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Sylvester is the cabin boy of the Windfall Pirates, despite being in his mid-twenties and having the highest bounty among the crew: 112,000,000. He was once a solo pirate and notorious thief, which earned him his immense bounty after stealing from a celestial dragon. After meeting the Windfall Pirates during their recruitment mission and helping defeat Benito Snapsaw, he agreed to join the crew. Once joined his captain, Cujo Durante, gave him the lowest rank to retain superiority. He also possesses logia devil fruit abilities over wind.


He appears somewhat similar to his captain, lean and tall. His hair is un kept and he has stubble on his chin. He usually has a relaxed, disinterested expression. His attire is bare essential and appears as though he were on vacations. He wears tropical shirts, shorts, sandals, and an amulet he stole from a celestial dragon. He’s almost always seen with something he has recently stolen, whether it be jewelry hanging out of his pocket, or eating fruit he stole from a cart.


His laziness is without limit, rarely following through with his cleaning orders and is often seen sleeping on the ship. His logia powers have gone to his head, and often has a narcissistic attitude thinking he is above common laws which is why he steals so often. But unlike other logia users, he isn’t power hungry or has a superiority complex. He sees his power as an ultimate freedom which he uses to live life as a vagabond.

Powers & Abilities

As mentioned he has logia powers over wind which he puts to great use as a thief, he goes anywhere he pleases being able to diffuse though any defense and is as uncatchable as wind. He can also fly. He is capable of mass destruction common with logia, such as conjuring cyclones and throwing debris several hundred feet. But he rarely ever uses his powers to such ends, and uses his powers cowardly being evasive and fleeing from conflict. He’s only really known to fight when severely agitated, and has one known devastating attack: the Windfall. With this he launches his opponent into the air with a cyclone and smashes them back to the ground with another gust of air.


  • Wind based logia powers are very popular and can be found several times throughout this wiki and others
  • Sylvester is often nicknamed ‘Sly’ for his elusive nature
  • The character was made to be contradictory to typical logia users
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