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Taizai Taizai no Mi
Japanese Name: たいざい たいざい の み
English Name: Stay Stay Fruit
Meaning: Stopping Time
First Appearance: Episode 1125; Chapter 1208
Type: Paramecia
Eaten by: Sanhoukou Yameru


The Taizai Taizai no Mi is a Paramecia Type Devil Fruit eaten by Sanhoukou Yameru. It allows the user to create a 10 meter long aura around themselves that can stop the time of all atoms inside it, making them a Stopping Human (Viz: Stayman). The aura only lasts for 1 minute, and it can only be used once every 1 minute as well, meaning 1 minute recharge time. Yameru has fixed this problem by awakening this fruit, allowing him to stop the growth of his surroundings, which basically holding the opponent in place. The aura will not follow the user around, and the user can create these "Time Auras" from their hands and legs and can control the size and shape of these auras.


Jinsei Sekai (English: Life World or Funimation: Time Stop)

The user creates a time aura around themselves. This aura can stop the movement of all atoms inside. This is Yameru's signature technique and the technique that he uses before all his other techniques.

Toki-Tobashi (English: Time-Skip)

The user creates a time aura for 45 seconds and then gets rid of the aura, therefore skipping the opponents' time.

Suteboru (English: Stay Ball or Viz: Freezing Sphere)

The user creates an aura from their arm and shapes it into a ball that can be thrown at great speeds. When it hits, it stops any atom in it's way.

Rokkupira (English: Lock Pillar, Viz: Stop Beam, Funimation: Freeze Blast)

The user creates a time aura from their arm and shapes it into a pillar. This will keep the opponent in place.

Hyouga no Kikku (English: Glacial Kick)

Yameru creates an aura around his leg for a stopping kick.

Suteiburedo (English: Stay Blade or Viz: Ice Sword)

The user conjures a sword that when cuts something, will stop it from moving.

Aisuaumau (English: Ice Armor and Funimation: Freeze Cloak)

The user coats themselves in Time Energy. This makes it so whenever the user hits something, they will stop moving.

Baburu no Tomeru (English: Halt Bubble, Viz: Stay Bubble, Funimation: Freeze Bubble)

The user creates a slow aura from their hands that they can control the movement of.

Kanken Touketsu (English: Full Freeze)

The user freezes time and space entirely for as long as the user can concentrate. This is Yameru's strongest attack.

Awakened Techniques

Take Hata (English: Bamboo Field)

The user touches the ground and creates bamboo like Time Energy that will keep the opponent in place for 1 minute.

Shokan Akushon no Tomeru (English: Stopping Summoning Action)

The user touches the ground and creates a bunch of time aura spread out in the size of a forest out of thin air. This is a variation of Rein's Shokan Akushon and his strongest attack.

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