sauce across the kitchen. Without spilling a single drop of said sauce it flew toward the head chef. "Pay better attention old man, and stop yelling so much geez." She said, casually catching her knife and continued on cutting the fat off the huge slab of tri tip she was working with.

The head chef simply catches it with ease,"....Just like me when I was about her age." He mutters,"DON'T BE THROWING FOOD LIKE THAT AGAIN YOUNG LADY!" He then storms off to give it to the chef who was preparing the lamb meat.

Without paying Oliver much attention Hestia went over and tasted one of the stews being made, "add a but more salt, then make sure to reduce the heat in a few minutes." She said before moving to the next chef. "Add red wine vinegar to this steak" then just as quickly she shifted to the next chef. "you make sure to keep those rack of ribs from burning, add the barbeque sauce again with the brush."

As she walked back to her cooking station the other chefs looked at her admiringly. "She's so talented." One of the chefs mentioned while looking at her.

"She the second best chef on the ship, with only the owner being above her. But even thats questionable..." the other said with a shy and loving voice. "She's so kind and beautiful too."


As she cooked, chopping down some more vegetables, in a deep thought, "They don't seem like most pirates." she thought before throwing the vegetables in a wok. "That redhead seems to be the captain, he's different. Much more than most other pirates we've met around these parts..." she then took her attention back to the dish she prepared.

Hot In the Kitchen

As they awaited their food to be done, Caelus and Soji were seen reading books. Both not really trying to engage the rest of the crew, not in a ride way though. It seemed more like they felt content with such a simple time.

"Man am I hungry!" Elio Alessandro loudly declares scratching his head. "the food here smells freaking great though!"

"Can you try to keep it down you loud mouth?" Mizu asked with a rather dull and exhausted voice. "you're being annoying again."

"Wanna say that again you depressed little shit." Ale asked kicking his feet on the tabel.

"I said..." Mizu replied before swatting the feet off the table. " You're being annoying, you loud mouth weakling."

"What was that!?" Ale asked before slamming his forehead on Mizu's! "Let's go! One on one!"

The two (with Mizu not outwardly showing) were ready to throw blows. As Alessandro cracked his knuckles, Mizu gripped his sword scabbard and hilt.

"Orai!" Musashi yelled before slamming a right and left fist respectively against the back of their heads, slamming them both face first on the table! "Stop acting like children, we're guests and customers on this restaurant...ship...thing..."

"Elegant as ever red." Ahma chimes in, mocking her captain playfully

"Thank you!" Musashi replies before smiling and giving a thumbs up.

"GET THAT BEEF WELLINGTON OVER TO THEM!" Oliver would yell to some lazy waiters who dashed off to get busy.

Musashi looked around waiting for the food to be delivered. 'man! This food is taking forever!! I feel like I could kill and eat an entire sea king at this point!" He complained as his stack let out a terribly loud roar.

As like he summoned it, a giant sea king suddenly appears to attack the baratie! It was an octopus sea king that started to entangle its tentacles around and around the Baratie.

"KRAKEN!!!!" A chef would shout over as Oliver rushed to the window.

"That ain't no kraken dammit!" Oliver states, "That's a fucking Sea King of an Octopus!"

"Hm?" Musashi murmured as he turned his head, detecting the massive sea beast approaching the sea restaurant. As he reach down to his hip for his swords a hand reached out and grabbed it.

"No need for that." Hestia says, appearing behind him. "We protect our patrons and one another. So sit here and wait for your food." She then reached down, grabbing one of her larger knives and approached the charging beast .

Once at the end of the docks she looked out, seeing the beast raising it's giant tentacles. "Pretty big...lets see what to do." She then leapt off the ship but before she landed on the sea she kicked off the air itself! "Geppo!" She announced the name of the technique her father had taught her. As the beast raised his head, Hestia became fixated at it's very center.

By turning her body her head was downward, she then kicked, launching herself like a missile! "May you taste as good as you are ravenous!" She called, her knife pointed downward, slicing cleanly through the head of the sea king! Just before reaching the water she kicked off and began to kick her way back to the ship. "anyone in the mood for octopus?" She asked.

"not only can she cook, but she seems to be quite skilled at fighting." Musashi thought as he watched the entire time. "We do need a cook...hmm..." he then took his seat and smiled. Hey! Head chef! Can you and your guys cook that up?" he asked the head chef, hungry over the food.

"Hmmmmm Sure! GET BACK COOKING YOU NUMBSKULLS!!!" Oliver shouts over to the Baratie cooks who were amazed by Hestia's skills, "NO ONE LOOK AT MY DAUGHTER WITHOUT ME SAYING SO!!!"

Musashi's eyes were fixated on Hestia. His eyes examined her posture, the way she walked, the sheer technique and skill she had displayed with the knife. "She's your daughter head chef?"

Oliver then stops on his tracks and slightly moves his head toward Musashi, "Why you ask?...."

"I'm currently looking for a cook for my crew." He then turned his head and locked eyes with Oliver and smiled. "Your daughter is strong, talented, and from the sounds of it just as great cook as the great Oliver, of the Marines. I couldn't ask for a better candidate for my crew."

"....." Oliver was reminded of his career as a marine, "And why would a former marine let his child to become a pirate?"

Musashi shrugged his shoulders, "I don't know beats me. But if it's fine with you I plan to ask her myself ." He said before his stomachs growl interrupted.

"....." Oliver would let the silence take in as he thought, "Just go ask her when your stomach is full. She doesn't like it when people come to her with their stomachs growling." But he then points his finger at Musashi, "But if you force my daughter into your crew, I will show you I don't just make it hell in the kitchen."

"Well could you and your guys start with the food already?" Musashi asked before his stomach growled again. "Me and the crew are kinda starving here."

"We'll be serving immediately." Oliver says as he walks back and claps his hands as waiters fled over to the table and started to serve the crew with different foods.

Dinner Is Served:Main Course

Just as all the food began to be served all over the table, all of the crew started to dig in. Soji and Ahma attacked the biggest plates of pasta, Neja couldn't help but dig into the soup and mix meat into it. One by one the crew are and ate, each taking on countless plates though Musashi himself was eating through most of the big meat plates such as an entire pig on his own followed by the numerous plates of chicken dishes.

"Keep those dishes coming!" Oliver would shout at his chefs, "Those boys aren't done yet! Hestia! Got those BSK Burgers, Scrambled eggs, trifles, yorkshire puddings, truffle mac n cheese, and the fish and mushy peas ready?" He shouts over to the kitchen, "Don't forget those brownies and pancakes need done as well!"

"Why do we have so many things on our menu!?!" Hestia asked as she flipped a pancake the went to finish the Mac and cheeses. "I mean seriously, so many weird combination of foods."

"Hey! No Complaining! The customer asked for EVERYTHING! So we're gonna be serving them EVERYTHING!" Oliver shouts to her daughter.

"Stop being so difficult to work with!"

"If you're gonna be serving a pirate crew, you gonna need to learn how to not complain to the captain." Oliver mutters under his breath.

"What was that dad? Oh wait, should I say, "head chef. Huh?"

"Errr nothing! GET BACK TO WORK! Hestia." Oliver shouts back but then saying her name softly.

"Whatever." She muters before getting back to her cooking. "I want to see the world. I want to cook and learn dishes from all over, learn what I can from any and every day I'll leave." she thought to herself.

Oliver was seen over at the oven as he pulled out his signature beef wellington. He was then slicing up the wellington as he looked over to Hestia who was still cooking. He then puts the beef wellington in a serving dish and walks over to his daughter.

"Hey, lemme finish the cooking for you." Oliver says to Hestia, "You can serve the customer the beef wellington." This was one of the few moments that Oliver has not yelled to anyone in a while.

And so Hestia picked up the plates and walked out the door with the order only to be met with Musashi waiting for her. "what do you want? I've got more if your food here." She said rather annoyed

"You were pretty skilled with that knife there. Not just that but your ex marine father taught you Geppo huh?" He said as he took some of the plates from her hand. "Truth is I'm looking for a cook to join my crew. Was wondering if you were interested in leaving this place and seeing what there is out there."

Hestia's eyes widened hearing the offer before her. "Join a pirate crew huh?" She said before walking away, "maybe, but, honestly most likely no."

Oliver was looking at the window, watching the conversation between his daughter and Musashi as his arms were moving around crazily cooking up and preparing the extra meals.

"Just take a minute to think it over." Musashi confidently says before walking back to he table with the plates of food Hestia was going to deliver.

As Musashi walked away Hestia walked away back toward the kitchen with cheeks covered by feint rose pink color to them. She simply muttered, "He's confident, kind, his crew trusts him plenty...maybe leaving to join won't be so bad." She said under her breath before entering into the kitchen.

Oliver then looks over to his daughter and then asks, "What's with the face? You look like you seen your crush or something."

"Sh-shut up dad!" Hestia said hiding her face from him, "I'm going to the freezer to grab some more meat."

"Alright then." Oliver responds as he was nearly breaking out a laugh while finishing preparing the meals.

"can i leave here?" Hestia thought to herself in the freezer. "Join the pirate crew? No, of course not I just met them...yet...that Musashi...I feel so welcomed and warm from just talking to him." She then grabbed some more meat but couldn't shake off the feeling the young pirate gave her. It was almost a warm yet possessive aura he gave her.

Oliver was finished preparing the meals as Hestia walked back to the kitchen, "Hey Hestia. I just finished the rest of this food. Mind if you serv-" He then looks at Hestia, noticing something is bothering her. "Is there something in your mind Hestia?"

"No, not really." She said, hiding how she truly felt behind the wall she's built over the years. Hestia knew her father knew or at least had the idea something was bothering her, but her father being as busy and demanding of perfection that he is, she's learned to bottle her feelings or personal issues to prevent any more trouble.

Oliver, knowing what was going on, decided to push it, "You want to join that kid's crew." He says as he was sharpening a knife, "I can read it different ways, so don't think you can hide it."

"So what if I did?" She asked not looking over to her father.

Oliver sighs, "I wouldn't say no. You're a girl that wants to explore the world like I once did." He says as he cut some food up, "Create your own story, I think you have followed mine long enough." He smiles, "You have my blessing Hestia."

Just before Hestia could respond the floating restaurant began to violently shake from one side to another. The pots and pans began to fly around and crash on the floor.

"What's that?" Hestia thought, "another sea king?"

Oliver flips a kitchen knife into his hands and aflames his hands, "Be prepared."

Hestia quickly ran out of the kitchen, through the dinning room only to see what she feared. "No..." She softly says while seeing what has charging at them. It was a massive sea king, one that easily dwarfed the one from earlier. "This thing is could easily topple the ship in an instant.

"Hm?" Neji's ears twitched, hearing the large violent waves from outside. "Captain, looks like we got someone trying to interrupt dinner."

"What?" Musashi asked before downing another three steaks. "I was wondering what was making this place shake." He then reached down and grabbed both his swords. "Alright, let's do this." He says before walking past Hestia.

"You kids are going to need help on this one." Oliver responds as he ran right behind Hestia.

"It's okay pops, leave it to us." Musashi calmly declares as he walked forward past both Hestia and Oliver. "Neja! Bella! If any tentacles get too close you take care of them. Make sure of it. Bento! Feed some wind to the sails, start to build some distance between us and it."

"Yes sir!" His crew responded as they quickly braced themselves, taking their positions. Musashi's voice had changed, from his calm and laid back tone to a much more demanding, a much more captain tone.

"Soji, Aoi! You two with me!"

In that instant the three swordsmen of the crew leapt off of the restaurant, each landing ontop of the monstrous beast! Musashi drew both his blade, Soji drew both of his and Aoi drew his own.

As one tentacle reached out got close, Flamma Coneja leapt up in the air. "How annoying! Purgatio!: Patada del Sol!" She yelled for her technique, spinning for a split second before bringing down an ax kick! The friction of her kick sparked a flame, kicking, splitting and burning the tentacle!

Caelus then fed air into the sails of the ship, kicking up it's speed, allowing it to quickly gain more distance from the seaking. "Try not to die you three." He said, focusing on both the fight and the ships direction.

The three swordsmen then quickly stabbed their swords into the head of the Beast!

"RAAAAAAAAAAR!!!" It shrieked in horrid pain! Stopping it's chase and moving uncontrollably!

"Alright! Now! Let's slice him down!" Musashi yelled, ordering the three of them to pull their swords out, preparing for their next attack.

Meanwhile Vento Caelus had stopped funneling air onto the sail causing it to stop. "Looks like they're getting set to end it." Caelus said out loud. I better get ready to go pick them up."

"Five Sword Style!" The three of the swords men yelled before leaping upward, looking directly down at the sea king. Before the beast could react and swim back down below the seas, the three of them launched their attack. "Death Lotus!!!" all three of them launched a pressurized attack from their blades! They flew down, slamming, cutting, and killing the sea king!

"Fly," Caelus whispered as a twister manifested itself, flying the three swordsmen back to the restaurant ship.

"Hey pops! Think that giant beast and saving your place pays for our bill?" Musashi yelled, grinning from ear to ear.

"If I have can have some meat from that beast." Oliver states, "We'll call it square."

"Say less bud!" Musashi yelled, looking over at Caelus, "bring us to it bud!" He called.

Caelus snapped his fog.ers, calling for the wind to bring them back toward the remains of the seaking.

"Alright pops, chop him up and get all the meat you can."

"Ok we're square." Oliver states before yelling back at his chefs, "GET COOKING MORE! WE DON'T STOP TILL THIS WHOLE SEA KING HAS BEEN COOKED!!!"

Both Hestia and Musashi paused, looking at one another in the eyes.

"So goldilocks, have you decided yet? Care to follow me?" Musashi said, extending his hand out. "I can always use someone like you. You'll fit right in, I swear."

Hestia blushes, smiling, placing her small hand in his hand. "Yes...captain.." she replied in a soft voice.

"You have my blessing you two." Oliver says toward Hestia and Musashi, before giving a bow, "It was a pleasure serving you as a customer, pirate. Don't know if I've gotten your name." And then he looks at Hestia, "It was an honor taking care of you, my daughter Hestia."

"Th-thank you father." Hestia says before bowing to her father, doing her absolutely best to not cry. "I promise I'll see the world and I'll never stop getting better at cooking."

"I'll do my best to watch over her," Musashi says before bowing to Oliver. "I'm Musashi by the way, we're the Rōshigumi Pirates, keep an eye for us. Because I'm gonna be the next king of the pirates."

Oliver scoffs, "I heard many rookies say that before, so that doesn't convince me. Though, with Hestia, she'll be a valuable asset to that goal. A pirate king can't go off hungry now can he?" He smiles.

Musashi a d the crew walk toward the exit and he gives the thumbs up with a large smile on his face, "don't worry, she'll be safe! We'll shake and make this world ours! You'll see!"

Then as the pirates turned their heads forward one by one they each exited the restaurant, boarding their ships once again, before setting off to sea, to continue their adventure once more.